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Dear Petticoats and Pistols!

I guarantee you will not be disappointed with my new book, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE (September 2016 – Sourcebooks in e-book form and in print/mass paperback)!   If you haven’t read OUTLAW HEARTS (#1) and DO NOT FORSAKE ME (#2), you will want to read those two also, but you don’t necessarily need to have read them to enjoy LOVE’S SWEET REVEGE (#3), which is the continuing story of reformed outlaw Jake Harkner and the woman  (Miranda) who has been to hell and back with this man.  Jake loves “Randy” beyond measure and would step in front of a train for her. Randy has seen him through running from the law and then prison, followed by the dangers and heartache of Jake being sentenced to serve as a U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma when it was referred to as “no man’s land.”  Through it all these two raised a son and daughter who stand by their parents through thick and thin and eventually, in books 2 and 3, give them beautiful grandchildren.


In LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE the Harkner family has grown and are extremely close and supportive of each other.  Even though they are getting older, Jake and Randy’s love endures and strengthens, and these two are still “hot” for each other.  Randy is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and Jake is a tough, tough man, hardened by an abusive boyhood and the perils of living by the gun and always fighting a past that won’t leave him alone.  Once known as the “handsome outlaw,” Jake retains his good looks and ages well, the type of man who just seems to get better as he gets older. He is damn good at making love and a man no woman would turn away, especially when he flashes his very fetching smile.   He is extremely defensive of his family, and handsome or not, this man can be incredibly ruthless to his enemies.  When his son is shot while they are all in Denver for a Cattlemen’s Ball, the “outlaw” mode comes forth full force when Jake thinks his son is dead, shot in cold blood.  He blows the shootist’s head off right in front of everyone at the ball, an act that for reasons you will have to read, lands Jake in deep trouble with the law wherein he faces a hanging.  This is a powerful part of the story, and family unity is HUGE here.  Things happen that will truly tug at your heart.

Loves Sweet Revenge

These Outlaw books show how Jake learns to love, and how he gradually learns to forgive himself through the love of his family – and how he grows stronger on the inside thanks to the love of a good woman.  He once never dreamed he could have the life he’s come to have in LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE, the entire family owning and living on a big cattle ranch in Colorado.  Something truly dramatic happens at the end of this story that will carry over into the fourth book of the series, THE LAST OUTLAW, scheduled for September 2017.  I just finished the book and it’s a beautiful, beautiful story, very fitting for the last book of the series.


I am proud of how I’ve handled the psychology of Jake Harkner throughout these books, from a young, confused, troubled, vicious and unforgiving outlaw who walks a thin line between darkness and light, sanity and insanity … to (slowly but surely) a man who is strong enough on the inside to face his past.  The woman he loves (but who he’s always felt he does not deserve) brings him out of darkness and helps him grow stronger on the inside – to the point where in LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE it’s Jake who must be the strong one for Randy.  Up to then Randy has been the emotionally strong one.  Jake is damn good with fists and guns and as brave and able as they come, but because of his horrific childhood of living with a drunken father who beat Jake regularly and beat Jake’s mother to death in front of his eyes, there is an abused little boy down deep inside who just wants to be loved but who feels unworthy.

My readers are all in love with rugged, handsome Jake Harkner and wish they were his beloved Randy.  I guarantee you will get hooked on this whole family once you start reading these books which by LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE cover 31 years of Jake and Randy’s life together.  Jake was raised by prostitutes and he damn well knows how to handle a woman, which is part of the reason Randy can’t say no to him – but she also can’t say no to that little boy who wants her home.


Over the years, Jake and Miranda Harkner have endured all the dangers a wild and brutal West could throw at them.  Now, settled on their ranch in the beautiful Colorado hill country, they’ve finally found peace.  But for a man like Jake Harkner, danger is always lurking, and the world may not be ready for an infamous outlaw-turned-lawman-turned-legend to hang up his guns.

Threatened by cruel men in search of revenge, the Harkner clan must be stronger than ever before.  Yet nothing can stop the coming storm.  With the Old West dying around them and the rules of this new world ever-changing, Jake vows to end the threat to his family no matter what it takes …

Even if it means sacrificing himself so his beloved Miranda may live.

“An emotional powerhouse!  The strong flavor of the Wild West combines with a beautiful love story, creating a true saga of the era … This classic historical Western is destined for the ‘keeper’ shelf.”  ROMANTIC TIMES BOOK REVIEWS “TOP PICK” FOR DO NOT FORSAKE ME


USA TODAY best-seller Rosanne Bittner has been writing for approximately 35 years, selling her first book, SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, in 1982.  That was 63 books ago, and she hasn’t stopped and promises more to come.  Her first love is American history, especially the Old West and Native American history.  She writes well-researched books that have won numerous awards, including the prestigious WILLA award from Women Writing the West, and was named “Queen of Western Romance,” by Romantic Times Reviews, who nominated DO NOT FORSAKE ME for best western romance for 2015. That book and LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE also received great reviews from the very important reader/writer national review magazine, Publisher’s Weekly.


Rosanne belongs to several writers’ groups and historical societies and is president of the Coloma Lioness Club, a local charity organization in the small town where Rosanne lives in southwest Michigan.  She travels to conduct workshops and give talks to writers’ groups.  This month she is speaking at a library in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a literacy fund-raiser that last year raised $20,000 for teaching and mentoring programs throughout the Tulsa area.


Rosanne and her husband Larry have been married almost 52 years and have two sons and three grandsons.  She and her husband own a condo in Las Vegas, where they stay part of the winter to get away from Michigan’s snow.  They also often travel west in the summer for research for Rosanne’s books.  Her newest book, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE, is the third book in Rosanne’s “Outlaw” series, with a fourth book coming in 2017, THE LAST OUTLAW.  And Roseanne has offered one lucky blogger today a chance to win the full 3 book set of the Outlaw series!!

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  1. Wow Charlene, this sounds so good from the beginning to the current releases. I love that you are following a special man from the start with Jake and Miranda, Randy through their lives good and bad, adventures and perils alike but also them as a couple, a family and now the continuing growth of it too. I definitely want to read this from the get go, just reading about their lives has me wanting to get all the books to read in this series for sure. If I did have them both read before, I would still read them both again before reading this current story just so I was totally fresh and ready for the next adventure with Jake and Randy. I love coming up on a series new to me so that I can buy as many as I can and be cast away in reading oblivion until I complete all the books and then maybe read them once more again so I can’t miss anything for sure. Then it is hurry up and wait for the next book in the series again. Read them all again until the next book is read as well. Read and repeat for each subsequent new book in the series. Hmm I bet you can’t tell I love to read my series books of my most favorite authors over and over again, and it was almost al3 in print books before, getting dog-eared over the years but now I do have some series as ebooks, not the same satisfaction as flipping pages and the smell of a well read book but ebooks are usually cheaper. If I adore an author it is get the hardback, then paperback when out so some of my series are quite a collection of different books, print and ebook total. Thanks for the newest update Charlene, now I have to go check out the books online.

  2. Sorry Rosanne, I do have a lot of your books so will double check to make sure if I have either of the first two first. Sorry on the name too, my bad ugh, between the 2 showing on this small app 1 under the other on this blog, 2 names together helped my mistake Rosanne, but off to go check all ereader app libraries (lots) and online stores, thanks again Rosanne.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful books! And thank you for coming to P&P. It’s such a treat to have you here.

    I came fairly late to reading western romances and when I asked for reading suggestions from a book board, “Outlaw Hearts” was very enthusiastically suggested right away. And then not all that much later, “Do Not Forsake Me” came out. I felt like I had won the lottery!

    Another personal note: My great-grandfather and his brothers moved into the Cherokee and Choctaw Nations after the Civil War, and my grandfather was born there before OK became a state. Later on, my grandparents, my mom and her sisters lived in Northern Oklahoma City to be near a special hospital for my ill great-grandmother. So, while I enjoy all kinds and settings for westerns, of course, Oklahoma always calls out to me as “home” since I grew up with so many wonderful stories (even though I grew up in the Northeast). Oh, and of course it turned me into the family genealogist. My loving research didn’t hurt either.

    Thanks again for coming.

  4. Rosanne- I have been a huge fan of yours for years. I’ve read 57 of your books, some of them I’ve already read twice. I’m in the middle of Loves Sweet Revenge right now & I’m just blown away with the emotional aspect you have delivered in this book. Your Savage Destiny series is my favorite Indian series and Outlaw Hearts is my favorite Outlaw series. You have hit this 3rd book right out of the park. The way your write and deliver a story is beyond phenomenal and I truly believe your characters are so real and that one day we will all meet up in heaven.
    I’m still so honored to have finally of met you in person this past year at the RT convention in Vegas. A highlight in my life I’ll never forget and will always cherish.
    I want to wish you luck with Loves Sweet Revenge, this one is your best books to date and I’m only 1/2 way through it. Powerful, emotional, and superbly written. So excited that we will have a #4, The Last Outlaw and a Christmas book next year to look forward too. Best of luck, Loves Sweet Revenge deserves Historical romance of the year. Love & hugs: Tonya

  5. Hi Rosanne. This series sounds wonderful and I love the covers of all three books. I would absolutely LOVE to win a set. Thank you for your generosity.

    Many Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    • Cindy- I can guarantee you’ll love this book, actually all 3, that’s a promise I can stand behind. Give them a try, Outlaw Hearts span 26 years of Jake & Randy, Do Not Forsake Me, is phenomenal, & Loves Sweet Revenge is emotional powerful book I am reading now. Hope you give them a try.

    • Debra- I can guarantee you’ll love this book, actually all 3, that’s a promise I can stand behind. Give them a try, Outlaw Hearts span 26 years of Jake & Randy, Do Not Forsake Me, is phenomenal, & Loves Sweet Revenge is emotional powerful book I am reading now. Hope you give them a try.

  6. This series sounds like an amazing read and I can’t wait to read them. I love the western romance and always have. My favorite books to read. Thanks for sharing them with us today and your covers are beautiful.

  7. I too promise Rosanne Bittner definitely has written another wonderful book in Love’s Sweet Revenge

    The Queen of the Western Historical takes you on the grandest ride yet of her career. Loves Sweet Revenge opens to Jake and Miranda (Randy) Harkner finally enjoying the peace they have so long sought after for nearly 30 years, or have they truly found that peace for a man that has lived Outlaw then lawman? He definitely has made enemies and when they attack all he holds dear he takes care of things the only way he knows how. Then yet when Jake’s guns can’t completely fix a wrong committed he must fix in a way he never has before, drawing for the first time on the goodness and inner strength his beloved wife, daughter and son has always told him is inside of him. Although he has never seen it himself, he has to finally believe it or forever lose all that is precious to him. Can Jake learn that Love is the Sweetest Revenge of all?

  8. Western romance allows me to dream, and transports me to another era, realm and place. What wonderful books and writing. Many thanks.

  9. I have to totally agree with everyone – these books sound wonderful and the covers are just gorgeous. Thanks for a chance at winning your stories!

  10. My word, you got my blood to pumping! We just got back (last night) from months in Nicaragua (missionaries) and would love to read these 3 books! These are not the standard go around!

  11. I grew up listening to my Dad read to me all of Zane Grey’s books along with Louis LAmour westerns. I grew up in Colorado so will be interested in this story.
    I have read several of your other books and enjoyed them.

  12. It sounds like you have chronicled the development of the West through the growth of this family. The West had a rough start. The people who lived there were a mix of some of the worse society had to offer and those who were looking for a fresh start. Jake is part of the sordid side of the settlement, but he is a survivor making the best of the situation. In establishing Jake and Miranda’s relationship and following its and the family’s growth in a way we see how the West grew and matured over the years. I had not heard of this series, but will be checking it out. It sounds like you have done a good job of depicting both and giving us real characters we can relate to.

    • Hi Patricia, I hope you don’t mind that I write to you. I agree that a lot of people headed west were looking for a fresh start but I don’t see it as the worst of society going there. TV shows and novels often depict lawlessness and hardships for a good story but my take from a lifetime of reading non-fiction, pioneer women’s diaries, and the like has made me think otherwise.

      First, most of the people on wagon trains had to have money just to start out in order to buy the wagon(s), horses or oxen, and all the supplies that would be needed for an extended time–about a $1000 it has been estimated. (Some people on the Mormon Trail walked, pushing barrows with their supplies but that was the exception.) To me the challenges of the journey were living in the weather for 2000 miles–either in a jolting wagon or more likely walking beside it, crossing rivers, climbing mountains, etc. When I think of two of the worst things about the west I think of how many pioneers died from cholera, typhoid and other diseases. The other thing I think of is the ultimate depredations done _to_ not by Native Americans. Indian attacks were a lot less than we see in our fiction too and most Indian raids were to steal the horses–part of Indian culture (kind of like how in Scotland it was reiving cattle.) That’s why the horses were put in the circle of wagons, while the oxen were left it. It was weather and terrain and time before the first winter snowfalls that were the biggest enemies I think.

      Yes, there were eventually towns with cardsharps, cattlemen drinking off a hard cattle drive, and petty or notorious thieves, but the West would have never made it if that had been the base of the the people there. Who would there have been to rob? They’re more fun to read about, though, than milking cows, washing clothes, hunting animals for food, breaking sod, clearing land, pushing a plow or whatever.

      I had an interest in American history since elementary school that was later fueled by learning that my own family were pioneers.

      • Eliza- loved your post. I’ve been reading Rosanne’s books for 10+ years and like I told her, she has taught me more about American History than I ever learned in all of my schooling, college included. She researches true actual events and is spot on. I hope you try her Savage Destiny Series, too, it’s gritty and has true accounts of the Cheyenne Indians and the havoc they went through as the West was settled. Hope you read her Outlaw Hearts Series, it’s phenomenal.

      • I agree that many of the early settlers were there for the adventure and the opportunity. Both sides of my family came to North America in the 1600’s, into Canada along the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City and Montreal. The French government sent women over to make more established communities and increase the population. They were the “File du Roi.” There is an interesting article explaining them here
        It took strong people unafraid to work hard and sacrifice for the future they wanted. There are always those who prey upon others, and yes, they make for interesting stories. As for all the “bad press” the Indians got, I rarely believed much of it. They were being pushed out of their homes and trying to survive. Some of the stories were due to a lack of understanding of the tribal cultures and others reflect a war to keep their land.
        Thanks for an interesting post and response.

  13. Thanks for a great post, Roseanne! I still haven’t started this series. . . But every post makes me want it more!

  14. I’ve been lucky enough to have become a friend of Rosanne’s, through her brilliant writing! I wrote to her when her first book was Published in 1982; and have been in touch, ever since!
    I’m from Perth, Western Australia.
    My husband and I travelled to U.S., a few years ago, to meet Rosanne, and her wonderful family.
    Hopefully, I’ll get to catch-up, again!
    If you haven’t read all of Rosanne’s books… Do… They’re amazing. Bless you all. Regards from Australia.????

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