Barbara J. Scott shares Dreams of My Heart

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I am super excited to visit Petticoats & Pistols today, home to many of my western writing heroes— Mary Connealy, Ruth Logan Herne, Karen Witemeyer, Margaret Brownley, and so many others.

I cut my teeth on TV westerns!

Back in the 1950s when I was a child, our family religiously watched Gunsmoke, The Roy Rogers Show, The Gene Autry Show, The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Have Gun Will Travel, Rawhide, Maverick, and so many more westerns—all on a small black-and-white TV. We didn’t need color TV to fall in love with those handsome, rugged heroes. We used our imaginations. Mom read Zane Grey books, and until the day she passed away, kept a framed picture of Roy Rogers on top of her color TV set.

So, when I returned to writing after a long career as a Christian acquisitions editor, is it any surprise the first book I would write for the sheer joy of it takes place in 1875 Montana Territory? I am over the moon that Dreams of My Heart, Book 1 in The Reluctant Brides series, releases April 1 as an ebook and shortly after in paperback. The book is already up on Amazon to preorder. Thanks to Miralee Farrell at Mountain Brook Ink who fell in love with my Texas cattleman Buck McKean and feisty Irish immigrant Kate O’Brien—two wounded heartswho end up hitched after less than twenty-four hours to save her reputation. Talk about a whirlwind wedding! How do you court a prickly woman you’ve already married? Kate is featured on the cover of my book against a background of Montana wildflowers.

My heroine is no pushover. Like many immigrant pioneer women, she’s a survivor. She fights to hang on to her brother’s homestead after he’s killed in a suspicious cattle stampede. If she can’t repay the bank loan her brother took out to bring her to America, she’ll be forced to marry the banker’s rotten son or be forced into making a living in town with few skills. But she has guardian angels who attend church with her who aren’t going to let that happen.

Still, Kate won’t be controlled by any man, not after escaping an abusive stepfather. If she has to dress in men’s britches to chop wood, milk the cow, muck the stalls, harvest the garden, or use her brother’s shotgun to drive away a drunken gang sent to harass her, she’s up to the task.

Women who pioneered the West had to toughen up to survive, especially when left on their own in untamed territory. They could fall prey to grizzly bears or unsavory men, die of snake bite, or contract any number of diseases, not to mention accidents.

I chose Deer Lodge Valley as the setting of my series because my best friend grew up in the town of Deer Lodge and had shared its stories with me for years. Gwen Ellis is a Montana woman through and through. She was raised on deer and elk meat her parents hunted, along with fish caught in the famous Montana streams. Garden vegetables were canned and put in the cellar to eat all winter. There’s no task too hard for Gwen. She’s a survivor.

Buck and Kate, both strong-minded individuals, learn as winter closes in that they need each other to survive and overcome the rigors of living in the Old West. They realize two are stronger than one, and eventually, their faith softens their hearts toward each other despite many dangerous twists and turns along the way.

 Here’s a Peek at Barbara’s new book

Can A Reluctant Bride and Her New Husband Fall in Love Despite Their Wounded Hearts?

Plucky Irish immigrant Kate O’Brien struggles to hang on to her brother’s homestead after his death in a suspicious cattle stampede. If she’s unable to pay off the loan that paid for her ticket to America, she will be forced to marry the banker’s rogue son, Rafe Hamilton.

When Kate is attacked by a drunken gang, salvation comes in the form of a total stranger—Texas cattleman Buck McKean. He drives the men off her ranch and spends the night in her cabin to keep her safe. However, his act of kindness poses a profound threat to her reputation, and the two marry to prevent the impending consequences.

Kate makes it clear to her new husband that because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather, she’ll never allow another man to control her life. Left at the altar in Virginia City, Buck has made his own vow never to give his heart to another woman.

When Kate asks Buck for the unthinkable, her choice endangers both their lives.
Can God mend their hearts and save their love?

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tell us the dream of your heart that you hope will come true.

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About Barbara

Barbara J. Scott, an inspirational author and editor, released her first novella with Gilead Publishing in late 2016 titled “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” that appears in the Sleigh Bells Ring novella collection. Her latest novel, Dreams of My Heart, the first book in the Reluctant Brides historical romance series, will be released April 1, 2018, by Mountain Brook Ink. Her best-selling novels Sedona Storm and Secrets of the Gathering Darkness, both contemporary spiritual warfare novels, were written with co-author Carrie Younce and published by Thomas Nelson in the mid-1990s. She has years of publishing experience and has written several novels, screenplays, and gift books.

Barbara and her husband Mike live in the Nashville area with their two Chihuahuas, Riley and Sissy, both rescued from puppy mills. Reading, writing, and research are her passions.

Barbara Loves Hearing from Readers

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26 thoughts on “Barbara J. Scott shares Dreams of My Heart”

  1. Hi y’all!

    I had some kind of glitch in my computer, and I couldn’t find my blog post to say “Hey.” I’m here now looking forward to sitting on the front porch with you and talking about cowboys and those strong women who loved them.

    • Barbara, I think there are gremlins at work today. My computer isn’t working right either. So frustrating. We’re happy to prop up our feet and start yakking about those cowboys and tough pioneer women.

  2. Good morning Barbara, we’ve chatted on Seekerville and it is nice to see you in another venue. I love the West. Also grew up on the Westerns, don’t forget the Big Valley and the Ponderosa. I’m obsessed with an even earlier period, The Oregon Trail. We will never know what those brave people went through. The West in any iteration is the spirit of America.
    And EVERYONE who went on the Trail had a story and a different experience.
    Thanks for a great post, hope you get your computer issues straightened out. I’m in the midst of the Northeast’s Nor-easter and expect to lose the power any minute.
    Kathy Bailey

  3. Hi Kathy!

    Thanks for stopping by. I remember you from Seekerville. How could I forget The Big Valley and the Ponderosa! Mom was a big movie fan, read movie magazines, and loved Barbara Stanwyck as an actress. So when I was born, she named me Barbara.

    I’m amazed at the grit, courage, and stamina it took to head west in a wagon train. I don’t think any of us could leave our family and homes to face that kind of danger now. They were the Greatest Generation as far as I’m concerned. Since I love all things western, maybe I’ll tackle an Oregon Trail story after writing this rest of this series. 🙂

    Many blessings,

  4. Was this where we comment to the dream of my heart? The dream of my heart would be for my daughter to find the man has invented for her and to have several healthy children. Would love grandchildren.:)

    • Hi Mary…That’s a wonderful dream. We’re in the process of selling our house in Tennessee to move close to our kids and grandkids in the Ft. Lauderdale area. They grow up so fast, and we want to be there with them. The whole family is excited we’re coming. Grandchildren are the best!!

  5. Hi Barbara!

    We’re in the middle of a Nor-easter right now too with the house lights flickering, so my dream of the moment is for the electric not to go out taking our lights and heat with it, and bringing a flooded basement! My longer term dream is to survive until the bright sunny days of true

    • Oh, Eliza, my heart breaks for you. So many challenges. I sincerely pray you survive much longer than the spring. You have too many books to read, lady!

    • Oh, Eliza. That’s the remnants of the rain we had here for days. We finally saw the sun today, and it’s in the 60s. Spring has sprung here! We have loads of trees in bloom, along with daffodils and forsythia. Gorgeous! Since I have two dogwood trees, I’m hoping we don’t get a hard freeze again. Last year in March it got bitter cold with ice. It nipped all the buds on my dogwoods. I only had a few blooms on each tree. My dream this spring is they’ll bloom in glorious color. I hope your lights stay on and the water stays out of your basement!

  6. Hi Barbara…..Welcome to P&P! We’re so glad you came. I have so much admiration for pioneer women. They had it much tougher than men. They had to have spines of steel and a great determination to survive. Each day saw new challenges.

    Congratulations on the new release! It looks great. Wishing you much success.

  7. I always say that those men and women are the backbone of this country. They had strength and courage you don’t see much of anymore. They endured hardships hard to imagine. The biggest dream of my heart was to see my youngest daughter go into remission from bone cancer at 8 years old. That was 22 years ago and the good Lord kept her with us and she’s a healthy young woman. 🙂

  8. Barbara, thanks for sharing more about the why behind your story. I love hearing from authors about the inspiration and what-not that made them put pen to paper.

    Linda, thanks for your stop on the blog tour.

    The dream of my heart is that my 2 boys will grow up to be godly men of character.

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Dreams Of My Heart sounds like a book I would certainly love to read. I also love the cover of your book, she looks beautiful and feisty to match your description of Kate O’Brien. Congratulations on the release! Mmm, the dream of my heart would be to watch my Granddaughters grow to adulthood. We have three of them, 5 1/2 yrs, 12 mos and a newborn this week. My cup Runnth over with Blessings. I too loved westerns. My two brothers and I watched The Rifleman, The Virginian, Wagon Train, Maverick and of course Big Valley. I thought Audra (Linda Evans) was so beautiful. I wanted to look just like her, but of course we didn’t look anything a like. I loved the rugged cowboys from those tv shows too. I sure that’s why I love Historical Western Romance!

  10. Thanks, Sharon, I hope you’ll enjoy the book. As women, just like our pioneer ancestors, would like to see the dreams for our children and grandchildren come to fruition.

    I’m sure loving all those TV westerns is why I love to read and write historical western romance!

  11. Sharon, you can tell I just woke up from a nap. That sentence above doesn’t make any sense at all. I think what I was trying to say is that we’re a lot like pioneer women. We dream big dreams for our kids and grandkids!!

  12. Hi Barbara, I really enjoyed your post. I became a grandmother for the first time when I was 63 so I am praying that God will allow me to have seversal years to enjoy my granddaughter.

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