So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen~Tanya Hanson

Okay, I know the good-bye is from The Sound of Music, one of my favorite movies, and definitely not a Western, but it so fits. It’s time to let all y’all know I’m riding off into the sunset.

I have decided to step back from the computer and help with family things. My mother-in-law and Hub’s younger sister are facing serious health problems, and I never know when I’m needed next.

But there’s family fun, too.

I child-care Her Royal Highness every Friday. Be still my heart.And I am a very loud cheerleader for my grandsons. My five-year old grand-angel is busy with T-ball.

My ten-year old grand-darling has flag football going on when he’s not helping me at the horse rescue.But this is so hard. I’ve had nine years in this wonderful corral. Oh, how giddy I was, getting invited to be a filly…You all saw my daughter’s wedding–now she has two little ones. You traveled with me on a city-slicker wagon train trip in Wyoming, and peeped at glowing aspen during a Colorado fall…watched me ride a horse on a Bandera TX ranch, and rode up and down a glacier with me in the Canadian Rockies, saw how Hawaii and its cowboys tie into the mainland West.

You’ve “visited” Parker Ranch on the Big Island with me, and suspected my crush on Doc Holliday…

I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting just about all of the fillies despite the miles between. And Charlene Sands (a founding filly who just left the corral last month) will always be my dearest friend, muse, mentor, and shining star. Kinda fitting, her and me heading down new trails together at just about the same time.

Here’s us shopping for our grandbabies at the last Romance Writers of America convention.
In closing, I must thank each and every one of you for your comments and support. I wish you all the greatest blessings our generous Lord can bestow. I’ll possibly be back as a guest in Winter 2018, touting a future Christmas story.

And today, I’m giving away three PDF copies of my latest, the HEARTS CROSSING RANCH anthology, containing all eight of the contemporary inspirational novellas about a Colorado ranching family and their city-slicker wagon trains. Oh, and of course their love stories and happy endings. The antho includes the never-before published finale, Cross Your Heart.

So don’t forget to leave a comment and check back tomorrow to see which three names get pulled from the Stetson. Please and thank you.

Vaya con Dios…see ya around the ranch!


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45 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Tanya- Good luck on your new journey and have fun enjoying your family. You & your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Will look toward to seeing your return visit in 2018. Godspeed and safe travels!

  2. So long Tanya, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts over the years and will surely miss you. I pray all goes well with your mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Have fun with your family and truly enjoy your new journey. I also pray God’s blessings on your life during this new season.

    Many Blessings,
    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Cindy, your words touched my heart just now with tears in my eyes. I know the Lord has a plan. I so appreciate the many comments you have left behind. Hugs….

  3. Go with God! Prayers for all those sick in your family. Although, it also sounds like there are a lot of fun times waiting for you with grandchildren. May you enjoy your time away.
    God Bless!

    • Hi Mary, thank you so much for your heart-touching words and your many comments over the years. I think I pulled your name from the Stetson once or twice. I do know His holy hand is in the mix, which does help. Best wishes always!

    • Thank you, Debra, for your well wishes. I am blessed with good family and tgatvhas always been my first priority. This is hard, but it feels right for now. God bless.

  4. We’ll miss seeing you here. But it does sound like you have a lot of life going on right now on. You don’t want to miss any of those young one’s growing up. I hope your in-laws are better soon.

  5. Tanya, my filly sister . . . we are so sad to see you go. But you’ve given us 8 years of enthusiasm, talent and devotion, and your writing career has bloomed. But family is everything, and those memories can never be replaced by computer time. Hugs! We will stay in touch!!!!

    • Hi Pam, you above all know how hard this decision was. Thanks for all the support through so many issues all these years. I so clearly recall meeting you at RWA in San Francisco those years ago, when P and P was first founded, and just aching to be a filly. Thanks for making my dream come true a year later. You’re beyond dear to me. Love and hugs always.

  6. You will be greatly missed, Tanya. I’m still envious of that wagon train ride you took, and one of these days I’m going to try to wrangle my own matching adventure. May the Lord bless you as you focus on being a blessing to your family. We love you!

    • H Karen, aw, thanks for the sweet send-off. It’s been a true pleasure to be here, and leaving the corral is super-hard. I highly recommend that wagon train trip. You might be surprised if they jump at the chance. I had no idea my family would would be so eager–I thought they’d think I’d lost my mind if I mentioned it. I still think about that trip in my dreams. Sigh. Hugs to you, my friend.

  7. Glad you’re able to do what you need to do to take care of your family. Good luck with that!

    I’m rather envious of the wagon trip in Wyoming. I may have to do some digging to find that post, as I’m kinda new around here. ?

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for the good wishes. As for the wagon train trip, I did a few posts on it here. Maybe search my name? I so appreciate you stopping in today. It’s Jeff Warburton at Teton Wagon Train Adventures. One of the best times of my life.

  8. Oh Tanya, we will miss you! But family comes first. 🙂 Thank you for all the years of sharing with us and letting us see all your pictures. It has been fun!

    • Hi Susan P., yes, I’m sniffling more than a bit today. I was always on the prowl for something to talk about and finding/taking the right pictures. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed the posts. I aways appreciate your comments, too. Thanks for the send-off today!

  9. I’m new to the PBG, so I didn’t get to follow your posts long, but I admire you for your decision.

    • Hi Erin, thanks for the kind words. You’re gonna love it here! The posts are always fascinating, historical and personal experiences, too. Welcome to you as I bid you good-bye.

    • Thanks, Nancy. I’m sure you’ll be on some of them with me. Anybody reading this comment–Nancy’s family lore from their Nebraska homesteading ancestors helped inspire a lot of my stories. She’s my longtime college friend and I had the great pleasure to visit the historic place!

  10. Ah Tanya…thanks for the kind words! I am equally happy to be your good friend! I loved being a filly with you and all the other authors in this group. Now, it’s on to family things. Best of luck and great happiness… Charlene

    • Hi Pamela, don’t I know! It was a wrenching decision but full of relief, too. But new journeys await, as you know well. Thanks so much for posting today, my friend! xo

    • Hi Colleen, I have sure appreciated all your supporting comments over these years. I hope we are always in touch in some day. God bless you and thanks for popping today with your good-bye.

  11. Tanya, from one grandmother to another… love those sweet grands all you can. Time is moving so quickly and the memories that will be made are priceless! I told my oldest grand the other day that one day all he would have of us would be pictures and memories so to you I day..take lots of pictures with those sweet babies. Caring for those that have ill health will be hard but very rewarding and appreciated. I hope you get to slow down, have fun and know that you will be missed at P&P. I have enjoyed your posts.

    • Hi Melanie, aw, my heart is warmed at your wonderful words. I do intend to treasure each day with those I love. Do keep my mil in prayers, she is a sweet lady and I am blessed to have her. As for those kiddoes,I miss them every second I’m not with them LOL. I thank you for your wonderful comments and continuous good wishes all these years! It all meant the world.

  12. Tanya, thanks for all your contributions. An Irish blessing comes your way. “May the road rise up to greet you and the wind be ever at your back.” I wish you the best in new ventures ahead. Cheers

  13. Tanya — It was wonderful meeting you in person at RWA 2016 in San Diego and sharing the last two years with you as a filly sister. Like you, I always wanted to be a filly from the very start of this blog and was thrilled when Pam asked me. We all have different seasons of our lives and when it is time to mosey on…well then it is time. I’m glad that as you ride off into the sunset you have left word that you will be back to visit next year. All the best wishes for your future endeavors.

    • Hi Kathryn, oh, indeed it was fun to get together. How can that almost be one year ago? I am constantly reminded how fast time flies and how important it is to be here in the present and not distracted. I so appreciate your understanding and friendship. I definitely won’t be a stranger, I promise. Love to you, filly sister. xo

  14. Tanya, your grandbabies are just darling. I can see how you have fun spending time with them. I wish you all the best as you step away from the blog and take care of your family.

  15. Tanya…..parting is such sweet sorrow. My dear Filly sister, I’ve enjoyed every precious second spent with you. You’ve earned this rest. My heart is aching but we have to let you go. You have other fish to fry. Go and enjoy your family and being able to travel without constantly checking your phone or ipad. Just don’t be a stranger. Please. Come visit us often. Please. Live life to the fullest. Please.

    All my love and great big Texas hugs!

    • Oh, Linda, this is so bittersweet. You have helped me so many times and always made me feel confident and loved. How I treasure you! And will always be in touch with you. Love you, my friend. I’ll definitely be presence here in the junction. xoxo

  16. Tanya my friend, you will most definitely be missed around here. You have been such a sweet, steady presence at Wildflower Junction. I wish you success and happiness in your future endeavors and hope you will return here to visit often.

    • Hi Winnie, thanks muchly, my friend. You know how much I admire you–your book Something More was the first book I bought after selling my first book to that same publisher! And it has always been a joy to see you at RWA’s and attend your remarkable presentations. I will definitely be sticking around. Love you….

  17. Sorry to see you leave, Tanya. Family is important and it is easy to get too busy to fit in all you would like to do with them. The years with the little ones can never be reclaimed. You are right to put them first and enjoy them while the are young. I do hope the family health issues do not take long to resolve. It is so hard to have those you love seriously ill.
    You will be missed. I hope you can occasionally find some “me time” to keep your writing talents nourished. We will all enjoy your new works and I am already looking forward to your visit whenever it may be. Best wishes. Enjoy your time with your family.

    • Howdy, Patricia! As always, your kind words have me smiling. Blogging here was always a pleasure, but faithful commenters like you made a day so much better. I thank you for your many visits to my postings. God bless!

  18. It’s sad to see you leave but nice to look forward to future visits. Thanks for sharing with us these past few years. I admire your decision about priorities!

    Nancy C

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