A Christmas Affair

We’re happy to welcome back fan favorite Jodi Thomas today, here to talk about a bit of Christmas romance.

I know we’re only starting fall. I haven’t even gotten my Halloween decorations out, BUT in the book world it’s time to start collecting all those wonderful Christmas stories we all love to read.

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t curl up with a few stories. In all the rush of planning, decorating and cooking, I love also taking time to read.

So last winter, just after I put away the decorations, I stepped into fiction. While I’d been writing Indigo Lake, I wanted Maria to have her story.

Sometimes characters come alive and for me. Maria came into my study, sat down and said she wanted to have a wild affair. She’d been too busy when she was in her early twenties and building a business; then after the accident that left her blind, she withdrew from the world. Now, she decides she wants the shy store owner who stocks her famous jams and jellies.

Only problem is Wes Whitman doesn’t want an affair. He’s watched over her for years. He wants forever.

I hope my story, A Christmas Affair, will make you smile this Christmas.

An early story folks around the Panhandle of Texas remember always makes me smile so I thought I’d share a bit of history.

Family stories

In the late 1800s on the flat land of the Panhandle a rancher let his four daughters talk him into having a Christmas party. The women baked for days and decorated not only the house, but the barn as well. The rancher hired a fiddler and invited families who lived nearby, and any cowboy who wanted to ride in was welcome.

Legend is they came from as far away a Lubbock and Liberal. The rancher put them all up in the barn.

Christmas Eve it started to snow so most spent the night, but the next morning the weather was worse. The company stayed almost a week, eating the rancher out of his stores of food for the rest of the winter. The fiddler played until he passed out, then folks took turns singing so the dancing in the parlor never stopped.

The rancher didn’t mind the company. All four of his daughters were engaged before the New Year came and the snow melted enough for all the company to go home.

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26 thoughts on “A Christmas Affair”

  1. Oh Jodi, you Christmas book sounds wonderful. I would love to read Maria’s story. I love all books set during Christmas and try to start reading them as soon as I see them on the shelves.

    Cindy W.

  2. Love Christmas stories. A Christmas sounds like a winner. And I love the story about the rancher & his 4 daughters. Thank you for your post.
    Carol Luciano

  3. Jodi- I loved your Christmas book. It was exceptionally beautiful. I can’t wait for you and Linda to come to Hugoton to visit. I’m so excited. Good luck on your release day for your new Christmas book. A Christmas Affair will melt your reader’s hearts.

  4. I would love to read your Christmas book! We all need a little getaway as well as help with getting into the holiday mood. For me the holidays bring tamale making and cookie making. Tons of each! I am having a hard time believing it’s fixing to be October! 9

  5. Both the history story and your book sound so cute!

    I’ve noticed this year just how many Christmas stories are starting to show up now. Never paid much attention before…. Usually it’s the decorations in the store that flag it for me.

  6. I love reading Christmas stories and I can’t wait to read yours.Christmas books help put me in the Christmas mood.

  7. Jodi, thanks for ending our special week by being our special guest. I love this story and thank you for writing it. Look forward to seeing what’s in the future with your stories. Much love and again thanks, Phyliss

  8. Christmas books are a favorite. I have a 4 shelf bookcase with my keepers and add to it every year. I try to reread as many as possible every year.
    It sounds like there will be a war of wills to see who gets their way in A CHRISTMAS AFFAIR. It should be a fun read too find out who wins.
    About your Texas story, I wonder if all those visitors got together and replaced some of his supplies so his family could make it through the winter.

  9. Oh my, this story sounds so good. I love Christmas stories and I especially enjoy them the days right after Christmas when I have some free time to read.

  10. What a fun story about the ranch Christmas party 🙂 That would make quite a movie!

    So glad to find out Maria and Wes will have their own story. What a nice early Christmas surprise.

    Nancy C

  11. I just love reading all your sweet comments. You all mean so much to me.

    I hope you love Wes and Maria as much as I enjoyed writing their story.

    Now I am writing book seven in the Ransom Canyon series and it will contain A CHRISTMAS AFFAIR in the back when it is released in the fall of 2018.

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