Snow White and A Kiss To Remember ~Tanya Hanson


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Today or tomorrow, or some day really, really soon, will be a magical day for Hubs and me. Our first granddaughter and already spoiled princess is due to be born any second.  

So what does Snow White have to do with anything? Well, this is the picture that started it all.


Our daughter has been a Snow White freak since she was little. This Disneyland poster hung in her childhood room and went to college with her, and now has the place of honor in Her Royal Highness’s nursery. Honestly, that rearview looks exactly like our daughter did way back when.

Enter the heirloom mirror inherited from HRH’s great-grandma. And a nursery theme was born.



Sleep tight, sweet princess!
Sleep tight, sweet princess!
The red Ikea chair is from the other great-gramma..the yellow toy chest from Gramma and footstool...
The red Ikea chair is from the other great-gramma..the yellow toy chest from Gramma and footstool…

 And also the coolest theme baby shower ever, thanks to our daughter’s beloved sorority sister Danielle!)

Shower invitation!
Shower invitation!
Wishing Well water...(there was also a blueberry one)
Wishing Well water…(there was also a blueberry one)
Danielle's beautiful wedding china (she got married last Christmas) with teensie Magic Mirror napking rings and medieval-themed charters...absolute perfection!)
Danielle’s beautiful wedding china (she got married last Christmas) with teensie Magic Mirror napkin rings and medieval-themed chargers…absolute perfection!)
Her Royal Highness's cake.
Her Royal Highness’s cake.
Poison apple favors (although they were actually harmless cinnamon)
Poison apple favors (although they were actually harmless cinnamon)
Wall decor!
Wall decor!
My daughter opening the gift from Charlene...several adorable outfits. (Charlene has four princesses of her own, so I'm taking notes.)
My daughter opening the gift from Charlene…several adorable outfits. (Charlene has four princesses of her own, so I’m taking notes.)

So…former schoolteacher that I am, I need to share with you now, some:  

Cliff Notes on the “real” Snow White

The Germany fairy tale was published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, original title Sneewittchen.

The fairy tale features the now-classic Magic Mirror, poisoned apple, glass coffin, Evil Queen-Evil Stepmother, a sleeping enchantment, and of course, dwarfs. Oh the best part: glass coffin and a delicious prince.


Basically, a widowed king marries a second wife who is pathologically jealous of his beautiful daughter. Mostly because her Magic Mirror revealing the fairest of them all one day reveals– The Princess. Evil Queen orders hunter to kill our beautiful princess. Gasp. Of course Snow White’s so lovely, he just can’t. Instead, she finds refuge in a tiny cottage of little men. Queen finds her, disguised as a peddler with delicious apples. Only…they are poisoned! Snow White falls to the floor, is believed dead and laid to rest in a glass coffin. Whereupon our hero Prince finds her .



Well, research by a German historian 20 years ago claims Snow White is inspired by the life of Margaretha von Waldeck, a countess who fell in love with a prince, the future Philip II of Spain. Sweet Margaretha died at age 21, and it is believed Spanish agents of her lover’s father poisoned her.

Or not. Another scholar thinks Snow White is based on Maria Sophia von Erthal. (The ancestral castle is now a museum in Bavaria). Its “talking mirror” , actually an acoustical toy made in 1720, was part of the household when Maria’s nasty stepmother Claudia Elisabeth Maria von Venningen moved in. The mirror itself is on display in the Spessart Museum!


The creepiest thing is…one legend has the Evil Queen attending the royal prince’s wedding … See picture above. So far…she has No Idea the bride is Snow White. Upon discovery of her presence, a pair of red-hot iron shoes are brought in to Punish Her…she is forced to step into the horrific footwear and dance until, sob, she dies!

All I know is, our little princess is the Fairest of All. I know for sure, because I’ve seen the ultra sound. Talk about magic!


Okay…so what’s your favorite fairy tale? Did you read fairy tales as a child? Did you ever want to be a princess? Have you ever visited a castle?

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53 thoughts on “Snow White and A Kiss To Remember ~Tanya Hanson”

    • Hi DebraG, I always loved Snow White, and I loved Sleeping Beauty, too. In fact, one Christmas, my parents Dave me a book titled “Fifty Famous Fairy Tales.” I read that book until it cane apart! Thanks for commenting today.

    • Janine, thanks for stopping by. i always wanted a glass slipper! Hard to walk in though lol. In my above-mentioned book, the plot had the evil stepsisters cutting off their big toes to try to make the shoe fit. Yikes!!!

  1. Early congrats on the new grandbaby! I can’t remember wanting to be a princess–maybe because such terrible things befell them!–but I do remember vividly wanting to be a cowgirl.

    My favorite castle to visit was Holyrood Palace at the end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile with Edinburgh Castle at the opposite end, and I remember spending the night in a couple of castles in Scotland that had been turned into youth hostels. Lovely, lovely memories. I didn’t find any princes though!

    • Hi Eliza, oh wow! Real castle! When I was a college counselor , the dean of admissions at University of St. Andrews would visit my students and always invited me to cone chair Edinburgh. I wish I’d taken the time. I did visit Hohenzollern in Austria though…the torture chamber is awful even today lol. So good to hear from you!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful shower! I loved the pictures. Your princess will be a fabulous Snow White. 🙂
    I don’t have a favorite fairy tale, but I do love watching all the movies.

    • Hi Susan, it was such a magical day. Just every detail so perfect. I took a zillion pictures so I can show Her Royal Highness when she’s a little older. I love all the cDisbey princesses…Danielke had the Snow White movie playing on ger TV inside the whole day. Thanks so much for commenting.

  3. Lovely shower!
    I read fairy tales and my favorite was Beauty and the Beast.
    Never wanted to be a princess or visit a castle.

    • Hi Estella, oh, Beauty and the Beast. Good one. I remember first reading it when I was eight and I felt so bad for the Beast. Sniff. The Disney version and the theme song are just so lovely. I so appreciate your commenting today.

  4. Beautiful shower. I don’t know if this is considered a fairy tale. But I always loved The Wizard of Oz. I guess i considered the Emerald City my castle. Lol

    • Melissa, I think so! It’s got a castle lol. I loved that book too, as well as the movie. Oh yeah, the Christmas I got WoO, I pretended I was Dorothy for days…mom scrounged an d Easter basket for me to play with. Wow. The comments today are bringing back some great memories. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Hi Melanie, the shower was so great…it was right after the national Romance Writers Conference, so was kinda the cherry on top of a great week. I have been going nuts buying girl clothes for months myself. She’ll be the best-dressed Princess ever. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hi Kim, thanks for popping in today. Either I was born a history nerd and like castles because of it, or vice versa. Then I learned how cold and damp they are et al. Not that romantic lol.

  5. I love Sleeping Beauty & Beauty and the Beast! I was surprised that when I took a child’s lit class in college how different the fairytales were compared to their Disney versions, especially The Little Mermaid… love the happy princess versions!

    • Hi Colleen, I hear ya! E.g. Those iron shoes. They were actually very Grimm stories, Pun intended. And step relatives were always so evil. Sheesh. Thanks so much for commenting today!

    • Hi PamT, I can’t wait. i have two great-nieces who have already stolen my heart, but this is the real deal for us. Thanks for commenting today and for your kind words. xox

  6. Tanya, that was a gorgeous shower! I love that picture of the little girl seeing Snow White in the mirror.

    I don’t think I ever really wanted to be a princess of any kind. I remember being ‘stuck” on Tinkerbell when I was little–because she had blonde hair like me! LOL I’ve never been to a “real” castle. But I’ve been to the one in Disneyland! LOL

    Wonderful post–and I have to say again how much I loved your story in A KISS TO REMEMBER, OUTLAW HEART! I always enjoy your tales!

    • Hi Cheryl, my little grandson (the princess’s big brother LOL) absolutely loves Tinkerbelle! I got him the Tink doll for Christmas two years ago, and his auntie got him a Tinkerbelle that flew all around the house. Well, until she crashed. It’s so fun, getting to “play” again. Thanks so much for being such a great editor! xoxox

  7. I’m up to and reading ‘Outlaw Heart’ now. Loving it. Congratulations up the upcoming new ‘Princess’, it has to be so exciting.

    I love fairy tales, but ‘Puss in Boots’ is a favorite, but the story that made the biggest impression on me was ‘The Red Shoes’by Hans Christian Anderson. Additionally, Charles Perrault’s stories have always been favorites forever.

    • Hi Doris, thanks so much for the compliment…it was a story from the heart, as you know, written during a traumatic time. But I love Doc Holliday, sigh. I remember The Red Shoes and Puss both. And didn’t Perrault’s Cinderella have the slippers made of fur? That would kinda make more sense LOL. So appreciate you stopping by today.

    • Hi Susan, Cinderella, ah I love the fairy godmother there. But I’m gonna have to check on The White Cat. That seems to be a new one for my repertoire. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by today I appreciate your comment.

  8. Cute idea for a baby shower. Hope all goes well with the delivery. My second granddaughter, Malia, was born on June 16th. You’ll be awed at how amazing being a grandmother can be. My first granddaughter, Nyah, will be 5 in November. She was born 10 days after Charlene’s first granddaughter, Everly.

    My favorite story growing up was Heidi and her Swiss grandpa. I always liked Beauty and the Beast too.

    I went on a tour of a castle in England when I was 16. It was located near Stratford- On-Avon. I can’t remember the name. We took a vacation for my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary.

    • Hi Laurie, thanks so much for coming by today. Congratulations on your new baby girl! (Malia is the name of one of my heroines!) My grandson will be five in November….he and Evvie are just four days apart and yes, Charlene and I are already matchmaking them LOL.

      Oh, I am such an anglophile! My friend Nancy and I spent an entire day in the Tower of London, reading every word and investigating every cranny. And we loved the palace in Brighton. I so want to get back to England, see Stratford and Windsor Diana’s ancestral digs, Althorp. Someday. sigh. Thanks again!

    • Thanks, Sam. I can’t wait. Although I have been going gramma-crazy ever since we got the happy news. My credit card is smoking. Thanks for coming by today…I so missed you in SD. xoxox

  9. Heya Tanya!

    I love the nursery. I had two boys, so we were transformers and ninja turtles, oh – and a big crush on the pink power ranger.

    Congrats on becoming a Grandma. Where does the time go?

    Favorite nursery tale? Does Dr. Seuss count? I wish I had Duck Feet. Man, I just don’t remember. Classic tales? Cinderella probably.

    • Connie, you’ve got me laughing. The princess’s older brother, 4, got to re-do his bedroom too and he picked Star Wars! Complete with glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls , Millennium Falcon nightlight. It’s so cute. What’s fun…my son (his uncle) had a Star Wars bedroomthirty-odd years ago! What’s old becomes new. Thanks so much for commenting today.

  10. What a wonderful shower for the princess. I loved all those ingenious ideas. Who made that spectacular cake? I just want to wish you and yours congratulations on the upcoming birth of a magical baby girl.
    My favorite fairy tale is The Light Princess–a princess with a spell cast upon her wherein she was weightless and could not cry.
    East of the Sun and West of the Moon was another favorite of mine. So romantic and the heroine is the one who saved the prince.
    I am so happy for you, Tanya.

    • Hi Sarah, wow, what great tales. I kinda long to be a princess who is weightless. (always my struggle, blubber). I will have to check those tales out. I so appreciate your good wishes. We are very happy at her health and my daughter’s health…and the shower was a perfect day to remember. Love you, my friend.

  11. Oh my goodness I love all the Snow White stuff! What a clever way to decorate a babies room! My best buddy’s favorite princess is Snow White. I have always loved princess anything!!! My favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I love the whole story! Falling in love with what’s underneath first! And she is a princess who is brunette and loves to read!

    • Hi Cori, yes indeed! I love Belle myself. Disney did evolve their princesses over the years, for sure. My daughter has tons of Snow White stuff. Her favorite is a biggish ceramic Snow White and Dopey she got in DisneyWorld long ago…she hand-carried them on the plane. The one in the nursery is a plasticky one that HRH can actually play with later on LOL. Thanks so much for commenting today!

  12. Loved your blog today. The Snow White nursery looks beautiful with all the perfect touches. So excited to meet little Snow White in October.

    • Hi Roberta, oh I know. it’s all so exciting, I have a hard time settling down to finish the book that’s due. The nursery s so cute. I know you will see her soon but October seems so far away. Thanks so much for commenting today, Love you. xo

  13. What a beautiful clever shower theme. Our grandaughter is 16 and driving–time flies. They are little for such a short time, enjoy your princess.

  14. I had two favourites: Beauty and the Beast and The Old Woman in the Wood -that one is one of the less famous fairy tales the Grimm brothers wrote down.

  15. I read many fairy tales. I liked the one about the tin soldier best. Liked Snow White and Sleeping Beauty too. My mother got me a book of Grimm’s fairy tales.

  16. Tanya- Thanks for the great post. You are blessed with the grandchild on the way. Yes, I loved Snow White & Cinderella…when you are little life is a fairy tale. The only castle that I have been to is the one at Disney World (Cinderella’s) it was awesome. Loved all the fairy tale rides & buildings. We are all God’s children & this old lady still is a princess in her mind & that of her grandchildren & great grand children that I make princess also.

  17. Hi Lois, thanks so much for the sweet comment! Oh yeah, I so love Cinderella’s Castle…took the kids to DisneyWorld way back when. But we are Disneylabd freaks since it’s a smidge closer.

  18. I missed the post yesterday, but had already ordered the book when it first came out. What a lovely and special shower. She is lucky to have such good and creative friends.
    Thank you for the information on Snow White. I knew the Grimm Fairy Tales were based on some rather “grim” realities, but had not heard these. Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Fairy Tale. Will have to look up the origins of that one. I am almost afraid to find out.

  19. Hi Tanya,
    Forgive me for not posting sooner, I’ve been off computer, for a couple days of much needed vacation! And then I see your post and how adorable the shower was! What fun, and all those Snow White decorations! How beautiful!! I truly loved this post and seeing the nursery all set up. Now, you only need the baby to fill it with joy!

  20. Hi Tanya,
    I’m gonna try to repost this, as I’m having trouble with Windows 10…grrr, but I wanted to tell you how much I loved your post. I loved seeing the baby’s room all set up and ready for the little one, and how great the shower looked and all those Snow White goodies. How fun! Best of luck to all with the new one, when she decides to say hello to the world!

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