A Little Cowboy Humor

It’s hot, I’m tired and madly trying to finish a book.  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some lighthearted fun and thought a little cowboy humor would do the trick.


Permission for use granted by Nick at Science and Ink\http://www.lab-initio.com/

Any cowboy can carry a tune.

The trouble comes when he tries to unload it.


-John-Betong at Johns-Jokes.com


An onion can make people cry; but, there’s never been a vegetable

that can make people laugh.


Permission for use granted by Nick at Science and Ink\http://www.lab-initio.com/


When in doubt, let your horse do the thinkin’. 


Permission for use granted by Nick at Science and Ink\http://www.lab-initio.com/


Always take a good look at what you’re about to eat.
It’s not so important to know what it is, but it’s critical to know what it was.
What is your favorite way to stay cool?

There’s a new sheriff in town and she almost always gets her man!





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28 thoughts on “A Little Cowboy Humor”

  1. Good morning Margaret- I loved all this humor, just what the doctor ordered. My favorite was to stay cool is setting in the shade, cool water on my feet, a bowl of sweet watermelon and a great book, just enjoying my “staycation” with a great book. Your book sounds wonderful. Have a great and cool day.

  2. Fantastic. Nice way to start the day with a laugh and a smile. Thanks I stay cool by reading and living in the ac.

  3. This was just what I needed this morning! A nice breeze, a pool or central air are my favorite ways to stay cool!

  4. Thanks for the giggles and smiles today, Margaret. Just what I needed. My favorite has to be the environmental scientists. My daughter has a mathematical and scientific bent, so I’m going to send her a copy of that one. Too funny!

    • HI Karen, I laughed at that one, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to transport a 19th century cowboy in to day’s world? Talk about a fish out of water! Hope your daughter gets a chuckle out of those environmental scientists.

  5. Thank you for the laughs, Margaret. I like to get a good book and sit in front of a fan and right now, try to forget that I got into poison ivy.

  6. Love that you brought a smile this morning! On a hot day when I am outside, I use a little mist bottle with a small fan attached. A mist of water on my face with the fan blowing, does the trick every time.

  7. Margaret –how fun your post is today! Like Karen, I particularly liked the environmental one and would love for my son (a biologist) to see that one. What a refreshing change from researching history for me!

  8. Thanks for the smiles. It has been a long day and I am tired with more to do. Humor always helps to brighten up a day.

    To stay cool, my preference it to be up on a mountain, sitting in the shade, a cool breeze, with a cool drink, and a good book. Right now I have to be content with a heat pump cooled house.

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