10 Things You May Not Know About Me…………Mary Connealy

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  1. I’m third born of eight children, the third daughter in a row. Yep, I’m sure Mom and Dad were super excited to see that. Whoopee, another girl!

    Five of us, the Christmas of 1960?
    Five of us, the Christmas of 1960?
  2. We all grew up in a two bedroom farmhouse with no air conditioning. And our main food was the milk from our own cows, the eggs from our own chickens, the vegetables from our own garden. And mom baked bread at least once a week. (but we bought bread, too) And she made the best, most awe-inspiring cinnamon rolls that have ever graced this planet. (or course I was probably really HUNGRY)

    My family in 1960. I'm the cute one. (face it, you know which one I mean!)
    My family in 1966-ish. I’m the cute one. (face it, you know which one I mean!)
  3. When I was a newborn, my mom had a daughter barely over 2 years, another barely over 1 year and a newborn. DEAL WITH THAT WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE BUSY!!! I get a little light headed just WRITING it. But mom is darned spry and 88 years old now.

    Mom and Me
    Mom and Me
  4. I married my high school sweetheart, a Nebraska cattleman whom I call My Cowboy on Facebook when I talk about my life. Mainly I call him that because his name is very unusual, in fact I think it’s possible (without really checking because how would a person check a thing like that) that he’s the ONLY person named that in the whole world (Connealy is a rarer name than you’d imagine–his first name is the kind you get when you’re the 6th of 7 sons born to an extremely tired woman–yeah, toss that in. I’m from a family of 8 kids, My Cowboy is from a family of 7…all boys). So I don’t like giving out his name.

    One of the 120 calves born at our place every spring.
    One of the 120 calves born at our place every spring.
  5. I wrote for ten years before I got my first book published. On that fateful day when I earned a contract, I had 20 finished books on my computer…and the book I sold? It was on proposal. Unwritten! I had to write a book. (eyeball roll) But I did end up selling a lot of those 20 books.

    My First Book in Print!
    My First Book in Print!
  6. I was so shy when I was little that I used to cling to my mama’s skirts and hide behind her legs when nice people would fuss over how cute I was. It’s true, I was adorable. I had dimples, the only one of the eight to have them. Also yep, I am so old my mom wore DRESSES around the house routinely.
    Me 21 months old
    Me 21 months old

  7. Out of 8 kids, besides the dimples, I am the only one of my brothers and sister to have RH Negative blood. I think all 7 of them are O Positive and I alone am O Negative. Google assures me that’s no proof of my mother having an affair, (you’re darned right I checked) but I’m just guessing the 2 year old and the 1 year old are BETTER proof than she didn’t. Still, that seems like a weird coincidence. 🙁

    The are on me like VAMPIRES when I donate blood!
    They are on me like VAMPIRES when I donate blood!
  8. My 48th book comes out next month, actually my 47 & 48, both novellas … HOWEVER I did several novella collections with my friends from Seekerville and we recently took them down (they stopped selling, we may repackage or I may gather mine and publish them separately, but right now I’m VERY BUSY–okay, not three kids under 2 years old, but still…busy). That was 4 or 5 of my 48 books. So now I’ve gone down to about 44 books. It’s a very confusing situation.

    Here are book spines from many of my books...not all of them
    Here are book spines from many of my books…not all of them
  9. I’ve been published now by (counting…taking off socks to use toes…hmmm) about 8 publishers, if I count the novellas that’ve been taken down. They were indy pubbed so does that count? Anyway, if I don’t count them, then 7.

    Mary's Patented Weight Loss Program...6 inch heels
    Mary’s Patented Weight Loss Program…6 inch heels
  10. I am the perfect weight for my height…as long as I wear six inch heels…………which makes me 6 ft. 2 in. tall and probably in the borderline freak category, unless I play women’s basketball, in which case I’m GREAT!!!

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58 thoughts on “10 Things You May Not Know About Me…………Mary Connealy”

  1. Hi Mary, I love your comedic personality. It also flows over into your writing and I love that too.

    I am from a family of only three kids but I’m the only one with two dimples. Did you ever have people come up to you saying “Oh you are so cute! Where’d you get those dimples?”. It used to drive me crazy. I started telling everyone that I stole them from my mom and that is why she doesn’t have dimples anymore. It worked, they kept quiet.

    Cindy W.

  2. Hi Mary,
    You’re so much fun to read about. Your family reunions must be amazing. I don’t have dimples but I do have RH negative blood and the vampires are on me, too. According to what I read on Google, negative blood means that you and I probably landed here from out of space. That explains a lot.


    • They are INSANE, Janine. There’s actually a Star Trek episode that reminds me of my family reunions. Remember the one where the woman used Captain Kirk to bring disease to their planet so they wouldn’t be so over crowded.

      I swear there are moments ……………

    • Way To Go, Estella. It was the BABY BOOM. As a child, our neighbors across the road had NINE kids. My sisters in law–one’s from a family of 9, one 13, one 8.
      We didn’t even feel like it was all that large of a family. (except the tiny house kept reminding us we were crowded)…I shared a room with three sisters for a time. One double bed. One bunk bed….in a TINY room.

  3. Hi Mary! Love your post! I know life must never have been dull around your house with many brothers and sisters. Would you believe, I am an only child and I married one of six. What a shock!

  4. Enjoyed reading facts about you. I always wanted to come from a big family so I do envy you?. I think that is so wonderful. You teased us about your husbands name and left us there? – so curious now.
    Thank you for post and for all the wonderful books you write. I really do like reading your books.

    • Ah, thanks, Mary B. I appreciate the kind words about my books. I probably shouldn’t have even brought up his name. It’s all absolutely true.
      My name is Mary and here he comes with a sort of normal-ish sounding name. Connealy–is the one I’ll refer to. But turns out there aren’t many of them!

  5. It sounds like you had a great childhood and learned not to take yourself too seriously. My mother was an only child and my father was one of seventeen children (five sets of twins in there;) mother hated to share anything and father loved to share anything he could! Made for some very laughable memories for their five children.

    I appreciate your books because they are always uplifting to me. Glad you kept writing until you got published. You’ve blessed a lot of us with your gift.

    • OH MY GOSH!!!! FIVE SETS OF TWINS!? I can’t imagine that…as a mother. All you could do is survive it. And to do it FIVE TIMES? Your grandma was probably as level headed as any human alive.

  6. I’m laughing about the blood – I happen to be AB- so the rarest blood type. I know my dad was B+ but my mom has never found out her blood type lol.

  7. I love your books and enjoyed learning more about you. Must been fun having all the siblings! Have a great and blessed day!

  8. How fun to learn more about one of my favorite authors! Those heels just look painful- I think they double as masochistic weapons. Your mother must be some kind of superhero, raising all those kids in a 2 room house!

    • We built on after while, Heidi……………..about the time child number six was born. Then we had a THREE bedroom house. For a while … I think years … I slept on a couch in what we called The Middle Room. Hey that was my BED!
      And at some point my oldest brother somehow made space for himself in this tiny attic room and moved upstairs. So if you count the attic (poor Don!) and my couch, you could call it a five bedroom house……….sort of.

  9. As an only child I always wanted a large family and dreamed of having at least 6 kids. Now I have 3 beautiful girls and no energy! (And no money!) God bless your parents!

  10. Love reading your stories. I have 3 brothers but my parents took care of foster kids so I had 21 more “siblings”.
    Thanks for your humor.

  11. My maternal grandparents were from families of 7 and 9 kids… can not imagine that many siblings around… I grew up with two sisters.

  12. I can’t believe you wrote for 10 years before you were published! I am glad that a publisher realized your talent, otherwise we would have missed out on reading such great books!!!

    I am the second oldest in between 2 sisters. My parents named me after my Dad, Dennis because they had wanted a boy so much. After the third daughter, my Dad got his two boys. Growing up in a family of 5 kids was an adventure and such a blessing!!!

    Again thanks for writing, your books bless me!!!


    • AS adults I can say my siblings are a blessing. As a kid, I just knew I had to line up to eat EARLY. Mom seemed to think we had enough survival skills to make sure we got food. And if we didn’t, well, that was how you thinned the herd.

  13. what a cute and interesting story,,i was the second of three kids,,a older sister and younger brother,,my mom was a stay at home mom and cooked everydayi was the tom boy,,went with my dad everywhere he went,my little brother the only boy was a mamas boy and never went anywhere with Daddy

  14. I’ve read all of your books and am always anxious to read your next one!! Your characters make me laugh….and I love to laugh!! I love, love, love your books!!!

  15. I adore learning these facts! My mom had my two older brothers and then when I showed up 11 months after that she waited three more years before having another boy. LOL.

  16. I just love your books! I love the way you combine humor, action, suspense and romance. I just got No Way Up for my birthday last week. It was my favorite gift.

    • Have you read The Boden Birthright, Kelly? It’s a free ebook novella, go grab a copy and read that first for maximum fun!!!!!!!!

      I think No Way Up is excellent as is, of course.

  17. Thanks for a fun post. I don’t have all 48 of your books, or 44, but I have quite a few. Always saving up for more books from Mary (and a few others). And yes I enjoy your sense of humor greatly, because while I love to laugh, I am sometimes “too much thinking”, too serious, so in need of a lighten up moment.

    I kind of wonder if the helicopters and separate bedrooms for everyone that is so prevalent these days, isn’t in some way encouraging an entitlement attitude. I was three of four, the only girl, so I did have my own bedroom, but the boys shared a bedroom. And we all wore lots of hand me downs and garage sale clothing. #nurturegratefulness for what you have.

    Thanks again for a fun post.

    • Kathy, your own room? I’m a little weepy with envy right now!!!!

      I do think all those PEOPLE around me and an absolute inability to speak up and be heard, is at the root of my writing. I spent a LOT of time tuned out and living inside my head.

  18. Wow – I thought I had a big family. (Six kids & I’m the only girl.) Compared to my Grandma, though, we had a small family. She had 14 children! I’m amazed at how many books you had written before you landed a publishing contract. That’s persistence! Love your books. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  19. Mary, what a great post. As usual, you made me laugh. I was the ‘caboose’ in my family–an ‘unexpected treasure’ that came along when my sisters were 10 and 12. Imagine my parents’ surprise…LOL I loved getting to know you better, my filly sis. Very interesting life you led, and you are made of hardy stuff!

    My mom had 10 siblings–I think I was probably lucky to even be here. LOL Her grandmother had 17 kids, but they were “yours, mine, and ours”–still.

    Great post. I enjoyed it!

  20. ?????? I love you Mary and you crack me up! I thank God for your wonderful sense of humor and writing talent! I enjoy getting to know you better with this post and you were so “stinking” cute as a tot! What a blessing to come from a large family! I’m also glad you not to busy to share with us!
    Love ?? Amy

  21. Your family situation sounds familiar. My mom was second oldest and oldest girl of 9 children and my dad was third oldest of 6 boys and one girl. I am the oldest of six. My mom was in a similar situation to yours. The first 4 of us were born very close together – I was born in Jan. of 47, the next Feb. 48, next Sept. 49, and next Jan. of 51. That is 2 weeks short of 4 years! There was a gap of a few years then two more within 2 years. I don’t know how she managed. My girls were 15 months apart then there was a gap of 7 years before our son was born. That was a hard enough of a combination. He broke the mold. A hyperactive 4 year old between two young teen girls in the back seat of a car is no fun.
    I have never heard of a family that was all type O blood. My husband is O+ but I don’t think any of our children are. Were both of your parents type O?
    You may have been shy as a child, but you seem to have gotten over it. The sense of humor in your books is delightful. I think humor in a story is important, no matter what kind of story it is. Mystery, suspense, paranormal, romance, whatever it is a necessary component. It helps break the tension, put things in perspective, and gives insight into the characters.
    It is fortunate you had a “stable” of finished books to polish up and once you did get published. I hope there will be many more in the future.

  22. I’m an only with no siblings and no dimples but I do have O negative blood. I was born before it was known that O negative could negatively effect subsequent births until a “shot” was first given in 1968, thus no siblings for me. Did you know only 6.6% of the population has O negative? I didn’t until I just now looked it up. And it’s sought because it can be used “universally” for red blood cells for all blood types. But you likely knew that. 😉

  23. Mary, I love your books. I know people say love all the time and don’t really mean it but I do. You gave me back a sense that I could read romance books. Yes, you have suspense and the historical factor but the romance in your books brought me back to the genre. I am pleased that your books bring a sense of humor to the plate. I don’t laugh enough and I know when I read your books I will get a laugh out loud experience. I am the only child my mother who was #5 of 6 (3 and 3)and my father of 2 (1 and 1) with a half sister in there and some step siblings. I don’ know how many. isn’t that odd? I almost didn’t get here so they didn’t have any more. I was taught to share early and I still share some but not as freely as I used to. I am A+ so am not sought after. I had enough of vampires though as I was a sickly kid and spent time in hospitals. One of my vampires looked like a werewolf though, very fuzzy faced. Keep writing and that is a lesson to me that I need to keep writing too as I am an aspiring novelist.

  24. Other people’s childhoods always look more interesting than our own. Or if not more interesting then at least less weird. Well, speaking for myself anyway! My sister and I are Sally Ann and Mary Jane. I spent many years listening to Little Sally Saucer being sung to me and she has spent a lifetime saying “It’s Mary Jane, that’s my first name, 2 words, 1 name, no middle name.” Not sure what my mother was thinking. Loved the pictures and running out right now for the product for your Patented Weight Loss Program. Thanks for some laughs with my morning coffee.

  25. I was also the third child born but there was a brother between me and my older sister. We were not quite two years apart. Then I have a younger sister that came about ten years after me. It was like a second family.

  26. I love your books and have quite a few of them (just counted 25 on my shelf). I had no idea you have 48 published books! I’m rather behind and fear I will not catch up with reading all of them. I think it’s mainly the novellas that I’m behind on. Thanks for telling us these ten things about you and for the book giveaway.

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