Christmas Cowboy Style

We’re very happy to have Louise Gouge come visit. She always has something interesting to say. And she has a new book–a Christmas one! Yippee! Leave a comment to enter the drawing for one print copy of COWBOY LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS REUNION!


Many romance authors will tell you that writing the last page of a novel can be a bittersweet experience. We feel relief over satisfactorily tying up our story’s loose ends and, we hope, meeting a deadline. But we also will miss beloved characters as they ride off into their happily-ever-after fairy tale sunset. Even more poignant is completing a beloved series of novels with its many compelling characters whose lives are intertwined.

COWBOY LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS REUNION is the sixth and final installment in my Four Stones Ranch series set in my fictional town of Esperanza, Colorado. Based on Monte Vista, Colorado, an actual town where my husband and I lived and where our children were born, Esperanza became a character in these books. Completing the series is like moving away from Monte Vista all over again. Oddly enough, we moved right after Christmas 1971, and is a Christmas story. I love little synchronicities like that.

Not being an actual cowgirl and not having lived on an actual ranch, I couldn’t have written these books without some serious research. (Does it count that I used to watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Rifleman, and long before those, Roy Rogers and John Wayne movies?) My daughter and granddaughter are western-style horsewomen, so they provided the essentials for anything horsey. And I was blessed to find a book about Monte Vista, A Bridge to Yesterday, by Emma M. Riggenbach, whose pioneer family settled in the area. The information she provided in the book gave me everything I needed to create my own version of this small town. While historical errors sometimes slip past the most diligent writer, this book kept my stories close to the way it was in the 1880s. My fictional Four Stones Ranch is loosely based on a ranch/farm owned and operated by some folks our family knew way back when.


As it turns out, COWBOY LAWMAN’S CHRISTMAS REUNION,  is my fifteenth and final book for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical Imprint. (The line is closing next year.) So I write this blog with a sense of nostalgia hanging over me. I’ll miss writing for LIH, and I’ll miss the fictional people who populated this last series. If you’ve read any of my Four Stones Ranch books, you’ll understand why. But I’m kind of hooked on writing westerns, so you may see me here again in the future.

Here’s the story of the final installment:

Sheriff Justice Gareau can make outlaws quake in their boots…yet coming face-to-face with Evangeline Benoit once again takes away all his composure. She broke their engagement, and his heart, to marry a wealthy older man. Despite his reluctance, Justice can’t avoid the widowed single mother of two when they’re collaborating on a Christmas village for the town’s children.

The loving boy Evangeline once knew has become an unyielding lawman. Forced to flee New Orleans over false allegations, Evie doubts Justice will take her side when the past follows her to Colorado. Especially when he and her troublesome son butt heads. But perhaps the spirit of Christmas will soften his heart and give them a second chance at love.

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Other books in the series:

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Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Historical Romances. She received the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in 2005 and was a finalist in 2011, 2015, 2016, and 2017; and placed in the Laurel Wreath in 2012.

Please visit her Web site at,, Twitter: @Louisemgouge


Please tell me what it is you like about western stories and you’ll be in the drawing for a print copy of Cowboy Lawman’s Christmas Reunion! (U.S. residents only please)


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27 thoughts on “Christmas Cowboy Style”

  1. Cowboys! What else is there? 🙂

    I love western stories because of all the hard-working cowboys and their sense of honor. Where you’ll likely hear “yes ma’am” and all the gentlemanly ways they show respect. There’s so many things to love that it’s hard to really put in words. Some of my favorite stories involve cowboys or are western themed.

    I really also appreciate all the research an author does to make their story as authentic as possible. Love how you based your series on an actual town you used to live in! How fun to write about a place I’m sure you have many memories of. I can see where the last book would be bittersweet.

    I’m also saddened that the LIH line is coming to an end! Those are my top favorite and my heart goes out to all the authors who wrote for them. I’ve been asking God to open other avenues for the writers to share the stories He has for them.

    Thanks for sharing about your writing Louise! It’s a wonderful post to read. And for the giveaway chance, blessings!

  2. I like to visit places that are only on the pages of books. Westerns take us back to a time that is so different and I enjoy that.

  3. I love being transfixed back into time & the old west with Cowboys & Indians fuel my love of history. You have a fantastic Friday! Thanks for the wonderful blog.

  4. I love western stories because I always dream about cowboys and living in Wyoming or Colorado. So I can dream about being there through the words of the authors.

  5. I think what I like best about Western Stories in particular are the mores of that time. I find the Native American people in particular fascinating in their belief in truth, justice and family. Refreshing in these times, I think.

  6. I love westerns because of the sense of history about the life and times of the western people.

  7. Learning some history of an area that I didn’t know. The traditions, and why things were done the way they were.
    I am totally bummed that this line is leaving. I really enjoyed this line of books, and it was my go to series. Thank you, for all the enjoyment of reading your books.

  8. I have always loved westerns, I grew up with my dad that loved westerns and he was aways reading them and of course we watched a lot of westerns on the TV.

  9. Hi Louise. I am Kentucky born and bred so my cowboy training was the same as yours–watching all of those westerns on TV with my Daddy. I think that my chief reasons for loving to read Western stories are the sweet memories of those TV moments and the reminder that good will eventually win over evil. And even though black hat versus white hat was easy to figure out there were some gray hats that you just weren’t sure of! Same as today????
    I would love to read this book. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Louise…..Welcome back to P&P! We always enjoy having you. I love your blog. True accounts of incidents and places are invaluable. You can’t beat those and besides insight, they provide little nuggets to put into your story. How wonderful that you came across those. I’m really sorry that Harlequin is closing the Love Inspired line. That hurts.

    This Christmas book looks amazing. Wishing you much success!

  11. Thank you for the comments. I love to learn why other ladies like to read westerns, as I do. Although I wasn’t a cowgirl, I did go to high school with some real cowboys. Also, my father was the official photographer for the Ski-Hi Stampede, the annual rodeo in Monte Vista. I sometimes sang at the kickoff dinner. Fun memories!

  12. What I enjoy about westerns is how tough they had it back in the 1800’s. I also like the interesting lives of farmers, sheriff’s and families.

  13. Kim, that’s so true. Back in the 70s, hubby and I tried our hand at some of that country living, including serious gardening. It was fun, but it was hard. And we could always go to the grocery store if our crop didn’t turn out. Not so for folks who lived way back when.

    BTW, I just realized a big mistake in my post. We moved from Monte Vista right after Christmas Day 1979, not 1971. We arrived at our new home, Florida, January 1, 1980. Such a different life! A topic for another blog.

  14. This is a fantastic book. I loved all the characters who lived in Colorado where I was born. I’m going to miss these characters, but I can’t wait for her new series or book. If you don’t win a copy you should definitely buy it.

  15. Hi Louise!
    Welcome to Wildflower Junction! I am sorry to see the LI historical line ending and hope that you will find a new publishing home for your stories. Nostalgic indeed– as I have enjoyed so many of the stories. Love your cover and the blurb on this book. All the best to you and your writing!

  16. Hello Louise. I have known a lot of cowboys I lived in a small country town when I was small. But later we moved to a small Okla. ton with lots of ranches and cowboys. I fin tim to be very nice men. I love them in Rodeos also. I used to own a horse. I like the kind of clothes they way, And, I love cowboy stories. Would love to win your book that is this will post my comment. I am a subscriber, so don’t know why it hasn’t been showing my comments. Maxie

  17. Louise Gouge, what I love about western historical fiction is the honesty and simplicity of that way of life. Today it is all games and secrecy, and one-upmanship. Back then people were too busy to indulge and did not want to live like that any way. And never doubt I love the cowboys and the horses. Animals and children get me everytime. Thank you.

  18. Louise! I’m always so happy to run into you, your work is so beautiful… and you’ve got a heart as big as all outdoors! I love Western historicals and contemps, so I was happy dancing when I saw you were going to be here! So good to see you!

  19. I love reading about days gone by in the Wild West. I do also enjoy contemporary Westerns, too. I’ve never been out west so I can live vicariously through the books!

  20. Hi Louise, It’s always sad to say goodbye to the characters. I’ll certainly be picking up this series. I love reading Westerns. I grew up on the east coast but I watched all the Westerns with my dad. I have such admiration for those hard working cowboys. It’s all the research an Author does that brings all these stories to us. To read about past history is fascinating to me. Cowboys were such honorable and hard working men. Thanks for sharing in the post.
    Carol Luciano

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