It’s New Year’s Eve!

New Years Eve

It’s December 31st! What are you up to?

I feel like I am standing in the warm sun at the edge of sparkling blue swimming pool preparing to dive in!

Okay…that may be a bit over-dramatized. It’s bitterly cold here in the Midwest. And will be cold for several more months. But I am ready to turn the page on 2017 and start afresh with a spanking new year.

With three family birthdays between Christmas and New Year’s, I have always felt as though the holiday season is one long party…which for an introvert can be a bit overwhelming! By the time New Year’s Day comes, I am ready for things to calm down. Although I love the hubbub and the rich food and the gathering with friends and family in the days leading up to the first of January, New Year’s Day is special to me in that there are no expectations from “the outside.” None of those “shoulds” that accompany the holidays here in the States.


New Years

Tomorrow, I plan to enjoy a fire in the fireplace, write the birthdays in my new Mary Engelbreit calendar, and cook a large batch of chili while my husband and sons watch football on the T.V. There is a holiday puzzle out on the coffee table that we are almost finished and tomorrow is DONE day for that. In the evening, likely we will play a board game or two. Everything will be slower and winding down. I am looking forward to it!

Last year’s puzzle.

I look ahead to the new year with expectant hope. It is a blank page – and as a writer, a blank page fills me with excitement. How will I fill it up? What type of story will I write? I hope that what I write will entertain and bring encouragement to others and help them on this journey we are all on together.

Here’s wishing you a hopeful, happy New Year for 2018!

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Tomorrow, my new release, The Prairie Doctor’s Bride will be officially released in both formats – print and eBook!
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24 thoughts on “It’s New Year’s Eve!”

  1. Happy New New Year To you. New Years Eve is my favorite day of the year, it’s my birthday and so I truly get excited. It’s cold here in KS and with this arctic blast I’m staying in cuddling under a blanket and reading. What. Better way than that to enjoy a discuss fat. Hope you have a great one & congrats on your new release.

    • Hi Tonya! It sounds like a perfect day for you! That’s one thing I like about this time of year–the cold forces me to slow down and stay in more. I usually have a project I try to complete each year…putting pictures in an album, catching up on sewing…one year I tried to learn upholstery and redid my dining room chair cushions. Enjoy your day and Happy Birthday!

    • So nice to have you drop by Janine! I really like the Dowdle puzzles. They are folk-art type and so very colorful. I picked up a few new ones this year at CostCo for half the price that they have on the Dowdle website –

  2. Board games and a puzzle sound terrific to me. Have fun! We used to do both but our cat just loves to knock puzzle pieces on to the floor. Instead, like Tonya, I’m staying under warm blankets and reading because of this arctic weather–the worst we’ve had in 100 years.

    Congrats on your new book. My copy is on order and I’m eagerly a-waiting to read the next Oak Grove book.

    Wishing you and yours a happy and hopeful New Year too!

    • Your post made me remember when our two cats would do the same! There were many years we didn’t put a puzzle out because of them. As they grew older, they slowed down and were no longer a threat to the puzzle pieces.

      Yes–stay warm! I can’t imagine being in NYC tonight when the ball is dropped. I’ll be happy to be home and watching it on TV from my cozy recliner.

      I hope 2018 is full of blessings for you Eliza!

  3. Happy new year!! We had a birthday this past week and one next week, too. It does seem like an ongoing party! We love having the fireplace going, doing a puzzle on the table and playing board games tomorrow. Such fun family times! I hope you enjoy your family down time now and enjoy that new release! It is a fabulous one!

  4. You have the perfect New Year’s Day planned. Relaxing, just enjoying the day, and letting the hubbub of the holiday season fade away is the perfect way to start the new day. We usually relax, watch the parades and football, play pool (not possible this year, I buried the pool table with stuff), and just sort of snack all day. This year, the weather in NE TN is bitter. It is in the teens with winds and ice roads. New Year’s Day won’t warm up past the low 20’s. A good day to stay in by the fire.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and prosperous 2018.

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