10 Things You May Not Know About Me…………Mary Connealy

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  1. I’m third born of eight children, the third daughter in a row. Yep, I’m sure Mom and Dad were super excited to see that. Whoopee, another girl!

    Five of us, the Christmas of 1960?
    Five of us, the Christmas of 1960?
  2. We all grew up in a two bedroom farmhouse with no air conditioning. And our main food was the milk from our own cows, the eggs from our own chickens, the vegetables from our own garden. And mom baked bread at least once a week. (but we bought bread, too) And she made the best, most awe-inspiring cinnamon rolls that have ever graced this planet. (or course I was probably really HUNGRY)

    My family in 1960. I'm the cute one. (face it, you know which one I mean!)
    My family in 1966-ish. I’m the cute one. (face it, you know which one I mean!)
  3. When I was a newborn, my mom had a daughter barely over 2 years, another barely over 1 year and a newborn. DEAL WITH THAT WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE BUSY!!! I get a little light headed just WRITING it. But mom is darned spry and 88 years old now.

    Mom and Me
    Mom and Me
  4. I married my high school sweetheart, a Nebraska cattleman whom I call My Cowboy on Facebook when I talk about my life. Mainly I call him that because his name is very unusual, in fact I think it’s possible (without really checking because how would a person check a thing like that) that he’s the ONLY person named that in the whole world (Connealy is a rarer name than you’d imagine–his first name is the kind you get when you’re the 6th of 7 sons born to an extremely tired woman–yeah, toss that in. I’m from a family of 8 kids, My Cowboy is from a family of 7…all boys). So I don’t like giving out his name.

    One of the 120 calves born at our place every spring.
    One of the 120 calves born at our place every spring.
  5. I wrote for ten years before I got my first book published. On that fateful day when I earned a contract, I had 20 finished books on my computer…and the book I sold? It was on proposal. Unwritten! I had to write a book. (eyeball roll) But I did end up selling a lot of those 20 books.

    My First Book in Print!
    My First Book in Print!
  6. I was so shy when I was little that I used to cling to my mama’s skirts and hide behind her legs when nice people would fuss over how cute I was. It’s true, I was adorable. I had dimples, the only one of the eight to have them. Also yep, I am so old my mom wore DRESSES around the house routinely.
    Me 21 months old
    Me 21 months old

  7. Out of 8 kids, besides the dimples, I am the only one of my brothers and sister to have RH Negative blood. I think all 7 of them are O Positive and I alone am O Negative. Google assures me that’s no proof of my mother having an affair, (you’re darned right I checked) but I’m just guessing the 2 year old and the 1 year old are BETTER proof than she didn’t. Still, that seems like a weird coincidence. 🙁

    The are on me like VAMPIRES when I donate blood!
    They are on me like VAMPIRES when I donate blood!
  8. My 48th book comes out next month, actually my 47 & 48, both novellas … HOWEVER I did several novella collections with my friends from Seekerville and we recently took them down (they stopped selling, we may repackage or I may gather mine and publish them separately, but right now I’m VERY BUSY–okay, not three kids under 2 years old, but still…busy). That was 4 or 5 of my 48 books. So now I’ve gone down to about 44 books. It’s a very confusing situation.

    Here are book spines from many of my books...not all of them
    Here are book spines from many of my books…not all of them
  9. I’ve been published now by (counting…taking off socks to use toes…hmmm) about 8 publishers, if I count the novellas that’ve been taken down. They were indy pubbed so does that count? Anyway, if I don’t count them, then 7.

    Mary's Patented Weight Loss Program...6 inch heels
    Mary’s Patented Weight Loss Program…6 inch heels
  10. I am the perfect weight for my height…as long as I wear six inch heels…………which makes me 6 ft. 2 in. tall and probably in the borderline freak category, unless I play women’s basketball, in which case I’m GREAT!!!

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Fun Facts about Filly Phyliss


This is Filly Fun Fact week and it’s my turn to share with you all some of my life.  First off, I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle on the caprock.  Lots of folks have the idea that the Panhandle is only sage brush and yucca, but it’s not.  It has some of the most beautiful wildflowers, yucca blossoms, and cattle in the United States.  Okay, here goes ten things that most of you don’t know about me.

palo-duro-canyon-for-trr1.  Probably the most interesting part of me is my heritage.  First of all, Daddy was a “Fly boy” as they called the soldiers stationed at the Amarillo Air Force Base at the end of WWII.  Daddy was walking down Polk Street and saw just the back of Mother sitting at the soda fountain.  He fell in love with her red hair peeping through a drug store window.  They married and about nine or ten months later, I came along and then three more sisters.  So I’m definitely an A personality with a tad of OCD dusted over me.  Need I say more!

My daddy’s family came to the United States following the overthrow of Kiser Wilhelm and changed their name.  We don’t know why they left Germany.  Were they a part of the overthrow and had to leave for protection?  Or, were they part of Daddy’s preferred story … royalty who  were brought to America and changed their name to Pannier for their own safety and to start a new life?  We’ll likely never know, except it’s obvious that we have a lot of German heritage in us.  So, then my mama, a pure southern lady born in Louisiana and Texan implant, married Daddy, a Yankee through and through.  Black-eyed peas were for the hogs, so they were never served in our house!

Now for mama’s side of the family.  Born in 1898, Grannie’s given name was Petrolea Pauline Womack and she wassouthern-belle raised on the Womack Plantation in Louisiana.  You talk about a pure southern belle and Baptist, who never drank but loved Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Until recently, the town of Womack was listed in all road maps and atlases.  She married my grandfather Alva Robert Johnson, a railroad worker who was the grandson of a true Blackfoot Indian princess. There were two things I knew I’d have when we went to their house…Hershey Chocolate Drops and the little 8 oz. bottles of Coke, like those recently released.  He thought the flavor of the larger bottle were diluted.  And, yes, you can see the Blackfoot heritage in our family.

bass-guitar2.  I cannot sing!  My girls even whispered to me in church to please stop singing; however, I can play the bass guitar. I never liked the guitar, although I own a red and white Fender Stratocaster, because the strings hurt my fingers.  In one of my business ventures, my business partner and I owned a true Texas Honky Tonk.  Although I was half owner of the band, they only let me play when it was closing time and most of our patrons had left or needed to leave.

3.  When I graduated from high school my typing teacher told me to go to collage and go into something that did nottypist require typing.  Funny thing, I followed her advice, and ended up in the legal field. For nearly fourteen years as Legal Coordinator for our local hospital district and later being a paralegal  with a big law firm doing  mainly medical defense litigation.  I wonder today if Miss Shows challenged me with her statement or she truly didn’t think I could type well enough to hold down a job that required typing!

4.  I have been a Toastmaster.  The hardest courses I’ve ever taken were the ones that led me to be a Dale Carnegie graduate.

8-kids5.  I have eight grandkids.  Right now half of them are in college, with the oldest graduating this coming May and going into medical school.  I have three more who are taking classes in preparation for medical school.  One, who will go into college in the spring, plans on being a school teacher, which is the career I wanted to go into, plus we come from a long line of school teachers.  I’m proud of all of them.

6.  I think writers should walk-the-walk, which of course something isn’t possible.  My favorite spot is CentralOut of the Texas Night California (Santa Barbara County) where my oldest daughter and her family live.  I’ve written one single title book set in California and ending in Texas while I visited there.  Some of the same characters are in the single title I’m working on right now.  Out of a Texas Night is the second of the Kasota Springs Romance series.

circus-clown7.  I’m married to a authentic Ringling Brothers Barnum Baily clown.  I didn’t have time to reproduce the picture we have of Frosty the Clown doing Bob’s face for his performance, but I do have a picture of Frosty on one of the posters for the circus.  My DH always had a desire to be a clown, although it is truly the farthest thing from his true personality.  One of our dear friends was with an advertising agency for the circus and made his dream come true.

8.  One of my favorite things to do beside writing and being a Granny is to hand quilt. Now I don’t care about piecing but I love to hand stitch.  My motherquilting was wonderful at the lost art of quilting and my baby sister, Mary, quilts on the sewing machine.

acs9.  My favorite charity is the American Cancer Society.  I love Relay for Life events and since my California daughter began with the ACS before she even had children, we’ve been involved in many, many events all over the country.

10.  Now for the thing most people don’t know about me.  I’m a woman with two first names.  Phyliss Miranda.  But here’s the catch Phyliss isn’t truly my first name.  I came from the era that I never had to have my birth certificate filed with the State of Texas.  We got into school, higher education, married and had our own babies using the certificate issued from the hospital.  Mother always told me that my name was misspelled, although I was named after two of my aunts, Phyllis and Bobbie Rae.  We thought it was Phyllis that was spelled wrong, so we used Phyliss.  That was until I applied for my Passport and had to get the original.  Oops, it read Phyllis Rae Pannier.  So I’d gone around with the wrong name but it was too late to change.  The house, our checking accounts and all business records show Phyliss, not to mention my two daughter’s birth certificates.   So, much for presuming.   I knew my Aunt Bobbie was named after her father Robert thus Bobbie and Grannie’s brother Ray.  Recently, while going through old records I found a number of my aunt’s business papers and guess what?  Her middle name fluctuates between Rae and Ray with Ray being in the family Bible written in my grandmother’s hand.  So in reality, both my first and middle names are wrong!

Just as long as you call me for supper, I’ll answer to any of the names! But my favorite name of all is Mrs. Robert Miranda.


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Ten Fun Filly Facts about Kathryn!


I feel like I need to have a name starting with F for this post!
Fun Filly Facts about Francine… hmm…

This week is dedicated to fun facts about the members that make up the corral
here at Wildflower Junction (a.k.a. Petticoats and Pistols) and today is my day!
I’m supposed to come up with 10 facts ~ we’ll see if I can…

FFF #1

~ I wrote my first manuscript with the hope that I could make enough money to stay home with my children as they grew. Call me naive to the publishing world! It didn’t happen, but now on the flip side of life, I have been able to retire early and be with my grandchildren and parents more.

FFF #2numbers

~ I prefer even numbers.
Not sure why…it just makes sense to me.
Maybe it was because I was born on an even day in an even month.
2014 was a good year. 2016 even more so.
(There might be a pill to correct this…or maybe therapy.)

FFF #3

Kathryn's Wedding Picture~ Although my first wedding was more exciting than my second, my second marriage has been more exciting than my first–and it’s to the same man!
Allow me to explain:  My first marriage at my grandparent’s farm lasted fifteen minutes ~ the duration of the drive from the farm to the church. I learned after the 1st ceremony, that the wedding wasn’t legal because the farm was just over the county line. The pastor had to take us back to his side of the line to say our “I Dos” all over again and sign the wedding certificate in the correct county. (It seems to have stuck — We’ve been married 38 years!) 

FFF #4

~ I love witty puns and quotes.
I think this may be a hazard of being a writer and loving the written word.

              “Borrow money from pessimists—they don’t expect it back.” (Steven Wright)
“If yourcar could travel at the speed of light, would your headlights work?” (Steven Wright)
“She’s descended from a long line her mother listened to. (Gypsy Rose Lee)
“Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.”

FFF #5horse-3

~ I wanted a horse when I was a child.
I still want a horse…
(Or a trip to a dude ranch might help :-))
I did enjoy riding lessons for two years as a youngster.
Even won a red ribbon (2nd place) in my one and only horse competition.

 FFF #6Cuyamaca Countryside

~ I grew up in the big city but always was a country gal at heart.
My favorite times were when my family left the city of San Diego and went hiking in the back country, to the beach, or on a summer vacation to a National Park. Give me the wide open spaces, an open road, and a starry sky and I am happiest.

FFF #720160927_140409_resized

~ I’m a dog person
—most particularly Golden Retrievers and Great Danes.
(I think this has something to do with never having my own horse.)
I’ve had three goldens that have come and gone in my life. The one pictured here was named Baron.
Every time I take a walk I think about and miss them.

FFF #8henry-cavill-superman-costume

~ I love everything SUPERMAN.
Mostly it has to do with his moral integrity, need to protect those weaker, and his strength.
It may have a small something to do with being able to fly. That is one cool super-power!
But then…he is easy on the eyes…

FFF #9

10914931_10153074190180135_517531118880944071_oIn my other life
I was a High Risk Obstetrical Nurse and a Sonographer.
That’s a lot of initials after my name…(I’m trying to beat my brothers…)
Now that I have left the medical field, I miss doing ultrasounds of babies in the womb.
I don’t miss having to get up everyday and leave for work.

FFF #10

I have my own “cheese cake” photo.  

Ready?  Here you go…


Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me.
I’d love to hear a few fun facts about you! How about sharing one or two?

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Ten Facts You May Not Know About Me…Jeannie Watt

Filly Fun 2016 Design to use

Hi Everyone! I’m back again to share with you ten things about me. Writing ten things sounds easy until you start…then it gets hard. But here goes…

1. I love to sew. Just love it. My mother taught me to sew when I was nine during


my first year of 4-H. Being a kid with a short attention span, I hated sewing! A hem took an eternity, and I had better things to do! But all of my friends were in 4-H sewing, so I continued on. By the time I hit high school, I realized that I could make clothing that I couldn’t afford (this was pre-discount store time) and sewing became a passion. It was also easier after I’d attained some skills and my attention span was (slightly) longer.




2.I also love ponies. I learned to ride on a pony, but wanted a big horse. My younger brother had a big old gentle work horse that I coveted. However, after I finally got a big horse, I discovered that not only did I love ponies, but they loved me. I’m a pony person. I had a herd of thirteen when my husband finally put his foot down and said I had to pare down the herd. So now I have three. They’re pets.

My house in Nevada.

3.I live off the grid in rural Nevada and have for the past twenty-two years. When we first moved to our house, which is good sized and has all the amenities of any home anywhere, we would turn the power off at night and read by kerosene lantern. Now we read on our cell phones and tablets. How times h
ave changed. It was a great way to raise kids.




4. That said, I’m about to move onto my parents’ farm and cattle ranch in Montana. It’s a very small cattle operation, but enough to keep us busy. We’ll be raising heritage beef, which has a lean-tender gene. Low marbling, yet lots of flavor. My dad has quite a breeding program going on.

30s-ensemble5. In addition to loving to sew, I collect vintage patterns on ebay, then sew them into clothes that I may or may not be able to wear. Sometimes they look a lot different on the pattern than they do on a real body. I’ve discovered that I have 1930s shape. Those patterns fit me well.

6. I worked in an underground mine when I was in my twenties, back when there weren’t many women underground. I worked for a year, then returned to college to get a degree in geology. I also got a degree in education.

img_15287. I started running when I was in my forties because my kids were in cross country. I hated it, but like sewing, eventually came to embrace it. I’m slow and steady.

8. I taught junior high science for 29 years. I miss my kids, but I love being retired!

9. I hate heights—my husband and I once re-roofed a garage working on our bellies for the most part, because he’s afraid of heights, too—but I don’t mind spiders.

img_303310. My family and Iimg_3012 attend the Great Dickens Fair in San Francisco every year. I made all the clothing for the family. I found that I really enjoy tailoring. I think we look very dapper.
img_2998 img_1820








And there you go–ten things about me. I’m a sewing, pony-loving, off-the-grid, ranching, mining, running, height-fearing, spider-tolerating, Victorian costumer!





Winnie’s Winner!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by to share something about themselves – I truly enjoyed getting to know you a little better. I threw all the names in a hat and pulled out my winner, who happens to be…

Kathleen O’Donnell !!

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TEXAS CINDERELLA, A September 2016 release

22 TC- smallIn Search of a Groom 

After a life of drudgery on her family’s farm, Cassie Lynn Vickers relishes her freedom working in town as a paid companion for feisty Mrs. Flanagan. When her father suddenly demands she come home, she has no choice. Unless she can find a husband. If only she could convince handsome town newcomer Riley Walker to marry her…

Riley is on the run. He’s desperate to keep his niece and nephew safe from his crooked half brother. But a delay in Turnabout, Texas, shows him everything he didn’t know he was missing: home, family—and Cassie Lynn. Can he find a way to become her Prince Charming…and build a real family with the children and Cassie Lynn?



10 Things You May Not Know About Me…Winnie Griggs

WG Logo 2015-04

Hello all, Winnie Griggs here. It’s my turn to share little known facts about who the ‘true Winnie Griggs’ is. So here goes:

  1. This may sound like heresy to some of you, but as a kid I just did not care for Nancy Drew – I only read the series when I was hard up for reading material and there was nothing else available. But I was a BIG fan of Trixie Belden, The Hardy Boys and dozens of other teen adventure/mystery series. I still own many of those old books.
  2. The first real story I ever wrote from start to finish was of the fan fiction variety. I was about ten years old and it featured Roy Rogers and the gang from the old Saturday morning TV show. I guess Westerns were in my blood even then.
  3. Among the other very special things about me is that I have two middle names. That’s right, I am officially Winnie Mae Marie.
  4. I’m one of those odd ducks who really enjoys math and puzzles. In fact, that was my major in college. I got a BS in Mathematics, with minors in Computer Science and Accounting – how much geeekier can you get!
  5. I am the oldest of five siblings- my sisters and brother hint (strongly) that this makes me bossy. I prefer to think of myself as confident.
    As a side note, my youngest sister is 20 years younger than me – I got the news my mother was pregnant at the end of my sophomore year of college – how’s that for a shocker! My boyfriend was with me when my dad told me. That boyfriend is now my husband so I guess it didn’t scare him off.
  6. One of my younger sisters got married before I did, so, true to tradition, I danced barefoot at her wedding.
  7. And speaking of dancing, I absolutely LOVE to dance, it’s hard for me to be still when there is music playing. Unfortunately I’m totally uncoordinated and I’m not a pretty sight on the dance floor.
  8. I almost didn’t attend the college where I eventually ended up. I’ve always been a homebody so I had picked out two universities that were within a two hour drive of home. When I went in to take my ACT test, howeverr, there was a place on the test form that asks you to list 3 colleges you’re considering. I listed the two I wanted, but I’m a bit OCD about forms and couldn’t leave the last spot blank. So I remembered that just that morning, my best friend had casually mentioned a college she was looking into that was nearly 400 miles away, so I quickly added that one to the form and promptly forgot all about it. Until a month later when the admissions department contacted me and offered me a full ride scholarship based on my score. It’s kind of scary and awesome how my whole life changed direction based on that one off hand incident. Because that college is where I met the man who would eventually become my husband.
  9. And speaking of meant-to-be, I’d always dreamed of having three kids – it just seemed the ideal family size to me. But apparently the Good Lord had other plans for me. My last pregnancy resulted in twins! Now I have four grown, remarkable, wonderful children whom I wouldn’t change for the world.
  10. Summer before last we took a family vacation to Hawaii, where I not only had a fabulous time but I got to check something off my bucket list. My husband and I took a ride around the island in a helicopter. I loved it – very exhilarating and the views were breathtaking!

So now you know more than you ever wanted to know about who I am. Is there anything on this list you can relate to? And how about you reciprocate by sharing one or two fun facts about yourself? Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for your choice of any book from my backlist. Drawing will take place sometime tomorrow.


22 TC- small

In Search of a Groom 

After a life of drudgery on her family’s farm, Cassie Lynn Vickers relishes her freedom working in town as a paid companion for feisty Mrs. Flanagan. When her father suddenly demands she come home, she has no choice. Unless she can find a husband. If only she could convince handsome town newcomer Riley Walker to marry her… 

Riley is on the run. He’s desperate to keep his niece and nephew safe from his crooked half brother. But a delay in Turnabout, Texas, shows him everything he didn’t know he was missing: home, family—and Cassie Lynn. Can he find a way to become her Prince Charming…and build a real family with the children and Cassie Lynn?