Getting Ready for Winter + Free Book!

Hi everyone. I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! We’re having a beautiful fall here in Montana. Fall is my favorite season, and in northern Nevada, where I used to live, we didn’t get super long falls. It seemed to be hot, and then it was cold. Now there’s snow in the mountains and it looks like we’re getting closer to real winter.

Lots of Sand Hill Cranes.

The grain field next to my house has been cut and because of that, the Sand Hill Cranes, which come here to nest, are gathering in the stubble and feasting on grain and probably mice.

If you’ve never seen a Sand Hill Crane, they are fairly large birds, and they gather in this field by the thousands before their fall migration. I love watching them from my window.

We put the cattle on the winter pasture, along with my two old horses–brothers who are 23 and 24 years old. The pasture is connect to the “crane field” and the cattle come in everyday to drink and soak up the sun before heading back out to the pasture to graze. 

Note all the cranes in the background. 🙂

The winter wood came today before daybreak. Essentially its a load of logs. The guy unloads them and them my husband and stepdad will “buzz” them or cut them into rounds. We hope this stack will last at least two winters. The cats love, love, love the logs because they have lots of little places to hide and to hunt.

And lastly, as the holidays approach, I’m pleased to announce that my book The Christmas Secret is free for a limited amount of time. I hope you’ll check it out!


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Jeannie Watt raises cattle in Montana and loves all things western. When she's not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing, making mosaic mirrors, riding her horses and buying hay. Lots and lots of hay.

25 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Winter + Free Book!”

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this Christmas book for free! Its a great way to find a new author to add to your go to list.

  2. Thanks a bunch for free book !!! And oh wow to you living off the grid I wish I could to that maybe one day and especially would love to live in Montana

  3. Thank you for the wonderful pictures! And thank you so much for the free copy of “The Christmas Secret.”


  4. Hi Jeannie, Your fall in Montana sounds wonderful! I am one who loves to be away from the city! The last few falls I have traveled from the Midwest where there are gorgeous changing leaves, to San Diego near the ocean. Fall just does not happen there compared to the Midwest and I really miss the difference. But–I am thrilled to be with my family at that time of year. That takes precedence. Thank you for the free book. I have one other of your books –now to get to reading them both!

      • Also see a whooping crane in with the sandhills. Did you know that they use the sandhills to sit on the whooping cranes eggs to get them to lay more. Whoopings only lay 1 or 2 eggs a year, so to increase the population they get help from the sandhills so the whooping cranes will lay about 3 to 4 a year now.

  5. Love the pictures. We have been seeing all the birds migrating lately, too. I love watching the changes take place when winter comes. Thank you for the book!

  6. Othello, Washington, has a Sand Hill crane festival the third weekend in March when the cranes are returning to the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge. I’ve never gone and I’ve never seen the cranes on the ground but they sure make a lot of noise, different from any other bird, when they fly over our place.

    • I know Othello, Alice. I’m originally from Moscow, Idaho, so not too far away. The cranes do make a lot of noise! It’s like living in an aviary when they come in at night.

  7. Wow, what a flock of cranes. I have seen them up close in Florida, but usually only a pair at a time. Your firewood delivery is impressive. We have a wood stove for supplemental heat. We use hardwood we get from when our son does tree work. It looks like you are using pine. Other than aspen there isn’t much else out there with logs that look like that. We lived in Colorado Springs for three years and went up on Forest Service land to cut firewood. We got a permit every year and got mostly aspen. Pine tends to coat the chimney and cause fires. When our son cuts pine today, we cut it up and use it for campfires.

  8. Hi Jeanne, I enjoyed seeing your pictures. This morning we woke up to our first big frost here in my part of Kentucky and this weekend a killing frost is predicted. I don’t look forward to really cold temps but “what will be, will be”.
    I just downloaded your book. Thanks for sharing.

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