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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re all set up to have a fabulous week ahead. I’m looking forward to the release of the latest in my Blue Falls, Texas series from Harlequin Western Romance this Thursday. Well, Thursday marks the release of the ebook version; the paperback follows the next Tuesday, March 6. Here’s the blurb for Twins for the Rancher, which I have to say has the most adorable cover.


Rancher Adam Hartley knows that big rewards mean big risks. His plan to expand the family business in Blue Falls, Texas, is a good one. Unfortunately, someone else beat him to it—and bought the old abandoned restaurant he’d been eyeing. Yep, a beautiful newcomer just stole his dream…and his heart, too.

Except single mom Lauren Shayne knows that love is dangerous. Love almost destroyed her business and her reputation, and she won’t ever make that mistake again. So why is she so attracted to Adam? The drop-dead-sexy cowboy seems determined to win over Lauren and her adorable twin babies…but how can she be with him if she’s not sure she can trust him?

This is the fourth book within the series that features one of the five adopted Hartley siblings. I’ve loved really exploring this unique family made up of three brothers and two sisters, none of whom are blood related. But that doesn’t make them any less family. They tease each other like any brothers and sisters. And they have each other’s backs like no one else. And despite all the teasing, nobody is happier when one of them finds true love. I was called to write this because I’m always so interested in the concept of family being something you create instead of something you’re born to.

Oh, and if you happen to be a fan of the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond was the inspiration for my heroine, Lauren, who is known as the Brazos Baker.

I had a cool experience when the cover of this book was revealed. The mother of the little girl in the blue dress contacted me to say that was her happy baby on the cover. She’s just as cute as a button, isn’t she?

As some of you may know, Harlequin is ceasing publication of the Western Romance line in June. Since the last of the Hartley siblings’ books was due to come out in August, for a while that book’s fate was up in the air. I found out last week that Harlequin will be launching a new program in 2019 to publish these orphaned books. My book, tentatively titled Texas Cowboy, Be Mine, will be out in January 2019. It’s my last contracted book for Harlequin, but I’ll be continuing to write western romance stories with Tule Publishing. I recently turned in my first book to them and have been working with them on cover images. The book is with the editor now, but as soon as I know when it’s set to debut, I’ll no doubt be yelling it from the rooftops (aka social media, this blog, my newsletter, etc.). Speaking of my newsletter, if you’d like to sign up for periodic updates from yours truly, it’s a simple sign-up here.

Want to Win?

To celebrate this week’s release of Twins for the Rancher, I’ll be giving away two signed paperback copies of the book to two commenters today. Since both of my main characters are the entrepreneurial business types, let me know if you’ve either started a business or, if not, what type of business you would love to start if you could.


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33 thoughts on “Back to Blue Falls, Texas”

  1. If I had a business, it would be a detailed reminder service. The client would determine what details and when they needed reminding. Such as birthdays, anniversaries, taste in wine, colors, books, whatever they do not want to let slip.

  2. I’ve been part of starting one of our family feedlots when I was in my Mid-20’s. I helped design the pens coming into a circle pen at the end of the sorting barn among other aspects of the feedlot too. Running a feedlot with my family and being the only full-time office person that also fed all the hands while taking care of my baby was the hardest but most rewarding job I’ve ever had. The exception being all those dishes that had to be washed by hand. The office was a remodeled old farm house. Now that I’m thinking about it I need to ask my father why he never had a dishwasher installed for me while I still have the opportunity to ask him. He’s 80. If I had the opportunity to start a new business I’d love to have a gift shop/resale shop in my little community. I live on a major highway that has lots if traffic so I don’t think being a small community would be an issue. I’m chronically ill and on disability so that’s just a dream. I’d love the opportunity to read one of your books! Reading is my escape from my MS reality.

  3. I’ve never started a business and never thought about it. I’m not smart enough to have my own business.

    • Nice ideas. I think the thing about being able to start a business now is that it’s a lot easier, especially if you do it online through something like Etsy, eBay or the Amazon Marketplace. It’s not quite the same as having all the overhead of a physical location, etc.

  4. I have never contemplated starting a business. Too busy raising my children and taking care of my husband.

  5. Aw, that cover sure is cute! I have always wanted to run a bookstore, coffee house, bakery combo. Maybe someday!

  6. I have never started a business and never even thought about it. I have always has so much going on that there was never time for something like that.

    • Aren’t they? The funny part is that it’s never been a real natural inclination to me to put babies in my stories. Partly because I don’t have kids of my own, and partly because I’m also a YA writer and like having teenagers in my stories. But I have to admit these two are real cuties and the twins in the story are sweeties, too.

  7. I am fascinated with upcycling and also flipping houses. If I was younger AND had the financing I would love to try both of these.
    Congratulations on the publication of this book!

    • Thanks, Connie. I’m fascinated by upcyling, too. So much so that one of my earlier heroines in the Blue Falls series (in the book Home on the Ranch) does it for a living. I also am incorporating a touch of it in my first book for Tule.

  8. I worked for several years as the manager of used book store for charity. I loved being around books of all kinds from true collectibles to finding the books our regulars wanted to read. Plus I got to be around folks all day who loved books too. If I were to come out of retirement (unlikely ’cause it would cut into my book _reading_ time), I’d like to start another store like that. And doing it for community charity was great too.

    Congratulations of your new book and your new journey with Tule!

  9. I am a secretary and I would like to do parttime jobs for companies as typing letters, making notes at meetings and making arrangements for business trips.

  10. Love that adorable cover. I wanted to open an old fashion candy store. I had actually started looking for the old time candy display cabinets dating from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. My husband and I had wanted it to look authentic to that time period. But, life and my daughter getting very sick took center stage. My daughter recovered and went into remission and that’s all that mattered.

  11. My current “business” idea is a travel company geared for seniors and those with mobility or other issues. If you are on a tour it is often hard to keep up with the pace of the group and the tour leader. You end up at the end of the group or catch up to them after the talk if already finished and the group is moving on. The company would provide handicapped accessible accommodations and transportation. Tours would be arranged so everyone can get to the areas of interest. The pace would be slow so everyone would be able to enjoy and see what they wish and hear the tour guides talks. Groups would be kept relatively small and there would be options for free time or optional tours allowing them to see as much as the regular tours in about the same amount of time.
    It gets harder to plan and take trips on your own when you are older or have physical limitations. These tours would make the trips doable. With knowledge if facilities and accessibility, the company would also be able to offer trip planning and booking services for those who still want to travel on their own.

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