Ten New Year Thoughts

What a difference a year…or four days…make. Decorations are put away and the good times stored in my memory. It’s time to look forward to the future and I do think this will be an easier year.

In 2018, I’ll reissue The Cowboy Who Came Calling in February (Book #2 of Texas Heroes) and TO CATCH A TEXAS STAR in July (Book #3.) Those will wind up the series in a fine fashion before I start releasing Outlaws Mail Order Brides in January 2019.

But whoa there! I’m getting ahead of myself. 2017 has a few a more days left.

I’m supposed to write about resolutions except I don’t make New Year resolutions. Never have. So here’s a compromise—I’m just going to call these Ten New Year’s thoughts.

  • I want to write more books that not only entertain but leave you with something to ponder.
  • I want to make this a fun year as much as I’m able.
  • I plan to dance in the rain and celebrate a milestone birthday. Never mind which one.
  • I plan to self-publish a short book or two on my own.
  • I want to give with my whole heart in everything I do. Life’s too short to hold back.
  • I want to do my part to help this earth by recycling, keeping my corner clean, and stamping out litter.
  • I want to do what I can to help the homeless people and pets.
  • I want to be a better, kinder, more sympathetic person.
  • I want to listen with my heart instead of my ears.
  • I want to make my family proud every day.

There you have it. Ten thoughts for 2018—God willing and the creek don’t rise. I’m sure you have your own set of thoughts. I wish you peace, love, and harmony now and forever.

I’m giving away a Linda Broday 2018 small wall calendar. To enter the drawing, tell me about your weather or what Santa brought you or what book you’re reading. I’ll draw late Saturday.



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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

61 thoughts on “Ten New Year Thoughts”

    • Good morning, Debra……This weather has everyone shivering and here is no exception. Just curl up by the fire with a book and forget what’s happening outside. Brenda Jackson is an excellent choice. I love her books!

      Happy New Year!

  1. Good morning Linda!!! I’m getting ready for work and thisxsrctic freeze heading out way. In 3 more Days it will be my most favorite day of the year. New Years Eve and my birthday.
    Like you in 2018!ill celebrate a milestone BD too. This year I plan on keeping God, my family, and dear friends 1st and foremost. 2018!is going to be a great year. I just know it. I’m super excited about your books coming out this year, especially Marley Rose’s book. I know it’s going to be epic.
    Love you and may you have a blessed day.

    • Good morning, Miss Tonya……Looks like we’ll both celebrate milestones but you know we have so much to be thankful for. We’re alive and able to read (and understand what we read!) and we have the best family and friends. I’m excited too about Marley Rose’s book. Man, that’s been a long time coming! I think readers will love her story. A lot of things get resolved. And I can’t wait to see what they think of The Cowboy Who Came Calling. That book (only my second published one) won the National Reader’s Choice Award. I pray that Luke McClain and Glory Day will steal hearts.

      Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    • Good morning, Yvonne…….I think 2018 will bring lots of happy surprises. I pray you find the months ahead full of good health, tons of good books, and lots and lots of happiness!

      Much love and Happy New Year!

  2. It is 16 degrees this morning in Kentucky. Real feel is 3degrees…?BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE..!! LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR…

    • Good morning, Tonya Cherry…….I’m happy to see you on this cold morn! Man, it is cold there. i hope you don’t have reason to go outside. Just stay in by the fire and read a good book! Sounds great to me. 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  3. I am looking forward to the new year also. I hope it is as good to us as 2017 was. Like Tonya I am waiting on the attic blast that is coming our way.

    • Good morning, Carolyn…….Whatever God has in store for us in 2018 I know we’ll handle with grace and love. I’m excited to see what’s coming. It’s like a gift waiting to be opened. Sending prayers that you handle this Arctic Blast in fine fashion. I’ll bet you do. You’re smart. Just get a good book and curl up by the fire. We’re gonna be all right.

      Sending love and wishes for a Happy New Year!

  4. At this point I am grateful, thankful that I am not in lots of snow, and the cold air is not below zero.
    I am excited for any and all of the books you have coming out this next year.

    • Good morning, Veda……Seeing your name makes me smile. I’m glad you live in South Texas where it’s not going to be too bad. I do hope you enjoy the upcoming books. I poured my heart out in them and maybe they’ll touch you in some way.

      Much love and have a blessed 2018!!

  5. My fav Christmas gifts this year were books given by Tonya and Glenda and a beautiful mug my sister gave me that says Be Happy. It looks like a Santa Fe style glazed piece of blue and gray pottery it’s beautiful. I don’t truly do resolutions either. Goals but not resolutions per say. Mine for 2018 are to eat healthier, exercise more, get organized, become more patient with myself and others, focus on my relationships with God, family, friends and my boy friend I gained in 2017. I hope you have a great NYE and a blessed 2018.

    • Good morning, Stephanie…….Books are very special gifts no matter when we get them. And that dear friends gave them to you makes them even more treasured. Oh my, that mug sounds very pretty! I am a mug collector. In fact, my cup cabinet is so full, it’s spilled over into the glassware. Lord help! I know your coffee will taste even better in that special mug. 🙂 Your goals are reachable. All you have to do is put forth some effort. Nothing comes if we don’t work for it. May 2018 find a cure for MS!

      Wishing you blessings and much love for 2018!

  6. happy new year linda!!!! the weather here, is COLD. the week leading up to christmas was in the 50’s the night before christmas eve my area had a big snow storm. giveing us a white christmas. which i love because with out snow it just doesn’t feel like christmas. what i got was a new pan, a night shirt and a pom pom maker, for my crafts and a digital row counter. my husband works in all types of weather , so every christmas he gets long johns, sweat shirts and warm socks. its funny watching him open them because he will say, I bet i know what this gift is. as far as taking down the decorations, they are still up till january 1st.

    • Good morning, Elaine……I’m so envious of you having a white Christmas! Nothing makes the holiday better and more memorable. And you must’ve been a very good lady. You got quite a haul. Your poor hubby. Next year surprise him with something else. I love giving surprises.

      Much love and Happy New Year!

  7. -12° here. Burrrrr! Santa brought me a flashlight and chocolate. Some leggings I hardly wear. Earbobs and shampoo. Have a Happy New Year. I’m still reading The Heart of a Texas Cowboy by Linda Broday. Christmas has been crazy. I will get it done.

    • Hi Charlene……Oh my goodness! That’s frigid! Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Lots of goodies. No hurry on the book. It’ll keep until you get time to read it. I hope you’re enjoying it.

      Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Linda hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Started mine out working, but ending it with part of my children. Love watching my grandson open gifts and learned I will be having a little princess in May 2018. Best gift is hearing my little man call me Gigi ?. Like Tonya said today is tropic weather for us, before the artic blast comes. My mom loved her books I had signed by you. I plan for 2018 to enjoy life to the fullest, treat people the way I like to be treated, help in anyway possible and make another foster care quilt. Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Kristi……I had a great Christmas. Yours turned out wonderfully well despite having to start out working. A little princess….Oh how wonderful! I know you’re excited. And to hear your little man call you Gigi. I love that! I like your plans for the new year. You’re going to make someone very happy with that foster care quilt! I love how you care for others.

      Have a very blessed 2018!!

  9. In the negatives and snowy here! I like it, though. Makes for great reading weather. I don’t do resolutions either, so I wish you a very prosperous new year!

  10. It is very cold here for us, tempts are staying done in the 20’s and single digits at night. I hate the cold and these old bones of my doesn’t like it either. I would love to have the Calender. Thanks for the chance.

    • Hi Quilt Lady……My bones don’t like the cold weather much either but it’s good for my MS. Guess I’ll just make the best and not complain. Just maybe you’ll win my calendar!

      Much love and Happy New Year!

  11. I don’t do resolutions either but I really like your thoughts, Linda, especially 2, 4, 8 and 9 for me as well (if you don’t mind):

    2. I want to make this a fun year as much as I’m able.
    5. I want to give with my whole heart in everything I do. Life’s too short to hold back.
    8. I want to be a better, kinder, more sympathetic person.
    9. I want to listen with my heart instead of my ears.

    My own thought is to live fully, always being grateful for the second chance I’ve been given and to never ever forget it. My other thought is to always recognize and be grateful for all the kindnesses that have been shown me, and to keep seeing the kindnesses and goodness of people wherever and whenever I can.

    The thought for today, however, is to stay warm! It’s 15 degrees (F) here, but the real-feel temp is minus 2! But, oh, I really feel for my friend up in Alberta, Canada. Yikes. Talk about arctic temps: the high today for her is -16, and the low will be -26! Unbelievable.

    Happy New Year, Linda! Lots of love and here’s hoping
    all your thoughts and dreams for the new year come true!

    • Hi Miss Eliza…….I pray that 2018 will see remarkable changes in your health. You’ve sure been through the wringer and I’m giving thanks to God that you’re alive because by all rights you shouldn’t. You had a miracle. Make the most of your second chance. Stay warm. It’s frigid up there! Yes, your poor Canadian friend. I hope she survives.

      Sending much love and hugs and have a blessed 2018!!

  12. Hello Linda, We had a very surprising white Christmas, but now the snow is gone & the rain has arrived. I am reading your Forever His Texas Bride right now. So good, I have so enjoyed this series, just wonderful as all your stories are! Happy New Year!

    • Hi Karen…….Thanks for rubbing in that you had a white Christmas. I’m so envious. Growing up in New Mexico I saw a lot of those and I miss them. I’m happy you’re enjoying Brett’s and Rayna’s story. Those two still live in my heart. Such great characters.

      Have a blessed 2018!

  13. I’m reading The Book of Mysteries by Jonathan Cahn. The weather in Texas, is cloudy and cool. We’re expecting a freeze early next week.

    Happy Year Linda!

    • Hi Caryl……..You’re reading a great book and now is the perfect time to settle in with one. You must live in the southern part of the state. Up here in the Panhandle, we’ll get that Arctic blast starting late tomorrow. I’m not ready but I guess there’s nothing I can do to stop it so I’ll accept what I’ve given.

      Happy New Year!

  14. It’s very cold in my part of the world…but I have good books to keep me warm. I’m reading Caught by the Scott by Karen Hawkins.

    Happy New Year

    • Hi Kathleen O…….Oh I love books by Karen Hawkins. That one should be just the thing to keep you warm. That man on the cover should do it by himself. Oh My!

      Happy New Year, dear lady!

    • Hi Anne……Well, I’m guessing you live in Arizona or California. Those are just about the only two places that are warm right now. Enjoy it for all of us!

      Happy New Year!

    • Hi Ellie……It sounds miserable where you live. I’m thankful that here in the Texas Panhandle we have breaks between cold spells. That’s usually when I go out and get things done.

      Wishing blessings for you in 2018!

  15. Good morning, Miss Linda! You have made a wonderful list but there is one you don’t have to work on because I know you are fulfilling that every single day already and that is making your family proud of you. Our Christmas was different this year. My husband had back surgery on the 22nd. Needless to say, not much ho, ho, ho around here yet but better days are ahead. Our weather is cold here in Northeast Texas and about to get colder on New Year’s Eve. I hope 2018 brings good health and happiness to you and your family. Keep those creative juices flowing and know that you are thought of.

    • Hi, Melanie…….Thank you for saying such kind words about me. 🙂 You’re a sweet lady. I’m sorry about your husband’s surgery. I pray he recovers well and soon the pain is a distant memory. 2018 will be better I hope. Yes, these creative juices keep me going. Gotta protect them at all costs. 🙂

      Much love and happiness to you too. Happy New Year!

  16. Howdy Linda,

    Your thoughts made me smile.

    Definitely looking forward to your re-issues. That fits into my resolution to do more reading. Right now I’m reading The Fiery Cross, part of Diana Gabledon’s Outlander series.

    Cheers to you for 2028.

    • Hi Alisa…….Glad I could bring a smile. You’re sure picked a good book to read. I love Diana Gabledon! She’s one of the best storytellers around.

      Blessings and love for the new year!

  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR from Central Texas. It is cold (above freezing) and wet dreary here. I have been reading Cristin Harber’s Delta Series. I finished her Titan Series and kept on reading. The military romance is way off my preferred cowboys. I read some of hers, then read my HWR. Tonya Lucas has me lined up for a new author to read, Natasza Waters, Montana Freedom. It will mix military with cowboy. Now won’t that be different!

    • Good afternoon, Miss Jerri……You know the best way to pass a dreary day is with a good book. Keep one handy because we’re gonna need it. Sometimes we have to take a break from cowboys but they’ll be back never fear. I haven’t read Natasza Waters before but if Tonya recommended her, I’m sure she’s wonderful.

      Wishing you all the best for 2018!

      • Just sayin’, besides cowboys, I ADORE Cristin Harber and Natasza Waters military stories. I alternate between military types and cowboys usually.

  18. Good Morning from Frigged Alberta weather!! We’ve been sitting in the -36 Celcius weather over all of the holidays. We’re hoping to break come Tuesday just when people head back to work!! Santa brought me the gift of my family all being here for the holidays – and staying!! Yay!! I’m reading Meredith Wild’s Hacker Series at the moment!!

    Cheer and wishing you a healthy, happy and safe New Years – 2018 here you come!!

  19. the weather here was very cold beginning of the week teen to single digits. 20’s Yesterday, teens again today by sunday it won’t get above zero suppose to be in the minus’s all day sunday. Very cold new years eve night they are saying, bundle up if you are celebrating that night. Just down right cold for me.

    • Good afternoon, Kim…….Your weather sounds like you’re living in the Arctic. Brrrrr! Stay in by the fire with a book and a blanket. They’ll help you make it through. No celebrating for me! Those days are long gone. I’ll be in bed by 10:00 PM. It’s far safer too.

      Love and hugs! Happy New Year!

  20. Hi my fellow filly and friend. I love your “thoughts”. What a creative way not to make New Year’s promises, that I never, keep … ouch, you know that. The readers and other fillies made some great additions. Thanks again for some great ideas, now if I can pick some out and fulfill them. Hugs from across town.

  21. I love your New Years Thoughts Linda. I agree. It’s about 18 degrees here right now. And will drop to single digits tonight. These old bones will not be going out unless it’s an emergency. 🙂
    I’m reading Nora Roberts Year One book. I have tons of books to read now that it’s to cold to go out. Have a Blessed and Happy New Year.
    Carol Luciano

  22. I don’t make resolutions either but your great thoughts are keepers! Here in Kentucky we are gearing up for a very cold end to 2017 and an even colder beginning for 2018.
    Happy New Year!

  23. It is very cold in middle Tennessee. This was our first Christmas without our mom and brother. It went well until my sister’s husband called to tell her their house had been robbed. They took lots of things but most of all they took our mother’s jewelery. Yeah we all in this family our wishing for a better year.

    • Oh Sherry! I can’t believe how cruel some people are. And to lose something that’s so meaningful and irreplaceable. My heart goes out to you. Watch the pawn shops. You might find that jewelry.

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