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I remember when I first started out writing, our dear filly sister, Margaret Brownley , who was once a mentor of mine, told me if I wanted to write western historical novels, I should target a 10 to 15 year  period and become very familiar with the events and inventions of those times.  Since I love history, this was not a chore and with a little luck, some talent and a lot of hard work, Harlequin published my first historical, Lily Gets Her Man. I don’t know if Margaret knows this, but I attribute my writing that book to her!  Thank you, Margaret!

Here’s a bit of the timeline and historic events I used to guide me when writing my historical novels dated from 1875 to 1890:


Wyatt Earp begins a career as a law officer in Kansas

Gold is found by Black Hills miners in Deadwood Creek, South Dakota

Grasshoppers ravage the plains.


Mark Twain writes The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The telephone was demonstrated by Alexander Graham Bell

Bat Masterson became a deputy marshal of Dodge City, Kansas, serving along with his brother Jim.


First Woolworth store opens in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The San Francisco California Electrical Company is the first in the world to begin selling electrical services


Hide hunters have shot buffalo to near extinction

Cattle business booms in the West.

The Tombstone Epitaph begins publication in Arizona


Polygamy is outlawed

William F. Cody initiated the first Wild West exhibition


The Northern Pacific Railroad connecting the northwestern states to points east is finally completed after 19 years of struggle.

Statue of Liberty unveiled


Prairie fires burn millions of acres in North Dakota

Ohio Valley floods

There’s a financial crisis in New York


Oregon is the first state to recognize Labor Day as a legal holiday

Silver is discovered in Leadsville, Colorado

On November 8, Doc Holliday died of tuberculosis in Colorado



The first Oklahoma Land Run occurs where 50,000 plus– rush to grab almost 2 million acres of once Indian Territory land.

Idaho and Wyoming are admitted to the Union

The massacre at Wounded Knee, South Dakota ends the Indian Wars



North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington are admitted to the Union.

Anne Sewell writes Black Beauty

The US Department of the Interior announces that the frontier is closed.

Fast Forward to 2017


I want to thank each and every one of you wonderful loyal bloggers for coming to my blogs here at Petticoats and Pistols. I’ve had a wonderful ten year run with these fine ladies and it’s my time to bid you ado.  I will still be writing my modern day western heroes and will be stopping by to say hello!

For the authors:  I’m saying a Special Big Thank You for being supportive, hard-working and diligent in making this blog one of the finest!   I love you all!!

For our bloggers:  Please know that these authors, many of whom have become life-long  friends are the very best of the best. I leave you in their capable hands.  And to celebrate my years here at Petticoats, I’m giving away five, $5.00  Amazon Gift cards to random winners to show my appreciation!  Check back later in the day! 

So Happy Trails and love to all,


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  1. Sorry to see you go, but will look forward to your visits. I have enjoyed your posts. Good luck with your new writing.

  2. Charlene- thank you for that wonderful timeline and the events that happened in them. I’m going to copy those dates & events off to have while I read my favorite genre Historical westerns. Your books sound awesome. Congrats on 5 years here and for the awesome giveaway you’re offering us. Have a great Thursday.

  3. Love all the facts you have shared! Charlene, I hate to see you go but sometimes things change. Good luck with your future endeavors and enjoy what is to come.

  4. You will be missed. Always enjoyed your posts. Love hearing facts like these – I find it interesting that Woolworth started in Lancaster, PA since I’m not far from there. Best Wishes.

  5. Interesting (yet somehow not surprising) that wildfires were sch a problem in North Dakota while flood took out the Ohio Valley. Thanks for all your blogging!

  6. Charlene I have always enjoyed your post and I hope you will come back now and then as a guest… Loved this interesting history lesson of the US.

    • HI Kathleen

      I hope this isn’t the end to our long relationship! I think we connected on the Harlequin posts, yes? I will be back to visit and I hope to see you online!

  7. What an interesting time period you chose. Good luck with your stories and I am sorry to see you go.

  8. I’m so sad to see you go!!! When I read this I said NOO!!!! I’m so sad when some of my favorite authors leave this site. P&P has turned me onto some wonderful authors like you!!! You actually paid one of the sweetest compliments one time in a comment. I know others will miss seeing you and your blogs! I can’t wait to read your newest book!

    • Hi Cori!
      Oh, I will miss you too. It’s very bittersweet saying good-bye. I’m happy that we connected here and hope to see you around in the online community. I’m always on FB.
      Thanks for your support and friendship!

  9. Its always interesting when something happen or when the first store open. What came about in a certain year is interesting too.

  10. I will miss seeing your posts here. But I follow you on other pages as well. So I will always know where to find you and keep up with your new books. I have enjoyed your posts over the years too.

  11. Char, we are definitely going to miss you, but I totally do understand how things change in our lives and we need to “go with the flow”–I look forward to your visits back here! Love that idea of the timeline — that’s a good thing to do and I can see where that would really help!

    Hugs to you, dear friend. I always admire your happy spirit!

    • Hi Cheryl!
      Thanks for the lovely words! I will miss everyone and hope to see you at some point, either in person at an event or online. Sending best wishes for filly success! 🙂

  12. Charlene, we’re sure gonna miss you but look forward to having you back as a guest blogger whenever you want. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and you’ll sure be missed. Plus, you are going out with a great blog! Love research and history, so I love, love it. Big Texas hugs to my sister Filly.

    • Hi Phyliss!
      Oh, I’ll miss your sweet nature and fun spirit too, Phyliss! It’s been a pleasure blogging with you! Sending best wishes and lots of hugs! 🙂

  13. Darn it, Charlene!!!! It’s not fair. What will I do without you? It’s like someone is chopping off my arm! Plus, you’ve got me crying!!! Watch out for alligators and crazy friends who might just show up on your doorstep. I’m not kidding. Love you dearly!

    • Hi Linda! 🙂
      I will so miss you, but I will keep in touch via FB. I see your posts often and wish you all the best. You are so sweet and such a good friend. Lots of love and thanks for those heartfelt words. It means a lot!

  14. Charlene, my friend. You already know how much I’ll miss you. Your dedication to P & P is one of the reasons why our blog has endured. You are one of the founding fillies and part of our success. Who knew we’d finally say good-by ten years later?!?

    We’ll see you on FB–always enjoy reading about your darling granddaughters and seeing the covers of your books. Many hugs!!!

  15. Will miss your posts. Would like to make one correction on your timeline. As a Washingtonian I see often that the Dakotas, Montana, and Washington became States in 1889 while Idaho and Wyoming became States in 1890.

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