Jodi Thomas Visits the Junction!

Oh how exciting to have Miss Jodi Thomas! She’ll be here Friday, April 13, 2018!

Do you quilt? Do you have a quilt story to share? Come on Friday and we’ll talk.

Miss Jodi has a new book that she’s dying to tell us about.

Quilts have been a part of her life for a very long time so she put them in a wonderful story.

And she’s giving one away!

So get your happy little self over here and get to talking on Friday.

We’ll have a party!

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3 thoughts on “Jodi Thomas Visits the Junction!”

  1. I do have a quilt story and love to hear Jodi’s. My neighbor gave me one that she made when her kids were little (now they are grown with kids of their own). She said my husband and I were like their children and they wanted to give one to us. Our’s has cats on it because she knows we love cats. I hung it on the wall because I don’t want it to get ruined by cat nails.

  2. I love quilts, I have quilts from both of my granny’s, some they quilted together. I loved this book!!

  3. I love quilts! I do not know how to quilt though! I’d love to win a quilt made by Jodi Thomas! What a great giveaway.

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