Summer Escapes

Being a California gal, the beach and ocean take top priority with me.  I thought you might like to know about some of my favorite spots:

Cambria-This little town is nestled among Monterey pines. My favorite place to watch the sunset is on a bench that sits atop a cliff overlooking Moonstone beach.  Once, while my husband and I were sitting there enjoying a glass of wine, a bagpiper appeared and played Amazing Grace.   For a moment, I thought I was at a funeral, but I know he meant well.

 Ventura—This seaside town is only an hour away from my house, so it’s a perfect place to spend a weekend or summer day.  August is county fair time.  If you can stand the heights, the Ferris wheel offers great views of the ocean.  If you’re into antiques, Ventura is the place to go.  I found a beautiful iron gate there that had been ripped out of an old house.  It now adorns my wine cellar.  This town also has great museums, bookstores, restaurants and wineries.   You can even see Erle Stanley Gardner’s law office where he wrote the drafts for his first Perry Mason novels.  Speaking of mysteries, Ventura is where I got the inspiration for my Undercover Ladies series.

Morro Bay-The scenery is beautiful and the weather nearly always perfect. There are shops and museums to explore and of course our favorite Art in the Park event which takes place every Memorial Day weekend. It’s also fun to watch the antics of sea lions and otters, but the real attraction is the dining. 

 For a change of pace, sometimes we head for the mountains.  Our favorites include:

 Mammoth—This is mainly a ski resort, but we enjoy going there in the summer in our RV and relaxing by the lake.  The mountain air is good for the soul, and fishing and hiking is great.  Before going, you might want to make sure your health insurance is up-to-date.  My husband once fell out of a boat and hit his head, my son fell off a bicycle and I had an unpleasant encounter with a bee hive.  In case you’re wondering, Mammoth also has a great ER.

Big Bear- We once rented a cabin on the lake for a week.  It had a large wooden enclosed porch that seemed like the perfect place for the two grandbabies to play.  Big mistake; We ended up having to pull hundreds of splinters out of their little legs and hands.  On a brighter note, Big Bear has miles of bicycle paths to explore and a great night life.  They tell me the rock climbing is out of this world, but I’m too chicken to try.  The village offers some great shopping and dining.  Just watch out for those wooden porches. 

Tell us about your favorite summer get-away.



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13 thoughts on “Summer Escapes”

  1. I’m fixing to take my dream va action. Next month. I’m going to Wyoming and I can’t wait. One of My favorite summer getaway was when I was little we went to Branson, MO and we had a blast. Also camping diennin Texas at Lemon’s camp on the Colorado was another fun great getaway. But maybe the best one was Ruidoso, NM. That’s was my 1st mountain trip so Mountains have always been my favorite.

  2. California is one of the few states I’ve never been to. Maybe someday I will make it. I’m sure it has many different beautiful terrains. I love the mountains, lakes and the ocean. I have MS and the San Diego area would be the ideal climate for me because I’m very hear intolerant. I currently live in one of the worst climates for me. It’s too hot and humid here in East Texas. Some years we do not much of a spring or fall and it’s seems like summer has lasted 9 months. Texas does have many beautiful terrains and I have lived in all of the except on the ocean.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Oh, I do so hope you can make to California. We have the best weather. Yes, it gets hot, but we have very little humidity. And there are places by the ocean that stay relatively cool.

  3. Oh dear, every vacation does seem to have an injury with it! We love to go camping every summer on the shore of Lake Michigan. Many trails to explore!

  4. Bryce canyon national park in southern utah you can never see all in just one day. So different than most national parks and amazing.

  5. We love to travel and discover new places and experiences. We do love the mountains, but are open to just about anything. We are not beach people, but love the coast. The rocky coasts of the Northeast and Northwest are wonderful. A cabin in the mountains on a lake would be our ideal vacation. A canoe and good hiking trails are the main things we need. We did this in the Adirondacks of New York (on our honeymoon), the north woods of Maine, Carrabassett Valley in Maine, Big Bend National Park in Texas, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, the cabins in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and near Fontana Lake in North Carolina. We have purchased a small RV and hope to hit the road next year and drive from TN through Alaska. One way through Canada (probably back) and another through the States. There is so much to see and we want to see it all.

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