They Should Be Cowboys

Ask any of my friends who really know me and they’ll tell you I like to watch TV. I find a lot of inspiration in good storytelling and, let’s be honest, physical inspiration for heroes. And though a lot of the actors aren’t cast in cowboy roles, I could easily see them with a cowboy hat and boots, a nicely worn set of Wranglers and sitting astride a horse as he rides the range. So I thought it would fun to share some actors I think would be good as cowboy heroes.

Because of photographers’ copyrights, I won’t be putting the pictures of the actors on here. But I’ll link their names to a picture so you can check them out and see if you agree. I’d also love to hear who you think would make a great casting for a cowboy hero. I’m always looking for inspiration to drive my creation of those sexy cowboy heroes in my books, and I’m sure our blog readers wouldn’t mind the visual treats as well. 🙂

My picks:

Matt Barr from Valor and Sleepy Hollow

Sam Heughan from Outlander

Matt Lanter from Timeless

Noah Mills from The Brave (He’s actually the inspiration for the hero in the book I’m currently working on for Tule.)

Idris Elba from the Thor movies

Oscar Issac from the new Star Wars movies

Jensen Ackles from Supernatural

Juan Diego Botto from Good Behavior

Eric Dane from The Last Ship

Now it’s your turn. Tell us who you’d like to see play a hunky cowboy hero. Let’s see how many awesome choices we can come up with today.




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23 thoughts on “They Should Be Cowboys”

  1. Well I just finished watching Hostiles this weekend at the movies and Christian Bale stole my heart with his acting. He was amazing, hard as nails but so gentle as well. My heart soared.

  2. I’m thinking of actors that are not Cowboy types at all in life or their roles on tv/movies but actors that I’ve loved their roles and I’d love to see in Wranglers, boots and a cowboy hat, no shirt necessary. Lol Shamar Moore from Criminal Minds, he’s the sweetest man on and off screen and a hero of mine because of his activism for MS which I have. Not to mention he’d make an awesome black cowboy when there aren’t many of those especially if your going historic. He would look great in cowboy attire and has a killer smile you could reference often. Another actor is Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy he’s another actor that would look great dressed as Cowboy and has a killer smirk/smile. Another guy that has played roles so opposite to a cowboy but I’d love to see as one.

  3. Good morning, Trish. I saw the movie “12 Strong” over the weekend and I definitely think Chris Hemsworth would make an excellent cowboy. In fact, he handled a horse like he was born on one and he has this “I’ll ride through hell” fighting spirit. Amazing. I just wish they’d toned down the colorful language in that movie a bit. I agree with you about Noah Mills and Sam Heughan!

  4. Anson Mount he was wonderful in the Hell on Wheels series so can’t go wrong with him plus he’s not bad to look at

  5. All good choices. I like Eric Dane or Noah Mills. But ultimately a young Tom Selleck does it for me. 🙂
    Carol Luciano

    • Tom Selleck isn’t my thing, but I know lots of people who do really like him. Did you see the announcement this week that they’re planning to do a reboot of Magnum P.I.?

  6. David Boreanaz, currently in SEAL Team. He has been around since Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Always a heart throb and so physically delicious.
    Stephen Amell in Arrow. Now he has all the physicall attributes.

  7. I have to agree with Noah Mills of BRAVE (which I just finished watching). Actually, all of the field operatives, even Natacha Karam – the female, would make good “cowboys.” Mike Vogel is the perfect cowboy hero per my taste.

    • I agree. I just love all of them. It’s my favorite new show this year, and I really hope it gets renewed. Natacha is fantastic, a great blend of tough, competent with a touch of vulnerability.

  8. Boy, you had me at Sam Heughan! And I never saw that picture of him in a cowboy hat before. Thank you! I also go along with Christian Bale as a terrific cowboy.

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