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It’s almost unreal that we are only a week from Christmas.  I’m proud to kick off our two special holiday weeks with my favorite letter to Santa. Like everyone else, I always wrote letters to Santa when I was a child, but when I went back and pulled out an old box of “stuff” I found this letter to Santa.  I hope you enjoy.

December 1969

Dear Santa,

I’m sure you don’t get many requests for a present like what I’m asking.

Santa, could you please bring me our little baby boy, Charles Robert Paul Miranda.  The doctor told me today that he’s ready but just not willing to face the world yet.  So if you could hurry getting him into the world, I’d appreciate it.  I’m even enclosing a picture, so you can see we’re ready for his arrival.

  • Now, Santa, you might ask how I know we’re having a boy, but we’ve done all of the practical things to tell us which sex we’re having.
  • Since girls are naturally sweet, if I’m carrying a girl, I’d crave sweets.  But I don’t. I prefer sour and salty foods.
  • Of course, I’ve been told by a zillion people that I’m carrying a little boy because I’m carrying him low.
  • Now this one I’m not so sure about but a lot of women have told me that if I lead off with my right foot, it’s a boy.  Frankly, I thought I had been doing that all along, but apparently not, so that’s another indicator we’re having a little boy.
  • But the one that is 100% sure is, “One Ring to Bind Them.”  A friend suspended a gold ring on a string over my tummy.  It swung side-by-side, so I know I’m carrying a little boy.  Otherwise we’d be having a little girl if the ring took on a circular sway.

Santa, now I have to go because my back is hurting and I’m tired, so I’ll finish this letter tomorrow!

Three weeks later!

  1. Well, Santa, I didn’t forget you but couldn’t get  back because I’ve been in the hospital twice trying to have our little Christmas present.  The tiny one was pretty stubborn.
  2. We ended up in quite a dilemma, since we’d already promised Bob’s dad and my dad that their grandson would be named after them.  Well, what do you know … little Charles Robert Paul Miranda ended up being Kathleen Louella!  Yes, a little girl.  This picture is one of my favorite.  I’ve tagged it “Bob the Baker”.  I have no idea why her daddy had to dress up like a baker just to see her, but rules are rules!
  3. Well, Santa, I guess I shouldn’t blame you, but since you’re such a precious man, I know you can take it.  We were so sure we were having a little boy, as well as knowing he’d arrive by Christmas, so could I ask you for a name since we had none picked out for a girl?  The last examination I had in the doctor’s office, the nurse asked what names we had in mind and I told her.  Then she said, “You know it’s not 100% positive which sex you’re gonna have until you deliver … don’t you?”  I told her we were 100% sure it was a boy, but if it turned out to be a little girl, we’d name her after the nurse, who we knew well.
  4. So now Santa we have our baby girl and although you didn’t get her here before Christmas Day, we’re very happy with your choice … our little Kathleen Louella Miranda.
  5. Well, dear Santa, I’m putting this letter in safe keeping and when our second little girl comes around, I’ll send it all to you.
  6. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

To one reader who leave a comment, I will give you an autographed copy of Wishing for a Cowboy.  A short-story collection  of eight stories with some written by a sister Filly.  Good luck to all!


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29 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas …”

  1. I am so happy you did have a spare girl name picked out from and for with your favorite nurse as her namesake. Glad you did, but did you have anything really for boys made or picked out you can still use or giveaway? Hmm maybe even put away in case the next baby in the family is a boy, if not from you than somewhere in the family that can use it? Funny how we just know it will be a boy or girl then get surprised, maybe with twins or the opposite sex or both. I am glad she came and bet both grandpa’s don’t care so long as they have holding and rocking rights with maybe good nature fights of who gets to hold her first. Babies are precious and special, no matter the sex, age or anything and of course lots of free babysitters to go get out and let them have a turn watching her and any others in family maybe too. So speaks the #3 of 6 kids, Aunt to 6 and great aunt to 10 more. And who knows how many more to be born in the next 5 to 10 years and more. Appreciate them at every stage, take pics, get your bragging rights in until they are too big to be watched, they are old enough now… not yet you’re not! And bask in the silence of nap time because it doesn’t last long. Merry Christmas to you and that is the best present you get this year I bet.

    • Elaine, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Like you, I enjoyed every moment with our baby girls and have been lucky enough to have eight grandchildren who I’ve been very much in their lives. I was in the delivery room with our oldest granddaughter and it was truly a miracle. I also go by the code, I can play with them and be part of their lives, then turn them over to their parents to raise. Isn’t it funny how if you don’t have to plan for their future, collage, etc. they are a whole bunch more fun to spoil and give back to their mama and daddy. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Hugs, Phyliss

  2. What a really cute story. I’m proud she was born healthy & happy and of course she was a Christmas surprise. I believe Santa did deliver since “she” was a truly Christmas surprise miracle. Even if she was a tad bit late.

    • Hi Tonya, good to hear from you. She sure was a surprise, but what I didn’t go on to tell, although she was due Christmas week, she didn’t arrive until January 11th. She was almost a Valentine’s gift.

      Tonya, I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. A big Texas hug coming your way, Phyliss

  3. We are expecting our first grandchild in June. This pregnancy I must say is so much better for me. I still feel like its me though. She is free with her feelings.

    • Hi DebraG, how wonderful to be expecting your first grandchild. Major congrats and I know you’ll be an excellent grandmother. I’m called Granny because that’s what my material grandmother was called. I had to get permission from all of my sisters to use the name. LOL May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season! Hugs, Phyliss

    • Thanks, Janine. I’m glad you stopped by today and enjoyed my little “family history”. I pray you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! Big Texas hugs, Phyliss

    • Thanks, Melanie. Oh by the way, when my little surprise package was a senior in college, she informed me that she hoped it didn’t hurt my feelings because she knew how much I wanted grandchildren, but she didn’t plan on having any children. She planned on being a professional and couldn’t see them fitting into her life. Well, the Good Lord has his own plans … she and my precious s-i-l have FIVE kids! And guess what, she is a professional and travels with the ACS and has two in college and another one going into college this coming fall! May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas. Phyliss

  4. I loved the letter and you didn’t get that boy. Girls are just as sweet and I am sure it didn’t matter to you weather it was a boy of girl. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Quilt Lady, glad to hear from you. I was raised the oldest of four girls and my hubby next to the oldest of five boys. I think that’s one reason we truly figured I was carrying a little boy. I have three grandsons and there is something special about them. They are very different for sure than girls are. I love to shop and have girl time with my granddaughters, but there is something special about a grandson shooting me a smile and I love you, as they walk out the door with my credit card! LOL I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Estella, good to hear from you. Oh my gosh, you need to write a letter to Santa and put it in a special place. It’d be fun. I’m glad you enjoyed my letter. I know there are some really cool ones coming up all week long, then next week even more Filly Fun with the holidays. May your family have a wonderful holiday. Big Texas hugs to you, Phyliss

  5. Thank you so much, Phylis, for sharing your letter and story. I wish you and your family the best of holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      • Hey, don’t you dare worry about the extra “S”. I won’t go into it now, but the name registered with the State of Texas and the one on my birth certificate are different. So, you’re not as wrong as you think! LOL

    • Hi Eliza, thank you for your kind comments. I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too! May many blessings flow your way in 2017. Big Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Susan P. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It’s sure a lot more fun looking back to that Christmas than it was at the time. My DH worked at the Texas Highway Department (TXDot now LOL) as an purchasing agent and had to be in the office when we had a bad snow to keep tract of equipment and purchase whatever was needed to keep the highways passable. He was never home during a blizzard and of course we had one while I was huge and over due with Kathy. But the guys had a backup plan … a snow removal tractor, so I’d have a ride to the hospital. Thank the good Lord we didn’t have to go to plan “B”. But, it’s always been a funny, true story. Susan, may you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Phyliss

  6. Hi Phyliss, what a precious post! What a darling girl you got. I remember those days of not knowing if the baby was a boy or girl, and everything done in mint green and yellow lol. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Hi Tanya, glad to hear from you. Oh yes all baby showers were done in yellow or light green for sure. Boy or girl both wore a type of christening gown. I still have Kathy’s — yellow! I’m very proud of both of my girls. I knew the sex of almost all of my grandchildren ahead of time, but not all. That’s a story for another time. Tanya, my friend, I pray that you and yours have a wonder Christmas and a happy, happy New Years! Big Texas hugs, Phyliss

  7. Oh thanks for sharing this with us… enjoyed your post today! 🙂 No need to enter me in for this giveaway. Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Colleen, glad to hear from you and happy you enjoyed my tall tale of the only letter to Santa I’ve written as an adult. Happy Holidays for you and yours, too! Hugs, Phyliss

  8. Hi Phyliss…..Funny, funny! Those pictures are hilarious. And there you are in the middle of winter with bare feet! My mama would’ve griped you out. And poor Bob! It doesn’t even look like him. So funny!

    Merry Christmas, dear friend!

    • Hello dear friend. You know me and bare feet. As you know, Daddy was a custom upholster and I learned when I could barely walk to get through the shop barefooted and not hit one tack. In the summer, I go to visit with the neighbors barefooted. But I’ve got to stop it! Oh yes, poor Bob had a lot on his plate. I think he got through the Viet Nam war easier than his first feedings and changes with Kathy! Have a great evening my friend; and I can hardly wait until Wednesday to go do our Christmas light watching! It’s gonna be fun. Love, Phyliss

  9. Hi Kim, that’s about the same as when Kathy entered the world … January 11th. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and glad you stopped by. Hugs, Phyliss

  10. Phyliss, enjoyed the pic & post about your family. Yes, God works in various ways & it looked like he wasn’t ready for you to have your baby yet. Can’t believe that she is now grown & has five of God’s gifts herself. God Bless all of the P&P writers and Happy Holidays!! Your newsletter & books reader.

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