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There’s something magical about falling in love at Christmas. When I write Christmas romances, I strive to inject special touches that bring the holiday spirit alive for the reader. A Lawman for Christmas is my fifteenth book for Love Inspired Historical and the final installment of my long-running Smoky Mountain Matches series. While secrets abound, as well as a mystery that isn’t solved until the end, I tried to weave in elements that celebrated the season. My hero and heroine—the town flirt and an avowed spinster—join other young people for a ride through Gatlinburg’s mountains on a crisp December night, serenading local farmers in exchange for hot spiced cider. What could be more romantic than cozying up to a handsome deputy in a hay-strewn wagon bed, singing Christmas carols together beneath a canopy of stars?

Once a lost little boy is introduced into the story, there are many opportunities for traditional holiday past times. Baking cookies, sipping on cinnamon-laced hot cocoa, riding into the mountains in search of evergreen boughs. I enjoyed describing the characters making pomanders, which are oranges and apples decorated with cloves, cinnamon and other spices. I could almost smell the fragrant fruit.

One particular winter scene consisted of snow before Christmas—not common in this area of East Tennessee, but hey, it’s my story—and an injured little boy longing to go outside and play. Like a true hero, Deputy Ben fills a copper basin with snow and brings it inside. He and Eli make miniature snowmen together, a kind act that thaws Isabel’s heart.

There are gifts exchanged and of course, mistletoe. A holiday story time for the children, followed by sweet treats to delight young and old. A Christmas Eve pageant that celebrates the birth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and the true reason for the season. I hope that I succeeded in imbuing the story with the joy, goodwill and hope that characterizes the holidays.

The Gift of Family 

Committed to her spinsterhood, Isabel Flores isn’t about to trust a man with her hard-won independence or her heart—especially not lawman Ben MacGregor. But when a little boy is abandoned on her property, the so-called “Debonair Deputy” of their small Tennessee town helps her care for the child. And Isabel begins to hope he might be more than just a handsome flirt.

Ben is well aware of Isabel’s aversion to love and has his own secret reasons for avoiding relationships. But as he and Isabel do their best to make the holiday special for their young ward, Ben wonders if he could be a family man after all. Will this Christmas be the first of many for Isabel and Ben’s little instant family?


Karen is giving away one copy of A Lawman for Christmas. For a chance to win, leave a comment about what you like best about Christmas romances.

Oh, there are so many things . . .

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  1. Let’s see, the one thing I like best about Christmas romances is they seem more uplifting than a regular romance novel. This for me is because I love Christmas and the season is always magical for me. I love to honor our Lord and Savior by celebrating His birth and reading Christmas novels always get me into the Christmas spirit.

    I would love to win a copy of your book. 🙂

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer. I like to read books and watch Christmas movies to help get me into the celebration mood. The Christmas season is such a special time.

  3. I always enjoy Christmas romances anytime of years. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit along with Christmas movies and music. Your book sounds wonderful.
    Carol Luciano

  4. Hi Karen….Welcome to P&P. We love having you visit. Congratulations on the new book! I adore that cover! Great story line with the lost little boy. That warms my heart right there. Wishing you tons of success and happiness.

    • Thanks, Linda! I enjoyed being here. I’m really pleased with the cover art, too. Ben gives the little boy a wooden toy horse in the story, so I was glad the art department put some in the store window.

  5. Hi Karen. I am a big fan of Christmas stories and if they have a romance, I enjoy them even more. There’s just something about a couple sitting in front of a fireplace and the room us dark except for the red flames of the fire and the white lights twinkling on the tree. Add some Christmas music softly playing……
    Thanks for your giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Cathy, snow and Christmas seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? I don’t remember too many white Christmases where I live. I enjoy seeing it in movies, though.

  6. Christmas is a time of love, forgiveness, and joy. It is the perfect time for people to take a second look at their lives, forgive old hurts, renew friendships, and share in the joy of the season. What better time for someone to find romance and start a new life.

  7. Christmas romance….under the mistletoe with gathering of family and friends…..celebrating the birth of our Savior….doesn’t get any better.

  8. I like Christmas romance to help put me in the mood for Christmas. There is just something about reading a good Christmas romance that makes you enjoy Christmas.

  9. I love the excitement and joy my grandchildren experience at Christmas. The looks on their little faces are priceless!

  10. For some reason the spirit and magic of Christmas makes romance so much sweeter to me in a book 🙂 Not only are we celebrating the birth of our Savior, but there’s always something special in the air! And if the book has kids in it, you get to see the delight in their eyes which adds another layer to the story. Christmas books such as the Love Inspired ones are so much fun to read!

    Thank you for the giveaway! That cover is delightful 🙂

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