I’m so excited! Is there anything better than a BOXED SET of western historical romance stories by five different authors–authors you either know and love, or DON’T know yet and are getting the joy of just discovering? I know many of our readers are already familiar with many of us who have a story in the latest Prairie Rose Publications wonderful boxed set, A KISS TO REMEMBER–but you might not know all of us.

Here is a sneak peek at the stories included in this set–and the best part? The ENTIRE set is only .99! What a steal!

A Kiss to RememberAre you ready for FIVE books in one of the best western historical romance boxed sets to debut this year? Prairie Rose Publications has got just the stories you’ve been craving! Get ready for some wonderful hours of pleasure-filled reading as you settle back in your easy chair and get lost in these wonderful tales of romance that you won’t be able to get enough of! Here’s the link in case you just can’t wait to see if you are my winner of the giveaway!




Her Sanctuary


HER SANCTUARY by Tracy Garrett

Beautiful Maggie Flanaghan’s heart is broken when her father dies suddenly and the westward bound wagon train moves on without her, leaving her stranded in River’s Bend. But Reverend Kristoph Oltmann discovers the tender beginnings of love as he comforts Maggie, only to find she harbors a secret that could make their relationship impossible.



PRPGabriels Law Web


GABRIEL’S LAW by Cheryl Pierson

Brandon Gabriel is hired by the citizens of Spring Branch to hunt down the notorious Clayton Gang, never suspecting a double-cross. When Allison Taylor rides into town for supplies, she doesn’t expect to be sickened by the sight of a man being beaten to death by a mob—a man she recognizes from her past. Spring Branch’s upstanding citizens gather round to see a murder, but everything changes with the click of a gun—and GABRIEL’S LAW.



Outlaw Heart


OUTLAW HEART by Tanya Hanson

Making a new start has never been harder! Bronx Sanderson is determined to leave his old outlaw ways behind and become a decent man. Lila Brewster is certain that her destiny lies in keeping her late husband’s dream alive—a mission house for the down-and-out of Leadville, Colorado. But dreams change when love flares between an angel and a man with an OUTLAW HEART…



The Dumont Way


THE DUMONT WAY by Kathleen Rice Adams

The biggest ranch in Texas will give her all to save her children…but only the right woman’s love can save a man’s tortured soul. This trilogy of stories about the Dumont family contains a new, never-before-published tale by Kathleen Rice Adams! Nothing will stop this powerful family from doing things THE DUMONT WAY…



PRPYesterday's Flame


YESTERDAY’S FLAME by Livia J. Washburn

When smoke jumper Annabel Lowell’s duties propelled her from San Francisco 2000 back to 1906, she faces one of the worst earthquakes in history. But she also finds the passion of a lifetime in fellow fireman Cole Brady. Now she must choose between a future of certain danger—and a present of certain love—no matter how short-lived it may be… “A timeless and haunting tale of love.”~ The Literary Times

I will give away a Kindle copy of this boxed set to ONE LUCKY WINNER! Just leave a comment about what got you started reading romance books and be sure to leave your contact info in the comment section, as well! You just might be my winner!

PRPGabrielsLaw2 BANNER

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  1. Oh my- this is a wonderful treat. I love western historicals, thank you for sharing what each great book is about.

    • Tonya, you’re very welcome! There are some wonderful stories in this boxed set–no “filler” stories. And the price is wonderful, at only .99!

  2. Warning: This is a three-part story. 😉 One day at a new job (some time ago), I was swapping stories with a co-worker, and mentioned that I had loved living in Scotland for a year, at which point she got very excited and insisted that I had to read a book called “Outlander.” That book and series hooked me and off to romance land I went. And kept going!

    Then, a number of years ago, I picked up and read “Silver Lining” by Maggie Osborne and “Heaven Sent” by Pam Morsi, and off I went again, this time to westerns and been there ever since. I asked friends for suggestions, which resulted in a very a long trail of books which naturally turned into in a mountain of westerns, which I’m still happily reading.

    Part three of the story is “finding” Petticoats and Pistols, which I look forward to reading every day where I learn something each time, as well as meet some lovely authors.

    I guess the epilogue, then, is my reading of westerns connects to my mom’s Oklahoma and Texas upbringing and my love of family history. I likely have already told you that my great-grandfather knew Belle and Sam Starr in Cherokee Indian Territory and testified on their behalf (with others) at the Starrs’ trial in Fort Smith that Sam couldn’t have stolen that horse because he had measles at the time! (Sam and Belle lost and went to jail anyway. Much of the Starr’s land and my g-grandpa’s land is under Eufaula Lake now.

    • Hey, lady! I always enjoy your comments about your Oklahoma connections and relatives! So interesting! As for the romance reading–I think my very first romance novel I ever read was Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers–Oh, how I loved that book! I still do, though I know it’s not written by today’s standards–lots of point of view changes–but that was acceptable at that time.

      Outlander…what a wonderful, wonderful series that turned out to be! Some of the books I liked better than others, but overall, just the huge sweep of the story itself, the minor characters and secondary characters–all so very real!

      Another romance author I really do love is Penelope Williamson–I just finished reading THE PASSIONS OF EMMA. That was an unusual book, but one I just could not put down–very fast reading, because the story just pulls you along. It’s not a western, but it was still just excellent.

      We are so glad to have you here at P&P, Eliza! And thanks for being such a “regular” and always being so supportive. I always look forward to your comments!

  3. Loved this set of stories. So happy for you and all the others in this set, for they are winners. Each different, yet so enthralling. Whoever gets this set is in for a treat. Doris

    • Thanks so much, Doris! Always appreciate your words of kindness and support. You are a dear friend. I’m so glad you enjoyed these stories.

    • I KNOW! I’m so happy for you, and that your daughter and granddaughter are both doing fine! That’s more important than anything. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to stop by, Tanya! Your story in this set is just killer. I love me some Bronx, for sure!

  4. I never liked reading until my mid teenage years. I think then my mom handed me a romance book and I was hooked! lattebooksAThotmailDOTcom

    • Susan, I read a LOT as a kid. I had two sisters who were both much older and out of the house by the time I was 8, and I was one lonely little girl! LOL Books were my salvation, and I read all the time. But I remember the first book I ever read about a boyfriend and girlfriend–it would now be called a YA book, but back then, they didn’t really designate books as such. It took place in Hawaii! I can’t remember the name of it, but it was about two teens and those first stirrings of love — 15, 16 years old. I was about 13 at the time I read it and just LOVED it. But I didn’t really actually read a “real” romance until 5 or 6 years later.

  5. I got started reading romance novels when I had pneumonia. I’d read everything in the house (we have a LOT of books) and there was nothing else to read, so my daughter gave me two romances. The first one was awful but the second one hooked me. It was FIRE AND RAIN by Kathleen Eagle. It’s still one of my very favorites.

    • Jacquie, I love Kathleen Eagle. We’ve figure we’re long lost cousins or something because I believe she told me her maiden name was Pierson–and that is such an unusual spelling. LOL But I love, love, love her books–my very favorite of hers was THE NIGHT REMEMBERS. So different, and one of the first contemporary westerns I ever read. Still one of my very favorites of all, too. It’s definitely on my keeper shelf, and so is FIRE AND RAIN!

  6. I did not really get into reading until I was out of school… went with my grandmother to a secondhand shop and was drawn to their book section… Catherine Coulter’s Sherbrooke books stood out. I bought them and have been hooked ever since!

    • I don’t know why, but secondhand shop book sections always just enthrall me, too, Colleen. Isn’t that strange? There’s just something about them, and you always find SOMETHING you can’t live without! I have not read the Sherbrooke books, but sounds like I need to!

  7. Pride and Prejudice! Somewhat late in life I discovered I prefer romances when I had to admit any book I’m reading I’m looking for the hero to sweep the heroine off her feet–hard to find that in detective novels. I meant to comment on the last post about boxed sets but ran out of time. I was floored by the number of boxed sets PRP has released. That’s a lot of books you’ve given birth to and readers and authors alike thank you!

    • Patti, I did not read Pride and Prejudice until I was an adult. But I do love it, and it’s so romantic. Like you, now I can’t read a story that doesn’t have at least a bit of romance in it–that’s part of life! Thanks for your very kind words! And thanks for stopping by today!

  8. I’m so proud of this boxed set–and humbled to be included! The best thing about it? Five completely different stories, writing styles, settings… I love it!

    • Tracy, I am proud of it, too. You couldn’t find any finer stories than these and as you say–all completely different and different styles, too. So glad you joined with us in this venture!

    • Glenda, I remember reading Sweet Savage Love. I had NEVER read anything like it in my life, and it was like opening up a door to a whole new world. That book changed everything for me.

    • Kim, I couldn’t agree more. There are so many times I’ve turned to a book to just “get away from it all” if even for half an hour!

  9. Cheryl, I believe I told you that I’d read several of the stories before the 5 were put into the boxed set and enjoyed them so much that I bought A KISS TO REMEMBER to get the one I hadn’t read–and I enjoyed all of them all over again. They were as much fun to reread as the first time around. Wishing this set much success.

    • I’m so glad to hear you say how much you enjoyed these stories, Bev. I did, too. And even though I edited them and read them through, I will be reading them again, too. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Sarah, thanks so much for your very kind words, my friend. Much appreciated! It is a fantastic bargain, no doubt about it!

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