Jane Porter: Goodbye to P&P

I have so enjoyed the year I’ve spent here with all the Petticoats & Pistols fillies and readers.  This is such an amazing community of book girls, all with such love for the western romance genre.

Jane in Bandera, Texas on her Sept 2012 She’s Gone Country booktour…

I’ve made great friends and have learned so much, too, and am constantly being inspired by the women in this community, their stories and posts.  

where she was taught to ride…
rope, and yes…
stand on the back of a horse.

Unfortunately I need to peel away for the coming year as I juggle personal and professional commitments, and doctors orders to do less and get more rest.  “Doing less” does not come easily for me but in this case I must listen and try to slow down a bit, which means deferring some writing opportunities and shifting professional resonsibilities so my family can still have a functioning wife and mom.

I will miss you all, and hope I can return now and again so say hello and share more adventures with you!



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15 thoughts on “Jane Porter: Goodbye to P&P”

  1. How could you look so relaxed standing on the back of that horse, Jane?!?

    What a great picture. LOL. Makes me know we will miss you even more. Having you here this past year has been such a treat. But you’re making the right decision for you and your family, and I hope having one less obligation in your life with be good medicine.

    Keep those books a-comin’! Am reading “The Taming of the Bachelor” and love it!

  2. Jane, sob, it is hard to say goodbye to one of us. I wish you all the best with family and health, and continued goodness with your amazing career. Your posts have had such great pix and are so true to Western life. Don’t be a stranger, y’hear?

  3. Ditto what Tanya said! Don’t be a stranger! And it has been fun getting to know you better over the past year! I hope all your dreams come true for this change and look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories! God keep and bless you!

  4. We will certainly miss you, but getting rest is always important and needed for our bodies. Culture seems to push us towards doing too much! Go rest and have a wonderful year off and I pray you will be refreshed.

  5. Best of luck. I hope you get the rest you need. We will miss you here and hope you get to visit once in a while.

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