Texas Rebels Series Grand Finale

By Linda Warren

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I’m always happy to post at Petticoats and Pistols. I grew up on a farm/ranch in rural Texas so I love everything Western. Thank you for the invite.

In December the last book of the Texas Rebels series will be released. Texas Rebels: Elias. I’m excited to finish the series. I thought I would share how I came to write seven books about seven brothers. My husband and I watched the TV miniseries the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. I told my husband I would like to write something like that, but more modern day and not so dark and violent. I guess the idea was in my head because that night I dreamed about two feuding ranching families in Texas. When I woke up the next morning, I had these two families, their names and exactly what had happened to keep them feuding for years.

The Rebels and McCray’s were fighting over a fence line and water rights. The McCrays said if a Rebel stepped over the fence line to McCray land they would be shot. One day two of the younger Rebel boys jumped the fence on a horse and Ezra McCray shot them. John Rebel rushed toward the blast to find his two sons lying on the ground. Ezra was on a horse with a rifle in his hand. He raised the rifle to shoot John, but John fired first, killing Ezra McCray. This scene was very vivid. Then there was John and Kate, his wife, talking to five other kids, telling them what had happened and they had to take their two little brothers to the hospital. Kate called each of them by name. I quickly went to my office and wrote down the names and events before they faded from my mind. Seven brothers and I had all their names. That was a true gift. Here’s where I hen-scratched them down. No one can read this, but me.

After breakfast, I went to work on what I had. I jotted more notes and then study the names of the brothers. Did I want to write about seven brothers? Would my editor buy a series about seven brothers? Oh, what the heck, I went with it. I could do nothing less with all the scenes in my head. The rest of the day I thought about these two families and how I wanted to write them. It took a long time and several headaches to pull it all together.

Two things had to happen before the stories would work. First, the feud would escalate because of the shooting. Second, John Rebel would pass away. The books would be about how his grown sons would deal with life after his passing. Then I gave each brother a characteristic that would define him and help me write his story. Falcon was the oldest, so he was the strong, responsible one taking over as head of the family, with his mother. Quincy was the peacemaker, trying to keep peace among the brothers. Egan was the loner. Elias the fighter. Jude the quiet one, as he was one of the kids who’d been shot. Paxton was a bull rider and a ladies man. The youngest was Phoenix, the fun-loving jokester. Now I had something to work with.

I did an overview of the stories that would change with each book. All the brothers would work the large Rebel Ranch, but the McCrays would always be there, making life hard. With each book that would slightly change as the McCray women start to notice the Rebel men as someone other than their enemy.

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Elias’s story is the last book in the series. He said he was never getting married. He liked his freedom. When Maribel McCray returns to Horseshoe, Texas she shakes up his world. She has a seventeen-year-old son and says that Elias is the father. Kate Rebel insists that Elias is not. Elias and his mother argue and he leaves the ranch he loves. This tears the family apart. The last scenes were hard to write. I won’t tell you what happens because it would spoil the book. But I enjoyed writing Elias and finding his softer side. And finding a way for the families to live in peace.

Now you’ve had a glimpse into the weird workings of an author’s mind. The books are done. Time for cheering. It’s hard to believe they all started with a dream.

I’m giving away an ebook of Texas Rebels: Elias and a Horseshoe Christmas ornament (the stories are set in Horseshoe, Texas.)

Question: Have you had any vivid dreams that stayed with you for a long time? Leave a comment to get your name in a drawing for an ebook copy of Elias and a horseshoe ornament.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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 Texas Rebels: Elias

First Love, Second Chance

Maribel McCray knew moving back to Horseshoe, Texas, would mean facing Elias Rebel, the cowboy she was forbidden to love in high school. She just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. With her teenage son, Chase, in trouble, she needs Elias’s help. He may be a Rebel, sworn enemy of every McCray, but he’s also Chase’s father.

For the lone bachelor of the Rebel clan, there’s only one way to make up for lost years with his son—become a family for real. But Maribel’s distance runs deeper than the Rebel-McCray feud. Elias won’t settle for a marriage of convenience with the woman he’s falling for again. How can he convince Maribel some second chances are worth taking?

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43 thoughts on “Texas Rebels Series Grand Finale”

  1. Good morning Linda- yes I have a dream that reoccurs everytime I have fever. It’s strange as Dreams usually are but even awake I can still see it. Then I did have a very vivid dream one time that I truly felt it really did happen. Amazing how our minds work while we sleep. Thanks for the lovely blog and Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  2. Hello Linda. I have not had a recurring dream in a long time. I don’t go into that stage of sleep, usually. But when I did have one, I was actually afraid to have it as I was falling in the dream and each time I fell further and further. It was very real and very scary. That is one I hope does not come back.

    • Hi, Jerri, that is terrifying. I have one where I’m walking and it’s dark and I can’t find my way home. That one scares me. Thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oye. I have vivid and very strange dreams. When I go to tell my husband (or friends) later, I can get anything from a concern-for-my-sanity look or laughter, or a “Oh no, here we go again” response. I don’t fully buy into the belief that dreams are symbols or have deeper meaning, but I believe they can. Or I just have a very strange and vivid imagination that comes to play at night.

  4. I very seldom recall my dreams after I am awake but recently there have been a few that were very disturbing. I just recall thinking, as I was waking up, “Don’t keep trying, this is just a dream”!
    Your book sounds great!

    • Thank you, Connie. I don’t remember much of my dreams either. Just bits and pieces. That’s why it shocked me to remember so much of the Rebel dream. Thank you for posting and have a wonderful Christmas.

    • I know what you’re talking about, Janine. My dreams are strange too and make no sense sometimes. I wish we had a dream button we could turn off. Sometimes. Happy holidays!

  5. I dreamed about a women in a hospital with tubes all around and going into her. It was a very vivid dream. Only to my surprise when I walked into my mother in law hospital room dud I realize it was her on her death bed. She had had a massive coronary on the way to the hospital and passes away later that day.

  6. I have had vivid dreams that seem so real when I awake. But it some times feels like something that has or will happened.. Those kind of Deja’vue’ kind of things.

  7. Oh yes I have. Some so terrible I’d pray for God to take the memory of them away from me. Others so beautiful I’d wish I could remember forever and remember how I felt in that dream. Then there were those dreams that slipped from my mind as I was waking up.

  8. Wow, what a crazy start to an awesome series! I have had wild dreams at times that I still remember. Isn’t it crazy how that happens?

    • Hi, Susan, it is crazy. They say things happen in our lives that trigger dreams. Sometimes my dreams make no sense at all and I can’t explain them. The Rebel series dream was one I couldn’t let go. Even weeks later I still could remember parts vividly. Wishing you a happy Christmas.

  9. Dreams which are disturbing. The car slides down a slippery hill since I lived in a major city with many severe snowstorms and the hills were scary.

    • Oh, wow, Pearl. That’s awful to have that dream over and over. I wish we could go to sleep and just rest instead of our minds wandering into disturbing visions. Have a great evening and thanks for posting. Merry Christmas!

    • Oh, Anne, I have the running dream too and the lost dream. I try and try, but I can’t find my way home. When I wake up, I’m so glad to know that I am home. Thanks for posting and have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. I have loved this series, since I picked up the first book. So thank you for all of the reading pleasure.
    Since I was a child, I have had a dreams about a houses some where, I had no clue where the houses were or why it was important. Then when I was 12 we moved from Wyoming to California,as we drove up to our new home, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, it was the house I had been dreaming of for years. The next house I dreamed of ended up being the house I lived in, while working as a nanny on Long Island, NY. So when I dream of a house I try to remember as much as I can, because history has told me, I will end up living it it at some point.

  11. Oh, wow, Vera. That’s amazing. You see the future in your dreams. I think that is so cool. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for loving my books. Merry Christmas!

  12. Hi Linda , sounds like an awesome series. I haven’t had any intense or scary dreams lately. Probably because I don’t sleep deeply enough. Three to four hours at a time. Happy Holidays to you and your family Linda.
    Carol Luciano

    • Hi, Carol, thank you. Sorry about you not getting any sleep. It’s rough to get through a day when that happens. I’ve had those nights too and still dream. I guess it’s different for everyone. Happy holidays right back at you.

  13. I have certainly had some dreams that stayed with me. Sometimes dreams can be so crazy and you wonder where in the world did that com from”

    • Isn’t that the truth, Melanie? Where do these crazy dreams come from? Some of mine don’t even make sense and I’m glad they fade away quickly. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Happy holidays!

  14. I used to dream quite vividly and would remember them afterwards. Had I the inclination, I could have written them down and had the beginnings of some interesting books. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so dreams either aren’t there or I’m not remembering them. When I was much younger, there were several very frightening dreams that held a feeling of doom that lasted throughout the day and sometimes for several days. I have even dreamt of events before they have happened or in one case, as it happened.

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