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Good Thursday, all! Glad you could join me. The topic of the day is Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Tracy Garrett. So, let’s see—Tracy Garrett

  1. I’m a middle child. My older brother was born a hazel-eyed redhead, my younger sister a blue-eyed blond. Me? “Brown, brown, brown, brown, brown!” (Anyone know what that quote is from?)
  2. If you’ve read my bio, you know I’m a musician, but did you know I’d planned to be a school music teacher? I was a Music Education major right up until my senior year.   It only took two days of student teaching for me to realize I was in the wrong place! Yikes! With the help of my professors—and a couple of extra special study classes—I graduated on time with a Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance. Then I headed to graduate school for a Master of Music in Flute Performance. And, before the real world called, I did post-grad work in voice performance. So now, naturally, I’m a romance writer. lol
  3. I still use my music. I’m the Assistant Director for the Greater Lake Area Chorale, a group of 60-70 volunteer musicians who perform two concert seasons a year. And every year since 2008, my mom (pianist), my sister (vocalist), a couple of other vocalists and I have given a concert to raise funds for local charities. This August will mark our ninth annual Evening With The Classics.
  4. LOTOWe live on beautiful Lake of the Ozarks. The Lake has more shoreline than California has coastline. We moved here because our parents all decided to retire here—and because Dan has been coming to this lake all his life (his first time on the water here was when his mother was pregnant with him).
  5. I’m a certified sailboat skipper. I have the training (and the papers) to pilot up to a 50’ sailboat. I didn’t grow up on the water, though. I took up sailing because my husband grew up on the water. I figured I needed to be able to get us to shore if he got conked on the head by the boom. I’ve been sailing in Florida and the Caribbean eight or nine times. After a sailboat, piloting our 25’ pontoon is a piece of cake.
  6. I’ve snorkeled with manta rays! This giant of the sea has a tip-to-tip wingspaMantan of up to 23’ and can weigh in at 4,400 lbs!  Just imagine:  you’re the only snorkeler on a dive boat after dark; once all the divers are in the water, you gear up and step off the back of the boat into the cold Pacific Ocean water; you surface and signal to the driver that you’re good to go, turn around—and come face to face with this!!! I promise I can spell hyperventilate now!
  7. You all know I’m a Cowboy Action Shooter by the name of Ozark Belle. What you might not realize is I’d never shot a gun until we took up the sport three years ago. (I don’t count firing my brother’s BB gun at the woodpecker who decided my bedroom window was a fine place to drill at four in the morning. Both shots missed.)
  8. I’ve got about a dozen states to go to visit all fifty. I’ve been to DC, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, too.
  9. IStBasilsCathedral spent 28 days with a college class exploring The Soviet Union when Brezhnev was in power. It’s an amazing country. Standing in a thousand year old chapel—it’s hard to describe what that’s like.
  10. Counting Russia, I’ve visited twelve countries besides the good old United States of America (thirteen if you count a layover in the airport in Helsinki, Finland). One of those was former East Germany. We worshipped in Thomaskirche, the Leipzig church where J.S. Bach and Felix Mendelssohn played. Way cool!

That’s about it, I think.  Thanks again for visiting with me. Happy Reading!


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29 thoughts on “Wait… What?”

  1. Wow! I’m tired just reading all of this. You have had an amazing life. I would love to be able to travel to some of the places you have mentioned.

  2. Wow, Tracy! You are a very interesting gal. 🙂 I, too, played flute in college, but I didn’t major in music. In fact, I switched from band to choir when I met my husband since he was in choir. 🙂 My daughter now plays my old flute and is about to enter college with plans to march in the band.

    Musician, Sailor, and Sharpshooter. Girl, you’ve just about done it all!

  3. You are a world class traveler! 😀 Thanks for sharing with us – you have a busy history. I don’t know if I could even think of five things to say about myself. Haha!

  4. Tracy…I am amazed. You have done a LOT in your life!

    Now, here’s something funny. You mentioned the different hair and eye colors of your siblings. Same thing in our family–my oldest sister was a blue-eyed blonde, my middle sister was like you say–brown brown brown–(that’s funny)and then there was me–blonde and BROWN-eyed. Isn’t that strange how that happens in some families, and in others, the kids look so much alike there is no doubt they belong to the “Moss” clan (or whatever clan it is!) LOL

    I would love to learn to sail. Made sure both my kids knew how to do it at a young age–we were lucky enough to live close to a lake here in Oklahoma City that gives sailboat lessons.

    You are remarkable, lady! And I love that you and your mom and sis give concerts for charity. That’s great. I played flute all through my “school days”, but when I went to college I majored in English. I would love to hear you play, and hear your concerts with your family, etc.–are any of these on youtube?

  5. Wow, Tracy, what a fascinating life and exciting travels! I’m Russian and dream of St. Basil’s some day. (One of my email monikers is RedSquare lol.) I love the pix you post on FB of your beautiful lakeside home! Hope to find ya in San Diego. Nice blog today, filly sister.

  6. Tracy, believe it or not, I started Wesleyan as a music major. Music played and still plays a part in my life. I am in awe of what you have done and accomplished. You go! May life continue to bring you joy and music. Doris/Angela

  7. Tracy, What a wonderful and full life you’ve had. And I hope you get to the other states and/or countries you have on your agenda. It was wonderful reading about you and all you’ve done. I’ve swam with Sting Rays, but that was at Disney World @ Nassau and the Rays had their stingers removed, but it was awesome to have them swim around, over and under me. I’ll stick with that kind and let you be the adventurer. Also have sailed three times in the BVI and my hubby was co captain with a crew of eight. We live on one of the NYS FInger Lakes so we are water people–the lake is my front yard. Have never played the flute, but I do play the piano and recently the Celtic harp, but I don’t attest to being good enough to ever play for an audience. Hope your life continues to be the whirl wind you seem to thrive on. I love it. Wishing you the best.

  8. Hi Tracy. I didn’t realize how little I knew about you except what a great writer you are and you live in the Ozarks. I think doing 10 things people don’t know about you was a great idea and I’ve learned so much about my sister Fillies. I’m very, very impressed with your accomplishments. Keep on keeping on. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Phyliss

  9. Well it sounds like you have had a very interesting life so far. I have only been to a few states myself because I don’t travel much.

  10. What a great life you have lived and are living with so many interests and talents! Good for you! I lack four states so I am hoping I make them.

  11. We no longer can afford to travel much but we waited 15 years to have our family and we visited as many as we could. My husband is an air force brat and he’s been all over the world. Traveling is just so exciting!

  12. Oldest blue eyes and blond hair all my siblings and half siblings are all blue eyes and blondies pissed my mother off. She has black hair and hazel eyes.

  13. How wonderful you are using your music degree so well. I love music, but listening to it is as far as I can go. I tried violin in grease school, but my parents couldn’t handle more than a few months of my practicing. I had one semester of piano in college, a requirement for education majors. I could play, but only at about half speed.
    I have been out on a 55 foot sailboat and it is a wonderful experience. I admire your ability to handle one. It is so soothing to move quietly through the water on one. Of course rough seas are a negative.
    In high school I wanted to study marine biology, but there were few programs at the time. Those that were available were too far away and too expensive. The more I learned about what is down there, the less I wanted to spend much time down there. Manta rays are not dangerous, but rather intimidating. Too bad they are a threatened species.
    Would love to go to Russia. If we manage to get to Europe, we will try to do so. At one point my husband’s security clearance prevented us from traveling to some countries, especially Russia. That clearance has been over for 20+ years now so is no concern. I have a few more states to visit, but my list of countries to visit is a long one. When I came home from the Peace Corps in 1971, I had travel to most of the Middle East scheduled. It was safe and interesting. I couldn’t travel to much of Southeast Asia. My how times have changed. A family emergency necessitated my terminating my travel and go directly home. I only got to visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Bali. Sadly, the Middle East is not now what it was and the historical treasures are being destroyed.

    Thank you for an interesting post.

    • Patricia B., Russia isn’t what it once was, either, but standing in a chapel that was over 800 years old was amazing. Some of the frescos could still be seen even though the roof was long gone.

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