Here Comes the Bride!

Four SeasonsNational statistics say that June is the most popular wedding month, followed by July and August, and I think it has to do with the weather and versatility. The ceremonies can be either outside or in. A lot of couples choose tropical locales which I think provide exceptional backdrops for gorgeous weddings. The only problem I had was that I picked poor guys. All we could afford was a quick trip to the JP. Short and sweet.

It doesn’t really matter though and mine carried as much meaning as the fanciest.

By the way, those statistics say that a total of $72 billion dollars are spent each year on weddings and the average budget is $20k.

The top wedding city in the world is Istanbul, Turkey with Las Vegas, Nevada coming in second.

I’ve written wedding scenes in a good many of my books and none of them were elaborate either. I think the two in my newest, The Heart of a Texas Cowboy, were the most shocking. Houston Legend never anticipates the turn of events and both leave him shaken. I won’t tell you what those are because I don’t want to ruin the story for readers who haven’t read it yet.

In To Love a Texas Ranger, Book 1 of the Men of Legend series, the wedding took place outdoors at sunset at the end of the book. Sam Legend and Sierra Hunt loved the fresh air and the beautiful Texas sky so that was perfect.

But the wedding in Book 3 – To Marry a Texas Outlaw – has them all beat. You won’t believe what happens. You’ll have to wait until November 7th to find out though.

There is also a wedding in my upcoming August re-release, Knight on the Texas Plains, between Duel McClain and Jessie Foltry. I think it may be the only one to take place in a church. But then marriage ceremonies on the American frontier were usually simple affairs and to the point. They had no time to waste.

In the book I’m writing, the wedding takes place at sunrise on the rim of a canyon and I think it’s very romantic. Tally Shannon and Clay Colby tie the knot then afterward change clothes and get to work. Someone just burned down the town.

Weddings always turn me into a blubbering mess. So, how about you? Share something about a wedding and enter a drawing for one copy from any of my books.


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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

58 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride!”

  1. Hi Linda, oh, I love weddings too! My share–I fainted the first time I was a bridesmaid! My college roommate’s, a hot July day in Arkansas…oh, the memories lol.

    • Good Morning, Tanya……Oh my! Not good to faint at a wedding. I’m sure you were completely mortified. But then, those Arkansas days can be scorchers. You have such beautiful wedding pictures of you and hubby. I really envy you. I don’t have even one from my two marriages.

      Love you, lady!

  2. I love weddings, big or small. At our wedding, my husband dropped my wedding band when he took it from his brother and it went rolling across the stage. My 6’5″ soon to be brother-in-law ran then sprawled across the stage to capture the ring before it fell below the stage. It’s laughable for me now, but it wasn’t then. :O

    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Good morning, Cindy……….Oh goodness! I can picture the scene now. It sounds like something from a movie. Those wedding rings can be really slippery. Thanks for sharing! I needed the laugh.

      Good luck and have a great day!

  3. Linda- what a great topic for June. Rob and I were married, as your article stated, the 2nd most popular place. Las Vegas. We were married by a very short, funny, spitfire black pastor who was so much fun. We were married at The Lily Of The Valley Chapel in downtown Vegas. It was a really short, sweet, but fun ceremony. I’ll never forget our little spitfire pastor. She was a comical belle. I was so nervous and remember looking at Rob, who had nothing but a huge grin on his face. His snapped a picture of the wedding certificate and kept it on his phone’s pictures for the longest of time. I asked him why??? His reply was, “Well it took me 8 1/2 years to finally get you to the alter and I wanted proof that you had finally said yes.” He’s such a sweetie. I think he thought I’d never get up enough nerve to go through with it. We seemed to of been engaged forever.. I guess 6 years of engagement from when he asked after me after 2 years of dating was a small eternity. Now we just celebrated on February 23,2017, 8 years married and this November will be 17 years together as a couple. Wow how time flies.
    You have a wonderful 4th of July. Love you sister friend,

    • I learn news things about you every single day! I would have loved to have seen your wedding it sounds like so much fun! Rob is such a sweetheart and I had no idea it took you that long to choose a date!

    • Good Morning, Tonya…….You had a great wedding. That pastor sounds like a hoot. What took y’all so long? Yes, I’m sure Rob had about given up. Poor guy. You sure picked a good one though. He has the nicest smile and everyone can see how much he adores you. Your marriage is the lasting kind.

      Celebrate the 4th of July and remember how lucky you are! Love you!

  4. My daughter’s wedding was my favorite. My granddaughter was around 2 1\2 yrs old when her mommy married her sterdad. (Daddy) and she wore a miniature white wedding dress. Carried in her papaws arms, while he walked Shiann down the isle’s

    • Good morning, Tonya Cherry…….Your daughter’s wedding must’ve been so beautiful and touching. I can only imagine the oohs and aaahs as your husband walked her down the isle with granddaughter in his arms. I love that the couple included their daughter in the ceremony. Those vows were for all three. Thank you so much for sharing!

      Good luck in the drawing! Love you!

  5. I personally find big elaborate weddings totally unnecessary sure they’re beautiful and but a couple married by a JP is just as married as the couple married in the big elaborate one. I was married in a a small simple church wedding and I never will forget my wedding day I picked my bouquets a few days before and all were accounted for but I just happened to take mine out of the box the morning of my wedding and to my horror all my flowers just started falling out. I remember making a emergency run to my florist to have her fix. Maybe I should have taken that as a sign to run no LOL not really my hubs and I just had our 30 yr anniversary. Love you Bunches sweet Linda!!!! I can hardly wait for Luke’s story

    • Good morning, Miss Glenda…….Many weddings have things go wrong. I assume the florist was able to fix the bouquet and all was well. When my oldest daughter got married two years ago in February, it snowed 6 inches. It was horrible getting to the little church. Everything went wrong that could. Her flowers didn’t get delivered, neither did the cake. And the tux shop lost the grooms suit and they had to substitute. Then half the people didn’t make it to the reception and my granddaughter collapsed in the bathroom and they had to drive her to Dallas where they put her in the hospital so there was no honeymoon. But I’ve never seen two happier people. They’d spent a lot of time looking for each other and not wanting to settle for less than true love.

      To Marry a Texas Outlaw is galloping toward you! 4 months and it’ll be here. I think you’re gonna really like this one. Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the drawing.

      Love you, lady!

  6. I’ve never cried at a wedding that I can think of but it’s been a long time since I attended one. I’m sure it would be easy for me to get now. I love to picture the weddings in novels I read.

    I had a very large very expensive formal wedding to my first husband. The ceremony was in my church in El Paso and the reception was the in a hall and was a true to El Paso style party! So much fun! We sent out over 500 invitations. In El Paso it often happens that few tend the wedding and everyone and their entire family, neighbors and friends show up on one invitation. I was shocked when my father and I walked up to the doors to enter the sanctuary and the church was full. My bouquet started shaking and my father asked me if I wanted to change my mind and I said no Dad I just didn’t expect so many people to be here for the ceremony. Our church was a very large church with a very large santuary. I laughed at inappropriate times during my wedding. Nerves and the fact that we were going to take pictures after the ceremony while everyone made their way to the reception so I didn’t want to ruin my makeup. My big wedding fail was that I wanted a candlelit wedding since it was an evening wedding to be just prior to the reception. Our wedding was in August, So Paso August. I didn’t know they would have to turn off the a/c to keep the candles lit. Needless to say it was very hot with a full house. In most of my wedding pictures you can see my chest is red from the heat.

    • Stephanie- sounds like your first wedding was absolutely beautiful and I would’ve been the same as you my hand would’ve been shaking with seeing that many people attending. How awesome is that!! ???

    • Good Morning, Stephanie……….Wow! What a wedding! That really must’ve been something and so beautiful! Nothing is more romantic than lit candles but it’s better to have A/C. I’m sure everyone melted. I was very nervous at both my weddings too. I don’t really know why. I knew I was doing the right thing. I guess it’s just normal. Or maybe it’s the fact that you can’t see ahead and wonder what trials are going to come along to test your commitment to each other. With my first husband it was a huge tornado that we shouldn’t have survived. We were left homeless for a year and bouncing around between relatives. Talk about the stress on our marriage.

      Thanks for sharing your ceremony. Love you, lady!

      • I bet that was a lot of stress on your marriage. I can’t imagine going through that at any point in a marriage much less young and in a new marriage.

      • Stephanie, the hardest part was that we lost everything. I had no place to call my own where I could raise my three kids my way. Every relative tried to take over and be the mom. I hated, hated that.

      • Linda I bet you did hate that. My husband and I currently share a house with my mother in law and at times she tries to “mother” my 16 year old son or discipline him or tell me how to do it. I have none of that. I’m the mother and I will do what I think is best for my family. Thank you for your advice mom… lol

        Yes, it can be very challenging.

      • Dale, I remember that frustration well. I made my father-in-law so mad one time that he wouldn’t speak to me for days. I had told my son one thing and he overrode me. Made me furious. But they were always doing that when we lived with them and also when we went to visit. They thought I didn’t have sense to come in out of the rain. Stick to your guns. Assert your rights as a mom.

        Love you, girl!

  7. I love weddings. But am shocked to hear the average amount of money spend is 20K. I think that kind of money should be put into starting a new life, maybe a house. Both of my weddings were pretty low cost. the first was in August and I swore if I ever got married again, it would not be in the summer. My second wedding was in October and I found it to be the perfect time for a wedding in Texas.

    • Good Morning, Janine……Thanks for coming by. Weddings are so expensive and, like you, I think all that money could be better spent on a house. Most couples go into a marriage heavily in debt and some never crawl out from under it. Yes, the fall would be a perfect time to get hitched, especially in Texas. The summers are just too stinking hot. But then, my oldest daughter got married in Feb. and it snowed 6 inches the night before. We had a time getting to the church.

      Big hugs! Good luck in the drawing!

      • February is a tough one to figure out. I used to think my birthday, Feb 11th was cursed. It always snowed on or around then. But the last couple years seemed to have gone by without a drop of snow.

  8. I love weddings too! The romance, the smiles, the hope for a wonderful life. It’s all good. I will say that big elaborate weddings are not my favorite, however if the couple truly has God in the center of it, then it is tons better in my opinion regardless of how big or little it is.

    The fastest wedding I ever attended was a 20 minute ceremony with a Disney princess theme. Different. My best friend was married by the JP, I wasn’t invited, and I grieved at how sterile it all seemed. But 20 years later they are still married.

    • Good morning, Kathy……….Thanks for weighing in. Like you, I think the smaller weddings are more intimate and can be just as beautiful. And if God is in the center of it, that makes all the difference. I’m sorry you weren’t invited to your friend’s wedding. That must’ve really hurt. I hope they had a reception with their friends and family afterward. It seems it all turned out and they’re still living their happily-ever-after.

      Much love! Good luck in the drawing!

  9. good morning Linda. I personally have only ever attended two weddings the first one was to my oldest sister laura. i was 8 it was boring and not fun for a child. the second one was to my sister diane,that one i was actually in the wedding i was a bridesmaid the limo didn’t show up for that one so me and her drove to the church rocking out to bon jovi and def now when it was time for me to marry I didn’t have a big wedding,because my parents didn’t like the guy but i was young and in love so we went to the court house and paid like 50 bucks and got hitched, after we were married i went to work and he went home. I was 18 , didn’t have a honeymoon or a party, oh well. that marriage was bad, only lasted 4 in a half years, had a daughter from it. got divorced . went back home . a year after my divorce my two sisters put an ad in the newspaper dating page, and that is where i met my current husband. we been together for 22 years , engaged for 8 years and married for 14 , we didn’t have a wedding as again my parents didn’t like him, but him and I went to the court house again and got hitched, had a honeymoon to WI a year after we were married, and we have a son. So in my opinion you don’t need all the big weddings, they cost too much, and are so stressful the only regret i have is i didn’t have a nice dress and I didn’t get a cake for either or gifts. I still tell my dad when i visit him, you owe me a wedding gift, lol

    • Good morning, Elaine…….Thank you for coming. When we’re young we really think we know what we want but 9 times out of 10 we don’t have a clue. Eighteen is really too young. My oldest sister got married at 15 (my parents signed) and it didn’t turn out. Maturity is needed in order to make such a commitment. We think we know what love is. We think we’re ready for the responsibility of children. Congratulations on your second attempt. That one took. Yes, your dad does owe you a wedding gift! And a nice dress and beautiful cake. Keep after him!

      Big hugs and much love! Good luck in the drawing!

  10. My favorite wedding story from my own wedding was that my husband forgot the wedding ring. We were getting married in California but coming from Texas. I was thankfully oblivious since my man knew I didn’t need more stress, and it all worked out in the end. A day before the wedding my husband realized his mistake and quickly got on the phone to his best man who was still in Texas. Greg had to practically break in to Wes’s apartment to find the ring then hustle to the airport in Dallas to catch his flight. His flight arrived late and he had to drive the three hours from LA to Lompoc, speeding the entire way. In fact, a patrolman followed him into the church parking lot, but thankfully had mercy and did not give him a ticket. So the ring appeared about an hour before the ceremony, and I had no idea until we were taking pictures afterward when Wes confessed.

    Love your new title – Knight on the Texas Plains. So clever and romantic!

    • Good morning, Karen……..Oh my goodness! You’d have been a basket case if you knew all that beforehand. I’m sure your hubby was sweating it until the best man showed up. Weddings are stressful enough without things like forgotten rings and other big mishaps. I’m glad the wedding went off without a hitch. Enjoy your happily-ever-after.

      Thank you for the compliment about Knight on the Texas Plains. This cowboy wins a baby in a poker game and then has to figure out how to raise her. And protect a woman on the run. He’s a knight in shining armor in every sense of the word.

      Hugs and much love!

      • Karen, this story was inspired by a childhood friend who was actually won in a poker game. The man who won her was horrible and never saw a sober minute. When we were young, she used to cry and say that one day she was going to find her real parents and ask them why they didn’t want her. Broke my heart. That stayed with me and I knew one day I’d have to give her a happy ending even if it was only in fiction. So that stuff really happened.

      • Oh WOW! I can’t imagine being gambled away in a poker game. I feel horrible for that woman. Thank God she had such a wonderful friend like you to confide in and a shoulder to cry on. And someone like you to give her a happy ending, even if it is only in fiction. That just shows the depth of your heart Linda. I sure do love how caring you are! YOU are the masterpiece! <3 Much love to you!

      • Dale, you’re making me blush and you give me far too much credit. But my heart did go out to Juanita because this man who won her was from the armpit of hell. He never saw a sober moment and he’d holler and throw rocks at us when we had to go outside. Once he chased my mom around the yard with a long knife. I was so scared. Then one day my friend disappeared. I never knew what happened to her. The woman who was married to this man spoke little English but she was nice. She was unable to have kids so my little friend filled the void. But what a horrible life.

  11. What a fun post! And definitely appropriate for summer!

    The first wedding I was ever in was that of my very best friend. It was a traditional church wedding. When I look at the pictures now, oh my we were young! The thing I remember is that I had my ears pierced by my nurse neighbor the morning of the wedding, which was at 4pm. I didn’t realize until afterward the ceremony that a small trail of blood had made its way from my ear down to my shoulder. When another bridesmaid pointed it out, I cleaned it up, but worried that it would show in the pictures. Luckily, it didn’t.

    • Good morning, Kathryn……Oh my gosh! I wonder what possessed you to get your ears pierced the morning of the wedding. Thank goodness that trail of blood didn’t show in the pictures. It’s funny the things we do to ourselves. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, Filly Sister!

  12. I was a June bride 48 years ago. It was more of a convenience for us. My husband’s mother lived out of state and my husband graduated from college the week before so basically it was killing two birds with one stone hahaha We didn’t want her to travel twice. The weather was beautiful!

    • Hi Catslady…….What a considerate pair you both were. I’m sure she appreciated that. Congratulations on 48 years and counting!

      Hugs and Good luck in the drawing!

    • Hi Kim………..I think a December wedding would be so beautiful! There’s not a more festive time of the year and there are tons of decorations. A red and white wedding. (Romantic Sigh)

      Hugs and Good Luck in the drawing!

  13. I do love weddings, especially mine and those of my 2 sons. For the romantic soul in me, a wedding is the ultimate expression of love and commitment. Unfortunately, I do think that some couples focus too much on the wedding and not the relationship.

  14. My husband and I married in his mother’s living room and the wedding was performed by his grandmother. Our reception was in his mother’s kitchen and our cake was from Piggly Wiggly. Yeah we are poor people but the marriage stuck we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in November.

    • Hi Sherry………Wow! Thirty years together. Yes, I think you married for keeps. How nice that family opened up their home and hearts. A minister grandmother! I like that!

      Hugs, my dear. Good luck in the drawing!

  15. Weddings are such a happy time. It’s not about how much money is spent, but the bonding of two families.

    • Hi Cheryl Lucas……..Great to see you, girl! Glad you came. Yes, weddings are supposed to be a happy time but often the stress really gets to people, making things difficult. It sounds like you had a very special wedding. I’m sure it was gorgeous!

      Much love and hugs!

    • Hi Carolyn…….Thank you for coming by. Perhaps I can tempt you with one of my wedding stories. Just about every one has a wedding ceremony in it.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  16. I loved your post, Linda! My husband always tells that at our wedding his knees were actually knocking he was so nervous. He was afraid people in the audience could hear them.

    • Hi Melanie………..I think the seriousness of weddings make everyone nervous. I was a wreck. You wouldn’t think that of men though. 🙂

      Good Luck, my dear!

  17. I do enjoy weddings!!
    I just attended a wedding where the groom sat his bride down and washed her feet. Showing that he would serve her and take care of her – so special.
    Loved it!

    • Hi Mary B………….Thanks for coming. Oh my goodness! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding where that happened but I love it! There’s something so humble and touching about one person washing another’s feet. I wish them a happily-ever-after.

      Good luck in the drawing!

  18. I haven’t gotten married yet, I decided to wait until I am 80 to get married. I have been planning my wedding since I was a little girl, with many changes through the years. So now it is down to something very simple if it were to happen. My dream was always to have my daddy perform the ceremony, as he was a pastor. But he is is heaven now so that wont happen.
    My dad performed the weddings is all the sibblings that are married or were, as all the siblings that got married? Three if them also got a divorces. My youngest brother for his second marriage, had my dad and the bride’s father preform the ceremony. And now both father’s are in heaven. But my father had the privilege to marry two of his grandchildren. One grandson, one granddaughter. The grandson got married in his mother’s living room, and some soft music was playing, my dad who didnt dance, danced his newest granddaughter around the room.

    • Veda, you daddy sounds like he was a very special man! I love that he danced his newest granddaughter around the room even though he didn’t dance. That is warms my heart.

    • Hi Veda! I’m so glad you came. I loved hearing about your dad. He must’ve been something. I’m sorry he’s gone. Well, you know, you still have time. I’m betting on you to find Mr. Right. He’s out there somewhere.

      Love you, lady!

  19. For me I’ve been married twice… The first marriage I really knew I shouldn’t have married him, but I did anyway. We had a little girl and I thought I should give our little family a try. I was 18 and though it was the right thing to do. We had a very small wedding at a lake. The pastor was an older woman who was in a wheelchair and she didn’t even brush her hair. LOL! I had no clue what we were supposed to do. There was no rehearsal dinner to show us that we needed to walk out and have the guests come greet us, so after the ceremony we just stood there like idiots. It turned out that he was not a very nice man and I ended up divorcing him a couple of years later. Then I met my current husband. We married after 2 years of dating and had a big Catholic wedding.The ceremony lasted quite a while and I remember a part of it I looked at my husband and he said I had lipstick on my teeth!!! Hahahaha!!! One very special part tho was when we took roses to our mothers to honor them. That part had all of us crying. That was 19 years ago on July 18th. We married the day before my birthday, July 19th. So he will never forget my birthday!!! hahaha!!!

    But the absolute favorite wedding I’ve been to was my daughters. It was very special to me because he dad did pass away and she had my husband and I give her away. I remember walking her down the isle and I was crying. I just couldn’t hold back the tears. Ugh, I’m tearing up now just thinking about it. She’s my special girl. She’s a part of my soul. And the song she played was just absolutely PERFECT. It wasn’t the traditional wedding march, she played the instrumental version of “A Thousand Years” from the Twilight movies, and she walked in at a certain part. She didn’t have a church wedding, she was married at an old Civil War history building that was also a jail that is now turned into an event party place/history tour site. It was pretty cool. I really enjoyed it. Everything surprisingly went off without a hitch.

    I’ll stop blabbering now. lol Have a wonderful day everyone! Love you Linda!

    • Good morning, Dale…….Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can’t believe the pastor at your first wedding. Oh my gosh! Unimaginable. No wonder that one didn’t work out. But you got your baby girl from it. What a blessing. I’m glad you have a good man now. He’s a keeper.

      Your daughter’s wedding sounds very special. That old building added charm. Our children are part of our souls. They carry our hopes and dreams forward. I added a chapter about this at the end of Book #3 To Marry a Texas Outlaw that’s coming in November. I think you’ll like that.

      Love you, lady!

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