Spring has Sprung — and — We Have a WINNER!

Over a week ago I had a post and when I opened up this post to talk about spring…me thinking CALVES again just like last week…I realized I’d never picked a winner from the last time.

So to apologize, I am picking three winners for a copy of Long Time Gone.


Nancy C

Susan Snodgrass

I will email you ladies to get your mailing addresses. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM ME, email me at mary@maryconnealy.com and demand your book!

And now we talk SPRING.

And of all the signs of spring, as most well know, none are so well loved by me as pretty and precious calves.

I put pictures up on Facebook so if you follow me there you’ve seen these.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/8lWe26IsG9w” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

But they’re cute enough it might be okay to post them again. And this one of a baby standing up for the first time is just so fun, to see it’s wobbly little self. IF that embedded link doesn’t work click HERE

And another sign of spring around here…DAFFODILS

They look beautiful this year, most years they seem to almost bloom then FREEZE OFF!

But 2017 is a good daffodil year.

And I got this picture but JUST BARELY of a spring kitten running through the cow yard.

I hadn’t seen it before and it’s already getting big, but still a baby kitten.

Signs of spring at the Connealy Place.


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15 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung — and — We Have a WINNER!”

  1. Love the pics. signs of spring here is the sandhill cranes flying over some do land but most land north of kearney they head along the river west then north to canada to there breeding grounds. Most everything bloom the begining of this month due to very warm conditions.

    • Kim, you are were you can see the sandhills cranes? I have always wanted to see that but I never get out there.
      I have a cousin who spends a month out there, his wife too, and guides tours to the blinds to watch the cranes….and I can’t even get there ONCE!!!

      Definite bucket list thing.

      • Yes see then fly over the city. We are surround buy the platte river. 2 years ago I got to see one running the back streets of the city not hurt just lost. They are like 4 feet tall Gray with a red beak and head.

  2. It has been enjoyable seeing all the new calves in the pastures in the area around us. No matter which road I take from our house, there is bound to be a new baby in one of the pastures. Our daffodils were wonderful this year. Some have gone by, but there are still quite a few. My husband was working in the yard one afternoon when a man stopped by and asked if he could pick some for his wife because they were her favorite flower. The wood hyacinths didn’t do well in the freeze, but others have come up. The small grape hyacinths are just starting to bloom. Now the tulips are budding out. It is interesting to see how they all seem to push up and bloom at different times. The white ones have been blooming for 2 weeks and one other planting is just now starting to bud out. There are several other clusters that have leaves, but no bud yet.
    As much as I like cats, I hope we don’t see any kittens. We have too many feral and outdoor domestic cats that our neighbors let loose. The have had litters under an old truck in our yard for the past 2 years. Barn cats do a service. Outdoor cats destroy the local songbird populations and cut down the rabbit and other rodent numbers. I have noticed a definite decrease in the number of songbirds since the cats showed up about 3 years ago. In our case, they sit on the other side of our fence staring at our dogs driving them barking crazy.

    I sincerely hope the storms that are sweeping the midwest are not causing you any problems. We are in NE TN and missed the last round of storms. It doesn’t look like we will be that lucky this time. Texas through Oklahoma has really taken some serious damage.

    • Sorry about the feral cat problem.
      We have usually one litter every spring and that’s it. The numbers never seem to grow but they live in the barn and though we can see them they are too wild to ever get close too. We may have a fox and coyote problem.

      But the cats survive just enough it feels like we’ve got our own little ecosystem going here.

      • They have a job in the barn and keep the rodents down. My daughter had 7 pregnant cats either get dumped or just showed up at her house one summer. Two litters were just too wild to deal with and we took them to the animal shelter. She couldn’t afford it, but took everyone of the mother cats and female kittens to be spayed. The vet was nice enough to give her a cut in price and let her pay over time. She probably has a dozen cats there now and virtually no birds except the chickens that the cats have learned to stay away from.

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