Happy National Handbag Day!

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Hi everyone, Winnie Griggs here. First an apology – I’m just off of a series of all nighters as I worked to meet my deadline on my latest work in progress (which I made by a hair) and then a weekend of fun at a family reunion. So this post will be a bit shorter than normal.

That being said, when I looked up Oct 10 on my National Day Of calendar, I noticed that in addition to it being Columbus Day this year, it is also National Handbag Day. So I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of handbag trivia with you and then share some pictures of some of my own handbags.

Handbag Fun Facts:

  • In the 15th century it was traditional for a bridegroom to give his bride a purse with embroidered pictures of love stories.
  • Shoulder bags first became popular during WW II
  • The 1923 Hermes Bolide Bag was the first handbag to feature a zipper
  • According to a 2008 study done in England, the average 30 year old woman owns 21 handbags and purchases a new one every 3 months
  • The average weight of a woman’s handbag is over 5 pounds.
  • A Japanese designer created a handbag in 2008 that is wort more than $2 million. It was crafted of platinum and decorated with over 2,000 diamonds.
  • This was topped in 2010 by the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, valued at almost $4 million

And as promised, here are a few of my favorite purses from my own collection. I’m a big fan of vintage so most of those pictured here were acquired from thrift shops or estate sales





I also happen to be a Winnie The Pooh fan – here are two that reflect that, one was a gift from a good friend who knows me well, and the other was a spur of the moment purchase



So what about you? Do you have a large collection of handbags or just a few? Do you tend toward the large or the small, the designer bags or more utilitarian?

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22 thoughts on “Happy National Handbag Day!”

  1. Hi Winnie, I didn’t even know my purse had its own special day. Actually, I tend to carry one purse until it falls apart. Moving into a new purse is a big deal. My husband always complained about the size of my purse, which he called a suitcase. But then he always gave me his stuff to carry as well.

    • Margaret, I’m the same way with my everyday purse. And I’m very particular so having to replace a purse is a traumatic experience – the ‘new guy’ has to meet very strict requirements for size, nmber and placement of pockets, etc

  2. When I opened this page, I thought this day was definitely for me. I love handbags and have a huge collection. Most of mine are bigger bags and I love a good designer bag.

  3. Lovely collection, Winnie.
    I gave up losing handbags when my kids were little. It was very stressful on the whole family until I discovered backpacks. It has become somewhat of a trademark. There is no going back now.

  4. Hi Winnie,

    Well — if the average woman buys a new purse every 3 months, I am way behind!! I tend to have a spring/ summer purse which is flowery and fun and a fall/winter purse which is a more somber dark brown tweed. With autumn coming on now, I just this weekend changed over. (I like the Proverb31 purses) I’ve never understood the allure of Coach and big name brands. I just buy what appeals to me.

    Then I have sweet little black clasp purse for formal evenings (of which I have had very few in my life LOL–so it has lasted me a LONG time!)

    • Kathryn, I’m right there with you when it comes to my everyday purses – I tend to stick with one until it practically falls apart – I hate breaking in a new one. And I never look at brands (although I am rather fond of Fossil)

  5. Hi Miss Winnie! I have loved purses always. As a little girl, I always had my purse….I still do! My tastes and choices have changed over the years. I use to buy many purses from many stores. Now I buy fewer an am more selective as to the quality of the bag.

    • Hi Melanie. Your post triggered a fun memory for me. My gramma used to have a special place in her cedar wardrobe where she kept purses and hats me and my sister could play with whenever we visited. It was such fun playing dress up with those accessories

  6. I have had a bunch of purses over the years. I have had huge, large, small, smaller, and now I’ve gone to back-packs because they balance me. My grandmother gave me a nice pink, beaded, formal one for high-school graduation, which I still have. It’s been 61 years! I also have a hard basket one that was fashionable when I was in college. Thanks for the blog. I always enjoy your subjects.

  7. I have just a couple of middle size handbags these days but stick to one generally. I love the one I’ve had now for quite a long while, and since I’ve been reading so many westerns I think of of it as my saddlebag because it’s a tan color with long straps to throw over my shoulder, holding a collection of little things like a couple of hair ties, a pen, and so on so that a paperback book fits in too if needed. lol

  8. I am unusual that is, I only use one purse at a time. I keep some of my used ones as backup in case of emergency but usually I wear them out. I have more shoes than handbags and only a few of them do I wear. I got them when I could walk in heels and now I can’t wear them. I just hate to part with them. I did give away my favorite pair. Handbags though are a different workhorse. I find the one that I like and fits my purposes and use it until it wears out. The black leather handbag I have now is about 2 years old and it is beginning to fail. I have some tote bags that supplement the handbag but only occasionally. Yesterday I stuck 3 paperback books in my purse to take with me to the doctor’s office and still had room for everything else. I think I can verify that at least my purses weighs 5 lbs if not more. I try to limit what I need but I always wind up with more stuff. I don’t mix and match obviously although I do keep one smaller one that I use when I go out with my friend, still black. I sometimes get a brown one or an off white one, but I usually get black. Did have a green leather look one once and several denim ones. I like them but I’m just picky and want a durable one.

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