Big Change is Happening in the Corral!

Oh my dear Lord! My head is swimming with all the horses coming and going. Come closer and get the scoop!

We’ve watched Tanya Hanson, Charlene Sands, and Kathleen Rice Adams saddle up and ride out. I cried buckets. Couldn’t stand to see them leave. They’re family. But other trails beckoned them, and it wasn’t right to hold them back. No siree. So we gave them a hug and packed some jerky, chocolate, and coffee makings in their saddlebags for when they’re sitting around a lonely campfire. Maybe it’ll help.

We welcome four new fillies to Wildflower Junction, and man, these ladies are go-getters! You probably need no introduction. They sure love their cowboys so they’ll fit right in as snug as a dog in his blanket.

JULIE BENSON is a Texas girl and evidently loves to work with her hands, too. She makes jewelry, refinishes old furniture, and remodels her own house. Their household includes three dogs and a turtle. Her books feature modern day cowboys and their mishaps and success with love. These cowboys need all the help they can get, and Julie knows exactly how to do it. She’ll dip her toe in the water for the first time as a Filly on Wednesday, August 2nd. Be sure to roll out the welcome mat and show her some love.



RUTH LOGAN HERNE loves to play in the dirt, planting flowers and gardens and watching them grow. They have lots of excitement on their place what with their roadside vegetable stand. And then there’s her inspirational romances. Let me tell you…Ruthy has won more awards than you can shake a stick at– her most recent being the Maggie Award of Excellence. There are lots more. Last year she celebrated having one million books in print! Yes, ma’am. I told you she was a go-getter.  Her first blog as a Filly is Thursday, August 3rd. Drop by and give her a big welcome.



MARIN THOMAS went off to college to play basketball only to discover that maybe, just maybe, she should pursue her dream of writing. Which lucky for us, she did. Marin writes about modern-day cowboys, bull riders and speed daters. She’s also very proud of her romantic women’s fiction that is getting lots of attention. Marin will introduce herself on Thursday, August 10th. Stop by and give her a big howdy.




SHANNA HATFIELD is a hopeless romantic and likes to refer to her hubby as Captain Cavedweller. She’ll have you in stitches if you don’t watch it. Her finely-honed sense of humor endears her to everyone she meets and is reflected in her stories. Shanna writes historical as well as contemporary western romances. This lady is someone you already thought you knew and will make you feel like family at the first rattle out of the box. Miss Shanna’s first blog is Wednesday, August 16. Get ready for some good times.


I know you’re gonna love these new Fillies. And if you do, show ’em. Visit with them on blog days and, if you take a notion, buy their books. They’re some of the best in the industry.

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When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.

13 thoughts on “Big Change is Happening in the Corral!”

  1. I look forward to getting to know these authors better. I have read books by two of them and look forward to reading the other two too.

  2. Welcome ladies, I’m so glad you all are here at the P & P, I have found so many new authors through this blog site, I’m honored and humbled to be getting to meet you all. Love & hugs as you saddle up and ride along with an amazing group of fillies.

  3. You have invited in a good new crop of Fillies. They will add some interesting posts I am sure.

  4. As a Filly, I’m sure gonna miss Tanya, Charlene and Kathleen; but, we are fortunate to have some fantastic new Fillies to come on board. I’ve already enjoyed working with a couple of them and really look forward, along with you guys, getting to know the new ones. I do know a lot of work and thought went into not just us Fillies choosing the new ladies, but their consideration and thoughts about joining the Wildflower Junction. Welcome new fillies, kisses to the ones leaving, and hugs to all of our followers. I know you’ll absolutely love the new Fillies. Big Texas hugs, Phyliss

  5. Thank you for the nice welcome wishes! I’ve been lucky enough in the past to be a guest blogger here so I know first hand what a great group of authors…I’m fillies this is 🙂 Can’t wait to get to know our readers better!

  6. Hi, sniff, thanks for the great send-off, Felicia. I’ll be reining in from time to time with good wishes and cyber-hugs. And to the new fillies, enjoy yourselves in this wonderful corral. Hugs and love to everyone, readers, commenters, and authors alike.

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