Ruthy’s Winners!

Go big or go home is a favorite saying of mine… which shows that I was THAT KID, silly or stupid enough to take a dare…

Here’s your beautiful book!

But this time we ended up with SIX winners!!! Yay for all of us! From the original post on the original incorrect day we’ve got Melanie Backus!


And for the unoriginal post on the correct day, Thursday, we have this list of lovelies!!!!

Mary Dundas

Susan With The Flu

Library Pat

Charolette Romero


Congratulations, ladies! And happy reading. I’ll send you all an e-mail so we can hook up with snail mail addresses.

And I hope you have a great Superbowl Sunday!!!!



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6 thoughts on “Ruthy’s Winners!”

  1. Lol, Susan with the flu! I think it is the first time I’ve been happy to have had the flu and told you all about my miserable self. ? thanks!

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