Summer Brides~Tanya Hanson

For me, summer means weddings, especially June. Now, let’s climb my family tree:

Once upon a time, a handsome Illinois schoolmaster married a debutante from across the Mississippi River. Paper Japanese lanterns glowed. Years before, the bride’s grandpa had marched with General William Tecumseh Sherman. She is said to have weighed a whole 98 pounds full-term with child. Of their eight kids, (the oldest was presciently named Octavia!) one would become a preacherman.

About this same time, in the heartland, a Kansas farmer fell in love with a pretty, feisty neighbor from a nearby homestead. (I’m said to look like her.) He died from a ruptured appendix far too soon in their marriage, leaving behind a brood of their own kids and several adopted orphans.

Exactly one century ago, the farmer’s daughter married the preacherman, who had been assigned to the nearby country church after seminary. She gave up art school to marry.  Over the next decade, she gave him a half-dozen children.  After a time, the preacher took a congregation on the West Coast.  Mostly he needed sunshine and warm weather for his health.  His kids enjoyed the beach. All were excellent students.  His wife (my brilliant gramma and personal hero) brought the family through the Great Depression with class, grace, and without complaint.

During the Second World War, their oldest daughter, a schoolteacher too, married her sailor.  (She’d had a crush on him since high school. He signed her yearbook fairly lame: To a nice quiet girl, but admitted later on he’d been interested in her too.)   She longed to wear her mama’s wedding gown, but everything fell to shreds when unwrapped.  In her hair the bride wore the only surviving finery–a little bunch of silk flowers.

Forty three years ago this summer, their daughter, also a schoolteacher, married her fireman on a hot August afternoon.  (Strapless and sleeveless bridal gowns not acceptable then.)   The locket she wore came from her grandfather’s grandmother!  Two kids and four grandkids later, their love story is still going on.

Summertime blessings to you and yours!


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18 thoughts on “Summer Brides~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Oh Tanya! What a lovely story of your family! I loved the pictures and it is wonderful that you know a bit about even your great grandparents! There is something so “grounding” (forgive the pun) and inspirational about knowing your roots. It sounds like your family has given you roots and wings and you are a credit to them and carrying on the tradition.

    • Howdy Kathryn, thank you for your lovely words, my filly sister. They mean the world, and so does the fact that you stopped by today to celebrate summer with me. xo

  2. What a wonderful family history to pass down. My paternal grandmother could neither read nor write, so much of that history is lost to us. I do a lot of wondering about those lost-to-me generations. Glad you can pass those heroes on to your grandangels.

    • Hi Rosie, I know how much culture and history depend on oral traditions…indeed sad they never got written down. I so thank you before stopping by today.

  3. Tanya- I loved this. Family is so special and it’s always fun to go back in time to see how & where it all started. Enjoy your summertime memories.

  4. Thank you for the look into your family’s past. You are so lucky to have so much information and pictures. It means so much to know that information.
    Never planned to be a June bride and actually had a May date set. My husband-to-be was extended in Vietnam/Thailand, and luckily we were able to slide the arrangements a few weeks until he could get home. There is much to be said for simple country weddings and receptions at the base Officer’s Club. Of course the Air Force giveth and taketh away. He got orders to go back over 3 weeks later and left 5 weeks after the wedding. We celebrated our 45th anniversary this month, have 3 wonderful children, 4 grandchildren, and one great granddaughter. I was not ready for that designation.

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