Happy Holidays from the Connealys. This isn’t so much a picture of my precious little grandbabies posing as it is a snap shot of a wrestling match.

My children continue to amaze me. I was there when they were born. No sedatives. In a small hospital so there is no way they got switched at birth with the child of someone really cool. Nope, they’re mine. I get credit right? Well, My Cowboy, too.

The grandbabies are cuter than ever.

I guess our big news is that My Cowboy is going to semi-retire this year. He’s still going to keep the cow/calf herd but his nephew is buying in so My Cowboy will have a new partner and (the hope is) less of a demanding work schedule. He hopes to be able to take time off when he wants to without quite so much guilt!

Above is a picture of My Cowboy and me from Christmas with the four grandkids.

As for news from this year, we went to Washington D.C. last summer to see the renegade Connealy sister who lives far from her mama!!!

We had a wonderful time and we’d never been to the nation’s capital before so it was wonderful. Seeing my daughter and her husband was the best part of course.

(It really was, they’re way better than the Washington Monument!) We also took our annual Minnesota fishing trip and we went to Nashville for a writer’s conference. I’d never been to Nashville or D.C. so it was a broadening experience for me.

I listed three trips but honestly out of a whole year, trust me, we are mostly just here at home all the time, typing…and I really like it here.

I won’t list names of everyone. My daughters have a kind of eyeball rolling….”Mo-o-o-o-o-m” thing with me and my social media. The four adult girls are my daughter. Three sons-in-law. Four grandkids…all fantastic…and amazingly beautiful if they SIT STILL, SMILE, AND KEEP THEIR EYES OPEN. (the same could be said for the adults so I should give the kids a break)
Boden Birthright is FREE. An ebook novella prequel to the series. It is available in print–for folks who like to hhold a book in their hands! But the print book is large print which is shockingly expensive. Maybe go nag your library to stock it! No Way Up released last summer. Long Time Gone is coming in February–and is available for preorder and Too Far Down is coming in October.

I have four books releasing next year. And one of them is a novella collection, probably coming near Christmas 2017 which will have six or eight of my novellas collected in one book—which is why I’m only counting it as one of the four. Anyway, that’ll take me over fifty books in print, which is a fun milestone! That’s enough Mary news to satisfy most anyone (I’m sure).

God bless you this Holiday Season




Love, Mary



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    • HI Janine. This is a somewhat edited version of my annual Christmas letter. I usually list basic details about my children but I was in a weird mood this year and thought, “If you want to know what my kids are doing…get yourself on THEIR Christmas card list.”

      What kind of attitude is that???

  1. What a beautiful family you have Mary! It sounds like 2016 was wonderful, congratulations on all of your new books coming out. I’ll look forward to reading them : ) Have a blessed New year!

  2. Oh Mary, thank you for sharing your beautiful family pictures. Our children are wonderful but those grands….they are grand, for sure! May you and your lovely family have a healthy and happy 2017!

  3. Those family pictures are the best. So glad your Cowboy gets to semi retire. Mine did that in July and on Tuesday of this week he turned in his keys and walked away with a smile. Giddy is the only word I can use to describe him. He’s doing some volunteer work, which is good cause I need my reading time. Can’t wait to read your newest books.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Mary, you always make me laugh. That comment about your kids and their “eye-rolling” over your social media escapades…well, it rang a bell with me. LOL Just sayin’.

    What a lovely family you have! And they all look happy! I know you told them to smile and keep their eyes open, but still! LOL Glad your cowboy is going to get to semi-retire. Everyone should be able to get to a point where they slow down and take things a little easier–get time off, etc.

    I know y’all must have had a wonderful Christmas, just getting to be together. That’s the best part! Thanks for sharing with us!


  5. yay for a new year!! I welcome it heartily. I don’t think I realized you had 4 daughters. That is pretty cool! I say cool because I have three but also one lonely boy in that mix. I can’t wait to see them all hang out together when they get to be teenagers and older. At least I hope they do! LOL Happiest of new years to you and your to-be semi retired man! THAT will be fun. Unless you don’t want him hanging around you more. Then, well, have fun. 😉

  6. Enjoyed your post, Mary! You have a beautiful family! Semi-retirement is a perfect combination of being fruitful and easing into a more comfortable lifestyle. (My husband likes to eat out a bit more and enjoy a nap now and then. I go along to keep him company…with the eating, not the naps…which is helping me to gain wait I don’t need to gain!

    Best wishes for the New Year and more stories!

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