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When love happens…

Do you question the cost?

About a year ago, a group of authors I blog with at another blog ~ Sweet American Sweethearts ~ decided to collaborate with a collection of stories that were loosely connected. We brainstormed and found that many of us enjoyed the pioneer craft of quilting. Out of that brainstorming session came the Series ~ Grandma’s Wedding Quilts.

Grandma Mary’s traditional gift to each of her grandchildren on their wedding day was a hand-pieced and hand-stitched quilt, made with love and woven with memories, wisdom, and a family legacy of enduring love. Starting in present day with the prequel, Hannah, the assistant curator at a museum, opens a trunk that has been donated and discovers an unusual sampler quilt. The strange connection she feels to that quilt leads her on an investigation that will eventually mean more to her personally than she can ever realize.

Even though the rest of the books in the Series are historical Western romances, my “granddaughter” Gloria, ended up in the east. This happened when her father, Stephen Palmer, left Grandma Mary’s ranch looking for a better shipping price for their cattle. He traveled east to negotiate with the big railroad tycoons and ended up marrying one of their daughters and settling down to help run his wife’s family business.

While the great west was being explored and settled, many other things were happening back east. The Gilded Age was in full swing with all of its disparities between the upper class and the lower. In the book industry, stories that went on to become classics were being published.

  • Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ
  • Treasure Island
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin
  • Pinocchio
  • The many westerns of Zane Grey ( Riders of the Purple Sage.)

It was also at this time that Tin Pan Alley in New York City was forming. Printed music fMusic for Gloriaor the masses increased in popularity as pianos, built right here in America, became more affordable to everybody. Popular music at the time of my story takes place included ~

  • Where Did You Get That Hat?
  • Home on the Range
  • Oh, Promise Me!
  • The Washington Post (march)
  • Down Went McGinty
  • My Old Kentucky Home
  • Clementine

Gloria’s Song is a story I have wanted to write for a long time–a story of disparity between the classes and the common thread of music that can speak to a person’s soul no matter how rich or poor one might be. I dedicated this book to my mother, whose name just happens to be…Gloria. My mother’s family hails from the Alexandria, Virginia area of the country where I have set this story. Much like the Gloria in my story, my mother is a well-versed pianist (and also a red-head) although that is where the similarities end.


“Music speaks what cannot be expressed,
soothes the mind and gives it a rest,
heals the heart and makes it whole,
flows from heaven to the soul.”



Gloria Palmer has always done the proper thing expected of her as the daughter of a shipping tycoon. The approval of her family and friends mean everything. And yet, when the perfect suitor offers for her… she hesitates.

Colin McDougal has little use for those living on the fancy side of the trolley tracks. He is too busy managing the family pub and, in his spare time, writing down the lively tunes in his head. So, when Miss Palmer asks for his help to prepare for a music audition, he is flummoxed. What does he know of highbrow music?

But with each practice session, their feelings for each other grow. When it comes time for Gloria to make a choice between what is proper and what she desires, will she realize that if music can cross class lines, it might also be able to harmonize two hearts?


For an excerpt of Gloria’s Song, click HERE!

Grandma's Wedding Quilts Series Pic

You will want to enjoy the love stories of Gloria’s siblings and cousins! There are eleven in all! And remember to start with the prequel which sets up the entire series.

These Sweet Historical Romance Novellas and Novels are from Eleven USA Today Bestselling, Amazon Bestselling, and Award-winning Authors. Each book of this series is a sweet, clean (wholesome) romance, and each is complete with its own happily-ever-after.

To celebrate my new release, I would love to gift a copy of this ebook to one lucky person who comments. Sorry, I don’t have any print copies yet.

To enter the giveaway, just mention a favorite song that you have always loved from your childhood.

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27 thoughts on “New Release: GLORIA’S SONG”

    • Hi Debra!

      Those Mother Goose rhymes stick with you, don’t they? I was reciting “Jack Sprat could eat no fat, His wife could eat no lean…” to my grandson the other day and he looked at me like I was goofy. He’d never heard that before. At the time he was divvying up his plate as to what he would eat and what he’d give to his sister. Thanks for stopping by the corral!

  1. What a lovely collection idea, Kathryn. I love the concept. And how fun that you can honor your mother in such a beautiful way. My great-grandmother’s name was Grandma Mary, so seeing that name brought a host of memories back to me.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for stopping by! It has been a fun journey for me this year as I dip my toe in the the independent publishing arena. A steep learning curve! But I very much enjoyed writing something a little different (although still an American set historical.)

  2. Hi Kathryn…..Huge congrats on the new release! This is a fantastic idea and the whole collection sounds great. How wonderful that you could put your mother’s name on the cover and write the fictional Gloria. Amazing. Wishing you and the other ladies in Grandma’s Wedding Quilts series much success!

  3. Fav songs when I was a kid… I loved singing along with my fav cartoons, especially the Disney ones like Gummy Bears, Duck Tales, etc., LOL. Still know them!

    • Oh…I remember Duck Tales! And yes–all of Disney. I remember watching old Disney cartoons that had the bouncing ball over the words so that you could sing along. They were fun! Thanks for stopping by Colleen!

    • Oh yes! Glen Campbell. I meant to make it a point to watch his movie that was a biography last year and I haven’t yet. Thanks for the reminder. I heard the movie was very good. Most likely I can find it on DVD now.

  4. My childhood memories of songs are all country and western primarily because my grandpa was a fiddler and my dad a guitarist in a country band. My mom even had photos of me as a toddler being held by various western singers of the day. Like others I had a Dale Evans hat and vest, but I remember singing Happy Trails, Home on the Range, and Don’t Fence Me In to the cows in the pastures around our farmhouse. lol

    I grew up singing like the rest of my family, songs like Tumblin’ Tumble Weeds, Down in the Valley, On Top of Old Smokey, Goodnight Irene, and all the Hank William songs (esp. Your Cheatin’ Heart, and Hey, Good Lookin’). As music started moving on I absolutely adored the Everly Brothers (Bye, Bye Love), and Jimmie Rodgers’ Kisses Sweeter Than Wine.

    All of this was undoubtedly influenced by watching westerns on TV, not to forget The Grand Old Opry every week.

    Note: Pls don’t enter me in the contest for the ebook. 🙁

    • Hi Eliza,
      Thanks for joining in! I think I remember hearing all of the songs you mentioned! How fun to think of them again. I also remember what that Dale Evans hat and vest looked like! It sounds like you had no choice but to love country music. What an amazing upbringing you had!

  5. Kathryn, what a beautiful collection and fantastic idea. Congratulations!

    Not long ago, I was driving down the road with my grandkiddies and I started singing I wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner. Needless to say, I got some funny looks.

  6. Hi Kathryn, congratulations! I just love series and interrelated books. I can’t wait. My great gramma left me a wedding-ring quilt top. Every tiny piece hand-stitched. My mom recalls pieces of her childhood dresses. Sadly I don’t know how to guilt so all I have is the top.

    I think it’s awesome that your heroine is in the East. When folks went west, they were actually going “back” in time. Such exciting things were going on in the East that wold eventually affect them…telegraph, telephone, railroads.

    But back to music. They say scent is the most powerful at evoking emotion, but for me, it’s hearing grand music. But from my childhood, I mostly remember I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb. I loved that He would always know my needs. I sing it to the grandbabies now.

    • Thanks for stopping by Tanya! Each of the authors in the series picked a different quilt pattern for their story and to be put on their book cover. One of them picked the wedding quilt. My book features the flower basket quilt.

      Talk about going “back in time” … I felt that way when I moved from the west coast big city to the Midwest rural upon marrying my husband. That was years ago. Now, with the internet, I feel as though I pretty much stay up with what is happening in the world.

      The song you mentioned is one that I don’t know! But isn’t it great to be able to sing it to your grandchildren? It must bring back so many memories when you do. Like the circle of life…

  7. Hi Kathryn!

    Congratulations on the new book series. I love all the music and poetry you put in these posts. For me, music is akin to the soul and to this day, I love music so much, that I write to it. I loved the old Dale Evans and Roy Rogers song — Happy Trails. I loved Gene Autry, too, but can’t think of the tunes he sung back then. Just remember loving him.

    Love all genre’s in music, but I have my favorites. Classical is what I learned as a child and I still love Classical — but I also love country because when it’s done right, it has soul.

    Again, Congratulations!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Karen! You know? I never really cared for classical until the last few years, but I like to have it on around the house now. I wish I could write to music, but it pulls me in and I end up not writing at all!

      I remember the Happy Trails song!

  8. Kathryn, this book sounds intriguing! And since music wins the day, it’s a natural fit for me. lol I love the connection with your mother. I’m from a musical family, too, and making music with them still, to this day, feeds my soul.

    Good luck with the release!

  9. I adore music and feel my day always goes better if I’m listening to it! I don’t know that I had a favorite song when I was younger. I just loved listening to country music. 🙂

  10. I don’t know that I have a favorite song when I was a kid. We listened to a lot of country music and I still listen to it today, mostly the older stuff.

    • Hi Quilt Lady! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I think I first was exposed to country music when I saw Marie and Donny Osmond’s TV Variety show (oh so many years ago!) when Marie would sing: “I’m a little bit country.” And Donny would pipe in “I’m a little bit rock and roll.” Then it was on to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. My husband, is very much the Hank Williams fan 🙂

  11. My giveaway is now closed and Debra G’s name was drawn from my Stetson! Thank you all for participating and helping me celebrate my new release!

    Debra — You can email me at Kathryn at kathrynalbright dot com to claim your ebook!

  12. Kathryn,
    Can you bear another post about early music–and what are clearly very early TV clips–for those that are interested of course?

    Sons of the Pioneers “Tumbling Tumble Weeds” (with a young Roy Rogers for a brief moment)

    Hank Williams – “Hey, Good Lookin'” (with a glimpse of young June Carter, later Cash)

    Jimmie Rodgers “Kisses Sweeter than Wine”

    Guy Mitchell – “Singing the blues” (the visual is choppy but not the sound)

    And last but certainly not the least in my mind: The Everly Bros. “‘Til I Kissed You”
    (BTW, the Everlys got their start as just kids on country radio with their dad.)

    • Oh my gosh! THANK YOU ELIZA! How fun! I did not know that the Everly Brothers got started so young! And I haven’t heard “Till I Kissed You” before so I am going to enjoy listening to all of these! I also have never heard guy Mitchell “Singing the Blues.” I love watching these old clips!

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