Those Native American Boys


Since Christmas is behind us, and Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, I thought I’d treat you all to some picts. of some gorgeous Native American men.

At present, two books that are due for release soon are in editing stage.  What this means is that I’m beginning a new story.  As I set out the plot and other details of the story, I also look at many, many photos or paintings, trying to get the “look” of the hero and heroine firmly entrenched in my mind.  So here are some picts — some of these are current models/actors — some are historical.  Some of these historical photos are over a hundred years old, and the one painting is almost two hundred years old.

All, I think are inspiring.  Off to the far right here is Michael Grey-eyes, actor.  Michael is, indeed, a very handsome man.

The picture above and on the left is Amos Two Bulls, Lakota Sioux who was with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

The picture to the left here says Apache Scout, but I don’t think that’s true.  I believe that this man was a chief, although I can’t recall his name at the moment.

All that is said about the picture to the right is that these were Indians who were photographed who were part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  The man below this post and to the right is Quanah Parker, a very famous Comanche Indian chief.


The photo above is Martin Sensmeier, who is an actor and model.

Please bear with me on some of these photos.  I do not know the name of these two men.  If you know the names of these young men, do let me know.

The photo directly below this  typed comment is a photo from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  And the picture to its right is of course, handsome Adam Beach.



The historical picture to the right is a Cheyenne Scout.  And the other picture to the right is again of Amos Two Bulls from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.


This particular painting is by Karl Bodner and it was done in the 1830’s.  This is a painting of an Assiniboine Indian.  This painting I find particularly inspiring., from the lance he holds in his hands, to his shield, to the deer-skin, or perhaps buckskin clothing that he wears.

The way he paints his face, the manner in which he stands.  All this, in my opinion, would be the image of one of the hero’s that I write about from the early 1800’s.



Now this handsome, young man, on the cover of one of my books, is Rick Mora, an actor and model.  He’s also on several other of my covers, but this cover is a particular favorite of mine.

And where would I be if I didn’t mention the man who inspires me the most?  My husband, Paul…here with me at an RWA event.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the post today and I hope you’ll leave a comment.  Although I didn’t advertise it this week, I will be giving away a copy of my newest release, WOLF SHADOW’S PROMISE.

Did you enjoy seeing all these inspiring images?  Tell me what you think.










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24 thoughts on “Those Native American Boys”

  1. Thank you for the great pictures, past and present. I have often thought that Native American men are quite striking. I preferred Uncas over his American brother in Last of the Mohicans. But it is a Slovak-Irish man who has my heart for over 40 years… ; )

  2. Hi Karen!

    I, too thought Uncas was a handsome young man — and preferred him over the American brother. But like you, an Irish man caught my eye and we have been married now for over 21 years … and counting.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these pictures . They are all so handsome, such beautiful face structure. I can see why they inspire you in your writing.
    Carol Luciano

    • Hi Caryl!

      Yes, yes. As I was looking over all the photos — and there are so many more — I thought that perhaps I might share these images with you all, too.

  4. Amazing similarities between the American Indians and the today’s young men. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Connie!

    I’m so glad that you mentioned this. I thought so, too. Looking at them, I could easily see the resemblance to those men of the past. In fact, once I went to the Assinaboine Reservation in Montana, and the then chief of the tribe looked startlingly like that two hundred year old painting. : )

  6. Oh these pictures are amazing! I love seeing them, thank you for sharing. The American Indians are always inspiring to me. I hope everything is going well with you!

    • Hi Susan!

      I think so, too, and I really wanted to share some of them, both the historical and the current day ones. I’m so glad that you liked them, too. : )

    • Hi Susan P!

      I find these to be inspiring, too, especially when I’m starting a book and putting a plot together. The old photos also help. Thanks so much for your post.

  7. Hi Karen!! I always enjoy reading your blogs. Loved looking at all the pictures!! I think I’ve seen Michael Greyeyes in film before too!! He is handsome!!! Look forward to reading your new books!!!

    • Hi Arlene!

      Yes, I’ve seen Michael Greyeyes in several movies. Must admit that I don’t watch TV or movies anymore — just not enough time in the day anymore — but when I used to hunt for Native American movies on television, he was in many of them. Thanks so much for your post.

  8. Hi Arlene!

    Yes, Michael Grey-eyes has been in several pictures — he is so very handsome. There are so many more, too, just not enough room to post all their pictures. Thanks for the post. : ) Oh, and a happy New Year to you.

  9. I think the most striking thing about these pictures is how the strength of character comes through. The historic pictures could be contemporary and those in the newer pictures could step back in time and fit in nicely.
    The pose of most of these men is very similar, intentional I am sure. It shows the continuity , the genetic strength that runs through the blood of a strong and handsome people.

  10. Patricia B., you said it so very well. I noticed this similarity, also. The look in the eyes, the strength of character — you could well trade those photos in time, and the strength would still be there. But you said it so beautifully.

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