We Have Many Winners for Karen Kay’s Free Give-Away E-books


Well, since I believe that these e-books will be disappearing off the internet come March 1st — I’m giving all of you who came to the blog and left a comment a free e-book of your choice (except for the two e-books that are still carried by AVON/HaperCollins, WOLF SHADOW’S PROMISE and THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF.

And if there is anyone else who didn’t get a chance to blog, just drop me an email and I’ll give you a free e-book also.  I figure if the Publishing House is closing, it should go out with some free-bees.  So all of you who came to the blog today or who are viewing this message, go to my website at:  http://www.novels-by-KarenKay.com and let me know which e-book you’d like, as well as the email address to send it to.  You can email me here:  karenkay(dot)author(at)earthlink(dot)net.


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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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5 thoughts on “We Have Many Winners for Karen Kay’s Free Give-Away E-books”

  1. Thank you so much, Kaen. We will all enjoy it. It is a shame the publisher is shutting down. I hope they do not leave their authors stranded and make sure they settle the accounts.
    My email account is messed up at the moment and I can’t get into it.

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