A New Book and Inspiration

It’s hard to believe that my book that is out this month, Her Texas Rodeo Cowboy, is the 16th story I’ve set in my fictional town of Blue Falls, Texas. It’s the 12th full-length book with that series name attached to it, but there were also a Christmas e-novella (A Cowboy in Her Stocking) and a previous trilogy, The Teagues of Texas, that introduced the Hill Country tourist destination.

Her Texas Rodeo Cowboy examines that age-old conflict that occurs when someone with deep roots on the land where they grew up falls for someone who lives the life of a tumbleweed. However will they solve the conflict to find their happily ever after?

With actress Rachel Skarsten, the inspiration for my character Sloane Hartley.

Sloane Hartley is deeply rooted to her family’s ranch in Blue Falls, Texas. So she isn’t about to risk falling for a tempting tumbleweed like Jason Till. To Sloane, Jason is a handsome heartbreak waiting to happen. Like all rodeo cowboys. If she ever let herself love again, she certainly wouldn’t pick someone like him!

Jason only has eyes for one prize—the steer-wrestling championship. And he can’t afford any distractions. Certainly not a blonde beauty with trust issues like Sloane. She represents everything a cowboy on the circuit can’t have anyway—home, family, a real relationship. Everything he thought he didn’t need. But when he’s with Sloane, Jason can’t remember why winning at the rodeo seemed so important.

With actress Adelaide Kane, the inspiration for my character Arden Wilkes.

When I begin plotting a book, I tend to base the characters’ physical descriptions on an actor or actress. So it was really cool when I went to DragonCon over the Labor Day weekend and got to give signed books to two actresses who inspired recent heroines in my Blue Falls, Texas series. They were both from the show Reign, loosely based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. Rachel Skarsten, who played Queen Elizabeth I, was the model for Sloane in this month’s release. Adelaide Kane, who played Mary, was the inspiration for Arden, the heroine from In the Rancher’s Arms, which was out in April. Both seemed to think it was pretty cool to have had a book heroine based on them.

My question to you: What actors do you think would be good models for my future cowboy heroes?

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14 thoughts on “A New Book and Inspiration”

  1. I have to read this series. A young To!m Selleck and even the older Tom Selleck would be great. I’m not too familiar with the younger actors.
    Carol Luciano

  2. Not actors but Tim Mcgraw and George Strait would be my first pics!

    MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and Shemar Moore (he be excellent when needing a mixed nationality actor).

    I can never pick one! Hahaha

  3. Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, Trish. I LOVE that cover and the cowboy. 🙂 Oh man! Very nice. It looks like a great story. Wishing you tons of success, Filly sister!

  4. I would suggest Anson Mount (from the railroad western Hell on Wheels) except I want him for myself LOL.

    I loved hearing more about Blue Falls, Trish, and how exciting that you got to meet your real-life inspirations! xo

  5. I am familiar with so few young actors. Gibbs from NCIS, Mark Harmon, young or old makes a great hero. Another vote for Tom Selleck here. He has already played a cowboy and done it well. Obviously, the stories would have to be romances of older couples.

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