Let’s Play ‘Name That Character’!

I’ve always loved spring despite the fact that seasonal allergies have been the bane of my existence in recent years. But we moved away from pollen-ladden Nashville (a great city full of great people but also full of copious amounts of pollen that staged attacks on my sinuses) to the Gulf Coast of Florida. This past winter was the first one in my entire life where I never saw frost or a single snowflake, and I’m not complaining. 🙂 Even so, there’s still a different feel to spring here versus an admittedly more pleasant winter. It’s warmer, the sun is stronger, and people are flooding to the beach during their spring breaks from school. There’s the scent of sunscreen in the air, and when my husband and I went to the zoo yesterday I saw a lot of unfortunate sunburns.

I’ve always loved the sense of renewal that comes with spring. Gray, cold days giving way to warmth and sun. Dead grass giving way to green. Flowers popping up everywhere. So it’s extra exciting that this spring is also giving birth to the latest book in my Blue Falls, Texas series, In the Rancher’s Arms. I really like this story because the heroine has a similar background to me — as a journalist. Although she was an international reporter covering really important stories that were often dangerous, the latest of which led to her being kidnapped by human traffickers. I never had the nerve to go that route in my work, although I greatly admire those who do. After being saved, Arden comes back to her hometown of Blue Falls, Texas to heal and, this being a romance, finds love.

I’m also excited to be working on an independent project that’s connected to Blue Falls. I’ve created a new small town (Poppy) nearby and am going to be self-publishing a series of novellas set there. (You’ll also see Poppy appear in my Blue Falls book that will be out this fall.) I’ve only just started on the first one, so it’ll be a while before I’m ready to reveal that story to the world. However, I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway today that’s a little different than normal.

My heroine’s best friend, who I plan to be a heroine of a future story, helps run an antique store with her parents in this little town. I’d like her to have a fun, unique, perhaps even quirky name. So I’m asking for suggestions. I’ll pick my favorite and the winner will receive a packet of books from me as well as acknowledgment in that novella for your contribution. (Legal Note: The winner won’t receive any monetary remuneration or have any claim to the character and/or her name. This is just a fun way to engage with my readers that I thought everyone might enjoy.)

So, let the suggestions begin!

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35 thoughts on “Let’s Play ‘Name That Character’!”

  1. Anita Grace – both old names and a combination of my mother’s and her mother’s first names. I always thought I would use it for a pen name if I ever became an author.

    Analise or Analyssa – both old fashioned names – They could be paired with Rose which ties into the floral name of the town – Analise Rose.

    • I really like both of those, Cindy. In fact, I’ve already got Darby planned for a young adult story heroine. But the Gwynette and Gwynnie for short is really cute.

  2. Trish- good morning. Amethyst sounds like a cool and fun name. Amethyst is of course a gem, so your character could be referred to as a one of those rare gem kind of friends. Plus Amethyst sounds old fashion and being an antique collector myself, I could easily picture an antique owner with this name.
    I love this idea for a giveaway. You have a great weekend. Love & hugs!!!

  3. Lucy–reminds me of Lucille Ball and she was definitely quirky and funny or even Ethel (my mom wanted to name me that) thankfully I got Naomi Ruth which gets nicknamed Gnomie a lot 🙂

  4. The timing of your post is causing me to shake my head, Trish. Tomorrow my husband & I are attending a fund raising banquet for an organization that rescues victims of sex trafficking. It’s one of those things I don’t want to know about or be involved with but we must. I’m glad you weren’t afraid to tackle this subject.

    As far as names…Bunny. We had a friend whose legal name on her birth certificate was Bunny. My other thought is an ancient name Octavia Iris.

    • Rosie, it’s horrifying what happens with human trafficking. I can’t imagine being that evil that I could do that to people. I have a tendency to put my characters through the wringer, and I had recently read something about the danger that international reporters sometimes find themselves in. I admire them for doing that, for being willing to get out the truth at risk of their own lives.

      Thanks for the suggestions. I like both of those.

  5. Ollie was my maternal grandmothers name, Bertha was my paternal grandmothers name. I think my maternal grandmothers name was the quirkest in the family.

  6. A few names I came up with are Petunia, Phillipa, Flora, Aislyn, Violet, Pearl, Sapphire (there is a little blond girl we see every year camping with this name – she fits it, she has huge blue eyes!) Ruby, oh goodness I seem to like the gemstone names. 🙂

  7. I think a name of a Texas town. A story could be told of why she was named after that town. Abilene, Tyler, Dallas
    Or even Texanna. Depending on her personality she could go by Tex or Anna.
    After a Texas river because of something that happened to her parents crossing that river, like Brazos, Trinity, Angelina
    After a Texas County because of something that happened there: Brazos, Bell, Delta, Shelby
    I think the name has to have a story behind it. Obviously I’m not good at picking because I gave you a list.

    • All great ideas, Stephanie. Interestingly, the story I’m currently working on for Harlequin has a tie-in to the Brazos River because the heroine grew up alongside the river. And the idea of a woman going by Tex is a cool one.

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