Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me—Margaret Brownley


It’s time for some more silly Filly fun.

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  1. I collect teapots. This was not intentional, but I made the mistake of setting two teapots together on a shelf and people just assumed I collected them.  I now own more than 40 in all shapes and colors.  Whenever I throw a tea party, guests each get their own teapots.


2. I have more than 2000 research books in my library, which probably explains why I can never find the book I want.   


3. I’m currently a Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor and have signed off on nearly 1000 badges.

4. In my other life I was a teacher.

5. I run a rescue shelter for Boston Ferns. Anyone having trouble with theirs knows to bring it to me.


6. I flunked eighth grade English. I didn’t do all that great in history, either (All those dates and battles—ugh!). Since my head was always in the clouds, I was probably better prepared to be an astronaut than a writer of historical fiction.

7. I don’t sit on a chair when I write; I sit on a stability ball. These balls are great for building core strength but there is a drawback; A recent earthquake sent me flying.


8. I’ve been to all fifty states. Alaska was the last state visited.  

9. I have six wonderful grandchildren. Other fillies claim to have the best grandchildren in the world, but that’s only because they haven’t met mine.

10. All my best ideas come at three a.m. My worst ideas come at three a.m, too.3

11. My office is Monet purple.  Purple is supposed to stimulate creativity.  I like to think that a messy office is the sign of an orderly mind. my office

12.  I can’t count.

Now it’s your turn: In what ways are you and I alike?

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39 thoughts on “Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me—Margaret Brownley”

  1. I have way too many books too and can never find the one I’m looking for. My sister had the same problem and she has all her books organized now by genre, author and then alphabetized within. She is retired so she has the time to do it.

    I cross-stitched a clown for my mom to put up in her office at work many years ago. People thought she collected clowns, and well, like your teapots, she now does as people always got them for her.

    Thank you for sharing about yourself.

    Cindy W.

    • Hi Cindy, the story about your mother’s clowns made me laugh. I suspect that’s how most collections get started.
      Your sister is a wonder. My books are loosely organized by state, occupations, Civil War, clothing and so forth but I still have trouble finding the book I want. Sometimes I buy a book that I just have to have, only to find I already own it.

      Take care,

  2. I love seeing all of your books. I recently had to buy a new shelf because my collection had grown so much (but I’m not complaining, I love books).

  3. I have books here, there, and everywhere! I love my books! And I was a teacher until I decided to make my time my own.

  4. lol I like clutter and I probably own 3,000 books and can’t find more than half of them since they are at least 3 deep!

  5. Margaret, that chair intrigues me. I wonder if it would help my back. I get horrible backaches when I write and I’ve tried all kinds of lumbar things. I love your purple! That’s my favorite color too. I’ve found it really soothing. I would LOVE to see those research books in your library! No wonder you come up with the most interesting, unusual blogs. It’s funny that you don’t collect teapots and yet have so many. I’m that way with crosses. I hung two small ones and one a little bigger and now that’s all I get for gifts. My wall is full. I wonder if I could have a cross party and make all who come take one. Hmmmmmmm.

    Congrats again on that beautiful cover!

    • Hi Linda, I don’t know if the chair will help your back. All I know is that when I sit in a regular chair to work, I get really tired and my back aches at the end of the day.

      Laughing about your crosses. I’m thinking about hanging two twenties on the wall. Maybe my friends will take the hint. If you collect anything it may as well be money, right?

  6. I am a not a big fan of clutter although my desk would argue that theory. I love to collect Angels and hearts. And I love to collect China cups and saucers. I have a large collection of books, but then who doesn’t if you are a reader.
    I failed grade 5 because of my math skills, but passed High School and was the Valedictorian.

    • Hi Kathleen, I have a lot of China cups and saucers, too. Some belonged to my mother-in-law. Recently, I had a tea party for the grandkiddies and they got to drink out of their great grandmother’s China.

      Valedictorian, eh? Wow! I’m impressed. I barely made it through school.

  7. We share an amazing English heritage! 🙂 I did go on to tutor English students!
    I don’t collect teapots but I put two roosters in my kitchen-oh, my. Never put two things together unless you want them to breed. I did put a few books in a stack and that has turned into eight bookcase. Now we are downsizing. I have been able to cull ten books so far. I think I will need therapy before this is done.
    I love that you are a Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor. I sew those badges on for local scouts and have been invited to some Eagle Scout ceremonies. What an honor to be part of that!
    Stability ball chairs…I just gave one away. Apparently I’m not that stable.
    My desk makes yours look very tame. Very tame indeed.

    • Rosie, we do share an amazing history. Roosters, uh? That’s the first I heard of two roosters breeding. LOL

      We now have three Eagle Scouts in our family and it is a great honor to be part of that. I love that you said my desk was tame. You’re the first to describe it that way.

  8. I don’t have 2000 books but I do have a lot. Can’t seem to read fast enough. Some of them are yours I am sure.

  9. Hi Margaret, you’ve got me chuckling. Well, I was a teacher in my other life, too, and get to resurrect the joy lol once a year doing a presentation on romance writing at the local junior high’s Career Day. I also hear ya about 3:00 a.m. Mine’s mostly demons that come then, though. I’m okay at four a.m. Hugs..,great post today!

  10. I had to laugh about your teapot collection, Margaret! I used to collect miniature oil lamps for a similar reason. I was told to pick something for grandma to buy for me at a touristy place and she refused to buy a book or something a could get just anywhere – so an oil lamp it was.

    Years ago I also used an excercise ball as my chair when working, but I didn’t have the cool frame with a back that you’ve got! Just the ball.

    • Hi Glenda, I never heard of anyone collecting miniature oil lamps. I don’t imagine they were easy to find.

      You’re a braver soul than I. I wouldn’t trust myself to sit on a ball without the frame.

  11. I have clutter in my life and find everything anyone will ask me for. When it’s clean? Nope, can’t find a thing. LOL. I don’t know that I outright collect anything, but I do like adding books. Always adding books. I became a homeschool mom as a cover for my book addiction. 😉

  12. I have books everywhere, my shelves are overflowing, LOL! I love the purple… and my desk has a nice organized chaos to it!

  13. I am like you in the fact that I have a lot of books …mostly in plastic storage boxes since my book shelf is full and. My favorite color is purple..I love the look of your purple writing room.

    • Hi Jackie, sounds like you need more bookshelves. That makes two of us. I love my Monet purple office. My guest room was inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers. I love decorating around different themes.

  14. I have more books than I could ever have enough bookshelves for so I also have a book room but the books in that room with labels on the end of the box, sometimes by author, but also for history, like my medieval,English history, Native American, plants, and on an on. There are books in every single room of my rambling farmhouse.

    I also have a few teapots I brought back various times from the UK.

    I’m a night owl so my best ideas are overnight too.

    I wasn’t a teacher but in my other life I was in publishing.

  15. Oh you made me laugh. I think if this list is the only way we are comparing ourselves, then you and I are not much alike. I have two teapots, lots of disorganized books, I wasn’t even a girl scout, occasionally I teach SS, I did okay in English and History but I cannot remember dates either. I need to sit on a stability ball and travel more, no children so no grandchildren and if I wake at 3:00 it’s because I’m having a hot flash. I could never tolerate a purple room, however I do agree that a messy room is definitely a sign of an orderly mind. Just don’t ask me to find anything in five minutes. 🙂

  16. What a fun Filly post! Loved getting to know the “real” you a little better! I have an exercise ball too–for sitting, but I don’t have the stabilizing frame that you have. I just roll all around on it– LOL. I switch between my chair, the ball, standing…whatever works so that my derriere doesn’t get sore.

    Thanks for a fun post, Margaret! Loved the teapots!

  17. 1. I started collecting teapots, but stopped because they were taking away shelf space I could use for books.
    2. I have lots of great history & science books. They are great for research if I ever need them. It would help if I organized them.
    3.Congratulations on being a badge counselor. Both my husband and I did the same for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
    4. I was a teacher and children’s librarian.
    5. We rescue animals.
    6. I never cared for history because of the date and name memorization.
    7.I love your stability ball.
    8. We are working on the fifty states. I think we have 5 or 6 to go.
    9. 4 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. I don’t have to think they are wonderful, there parent’s have already told them they are.
    10. My best idea at 3AM is I really should get to bed. My worst is staying up that late way too often.
    11. I can count, but get my right and left mixed up.

    Thanks for a fun and interesting “Get To Know You ” post.

    • Hi Quilt lady, what a unique collecting idea. I don’t think I ever met anyone who collected thimbles. I recently asked my ten year old granddaughter to get my thimble from my sewing cabinet and she had no idea what I was talking about.

  18. I love books. In the house I had that burned I had floor to ceiling bookshelves in most rooms. My father built them for my mother and me. I had probably thousands of books. I now live in a much smaller house but it is filled with books too. Just not floor to ceiling like the old one. I need more shelves. I have books in boxes but not labeled. I was a teacher too, band, music and I had a minor in English so I taught that too. I used to have lots of ferns too and still love them. I now have a bed of ferns outside my house. I almost failed Algebra II in high school and failed one of my music courses in college. My desk is worse than yours and I even have file folders to work with. I’ve only been out of state once and we traveled from Texas to Pennsylvania and back a different way but I haven’t been all over. I collect cat stuff and a few cats too. Only one now. Never been married so have no kids. Three am and I’m just turning off the light.Loved the cover and your books.

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