My Last Trip to Hearts Crossing Ranch~Tanya Hanson


My eight-novella inspirational series is now compiled in one big anthology, at Pelican Book Group, including the never-published finale, Cross Your Heart. Each of the eight Martin siblings of Hearts Crossing Ranch in Mountain Cove Colorado, has a story of heartbreak and triumph, success or lost faith, sickness or health, and finds a western-style happily-ever after. (Even their widowed matriarch Elaine finds love again!)

My May post showed how a real-life wagon train trip inspired the entire series, but it was my husband’s 2008 cancer battle that led me down the inspirational road. (God be praised, he is now cured.)

Below is a nutshell synopsis about each of the stories.

  1. Hearts Crossing Ranch~ Losing her father to a drunk driver has shattered Christy Forrest’s faith and hope. Going solo on the city slicker wagon trip her dad had planned before his death gets her alongside a handsome wagon master. But the last thing she needs is a faith-filled cowboy…

Kenn Martin, himself jaded by a woman’s betrayal, realizes he could heal his heart with the lovely landscape architect—if Christy gives them the chance.

  1. Redeeming Daisy~ The ranch’s large-animal vet Pike Martin should steer clear from bad-girl Daisy Densmore, the woman who broke his brother Kenn’s heart, but something about her wounded soul can’t be ignored.

Broken and humiliated by bad decisions, Daisy has no choice but to fall back to Mountain Cove…and literally into Pike’s arms when he saves her from herself.

  1. Sanctuary~ Cancer survivor and ranch foreman Hooper Martin doesn’t dare fall in love again. The single dad has been through loss and a horrific physical struggle. But meeting Mallie Cameron at Kenn and Christy’s wedding lets him know love can bloom again

But Mallie is battling an incurable brain tumor and won’t get involved…

(My husband battled the same horrific cancer as Hooper’s, and Mallie is based on my daughter’s beloved sorority sister who left us in 2012 and tore out my heart. Even when you know it’s going to happen, nothing prepares you for when it does.)

  1. Right to Bragg~ Nanny and paralegal Tiffany Vickers has been disowned by her own family, and the guilt wants to drown her. Coming to work for attorney Rachel Martin is starting to give her a sense of family again.

Accountant and cowboy Bragg Martin, himself bearing guilt for faking tests during his star-athlete turn, knows in his heart that he and Tiffany could be a perfect couple in spite of everything. And then Daisy’s ex-husband puts the move on…

It’s Christmas, though, the time of hope and love.

  1. Soul Food~ Kelley Martin has no qualms about being a vegetarian in cattle country, but her failed restaurant brings her back home. She realizes the value of roots and family. Chuck cook on a Hearts Crossing wagon train gets her up close with geneticist Jason Easterday, a self-acclaimed vagabond. How can she get him to stick around?
  1. Angel Child~ Graphic artist and cowboy Scott Martin holds himself back from falling for his high school art teacher. Of course they’re adults now and it’s perfectly acceptable. But Mary Grace holds herself back. Not many men, not even a committed Christian like Scott, will accept her severely disabled little son…
  1. Seeing Daylight~ When her Army husband returns safely from his long deployment in the Middle East, attorney Rachel Martin knows they’ll make it. Until he dies in a foolish mishap. Meeting Brayton Metcalf doesn’t make life any better. He keeps secrets, too, and bears the burden of causing his wife’s death.
  1. The Finale, not available as a singleton: Cross Your Heart~ The youngest Martin, Chelsea has grown up, but nobody takes her seriously despite her college degree and travels abroad. Will her older siblings always consider her a baby? Or will they accept her commitment as an environmental scientist? Saving a wounded horse to prove her maturity is a start. Until she runs into her college love. Once a spoiled surfer with tons of money, Dutton Morse’s new heritage threatens to derail their reunion from the start: he’s an oil man…

I enjoyed writing my “ride” through the trails of Hearts Crossing Ranch and hope you do, too.

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10 thoughts on “My Last Trip to Hearts Crossing Ranch~Tanya Hanson”

    • Thanks, Janine. I enjoyed the HCR world and am sad in many ways to leave it. My 2016 Christmas novella “Christmas Lights” spun off Lori, a sub-character from Angel Child, and I was glad to give her a happy ending all her own.

  1. I love anthologies and having a series all together like this is perfect. I generally wait until I have all the books in a series before I start reading any of them. It keeps the characters and the continuity of the series fresh in my mind.Our family is very familiar with the heartbreak of cancer. My mother died 4 weeks to the day after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Multiple aunts and uncles have had it. Right now my sister is in remission from lymphoma. My youngest brother beat kidney cancer, but now has bone cancer, non-Hodgekins lymphoma, and lung cancer. He was given 10 months to live and has made it to 2 years. The tumors are still growing and spreading so it is just a matter of time. My husband had a serious type of bone cancer with a minimal 20% survival rate to 5 years. That was in 1991. He has definitely beaten the odds. Lastly, my daughter’s husband has ocular melanoma. The survival past 5 years is minimal. The tumor is still there, but not doing anything. He has beaten the odds and is at about 8 years post-diagnosis now. I am so glad your husband beat it. There aren’t enough happy endings.

    • Wow, Patricia, may the Lord continue to strengthen your loved ones. I hate the nightmare of cancer. My son’s best friend and frat brother passed from GBM (the same brain cancer in “Sanctuary”) leaving a two year old baby boy. Losing both him and our daughter’s friend (all the kids went to the same university and lived in neighboring houses on fraternity row) has definitely caused pain and tears. Thanks so much for your heartfelt comment.

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