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I’ll be giving away a free copy today of the e-book, LONE ARROW’S PRIDE.  This story, LONE ARROW’S PRIDE is a lighthearted book even though the subject matter of the tale is rather serious.

Because recent events bring to mind that the world in which we live can be a place of violence, a world of double-speak and a platform for injustice, I thought I’d throw in a little bit of light-heartedness to perhaps chase away the gloom.  I think that one always hopes to find ethics, honor and truthfulness in one’s environment, but more and more we seem to exist in a place where good is bad and bad is good.  It’s a 180 degree reverse vector world, it seems.

And so I’ve decided to give away my most light-hearted romance book.  Yes, some of the subject material in the book is serious, but it really is a lighthearted approach.  And so I thought I’d say a bit about the book and part of its inspiration (there was more than one inspiration for this book).

One of the best friends that I’ve ever had is the inspiration for the male character.  In real life, I met this man when I was a freshman in college.  The way I met him was unusual, actually.  My boyfriend at the time was playing jazz in the music practice room area in the music hall (I was a music major) — and my friend was there playing jazz sax along with him.  I can’t tell you exactly what happened.  All I know is that my spirit soared as soon as I saw him.  And as it turns out — although we were only friends — he has been one of the most inspirational people in my life.

This cover off to the left here is one of my favorites.  The passion in this cover pulls at my heart.

Getting back to my story.  Much later (years later) when my friend wasn’t spoken for, and neither was I, we were briefly an item.  Little did he know that had he asked me, I probably would have followed him anywhere.  But he never asked and eventually — because life does go on — we drifted apart.

But our friendship never died.  We’d see each other  now and again when I was in LA or more specifically when I visit Florida (he now lives in Florida).  One of the things that I always think of whenever I think of him is a little dance that we’d do as we would be walking — and he always made me laugh — always.

And so the story of LONE ARROW’S PRIDE is my most light-hearted story.  It had to be light-hearted because my friend is — and we always laugh when we’re together.  But I never forgot that he never asked — even though I adored him — and so of course that experience is in the book — it had to be.

It was during the writing of this book, however, that I lost my sister, Vicki.  Her passing was such a shock to the family, coming as it did early in life — and it happened while I was writing this book, that it took me a while to finish the book.   But truth is, the writing of the book — finishing it — helped me through that time period in my life.  Now, I’ve been trying and trying to post a picture of Vicki, but so far I’ve not been able to accomplish it.  Forgive me.

But it wasn’t all bad  news.  At that time period in my life, I was also adopted officially into the Blackfeet Tribe — to honor me for work that I had done with them concerning literacy.  There was one other, the head of the project, who was also adopted and the picture off to the right here was taken during the ceremony (we were given Blackfeet names).   (I’m the one to the right in this picture.)  All of this went into this book — all my fears, my loss, my triumphs.  The story itself — a Treasure Hunt — was put to me by my brother-in-law and husband — who were telling me the very true legend of the Superstitious Mountains — But that’s the subject of another blog.

All things told, LONE ARROW’S PRIDE is one of my favorite books — and I hope it becomes one of your favorites, also.  So please come in and leave a comment — again, I’ll be giving away a free book today to some lucky blogger.  Come in and tell me your thoughts about all this — and the cover, which I absolutely adore.  LONE ARROW’S PRIDE can be purchased here for a song at the moment:

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post today!  Come on in an leave a comment.


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14 thoughts on “Inspiration and LONE ARROW’S PRIDE”

  1. Karen- what an inspirational story. Congrats on being adopted into the Blackfeet tribe, what an amazing honor. Sorry to hear about your sister. Your friend you used as inspiration for this story sounds like a truly gentle man. Today’s news and tragedies we hear about are just heartbreaking, good lighthearted books are a true treasure in escaping out cruel world. This week I’m starting your book- The Last Warrior. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Tonya!

      Thank you so much for your very welcome comment. Yes, he is a gentle man and also one of my very best friends. Outside of my husband, he is also the best friends that I have, and I am so glad that he has forgiven me my faults. : )

  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sorry you lost your sister. I recently lost my father so I can imagine what you went through. The cover of this book is wonderful. It catches the sensuality and passion that you would see from a couple in love that only has eyes for each other. It’s really neat the you have a Blackfoot name. I’m still working through my native ancestry. It’s currently at a roadblock for names and dates of my native side. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Melissa C!

      Thanks so much for your post and for your condolences. It has been a while now since she passed away into the next world, and so we have all come to terms with it. But she is still missed. The honor of the Blackfeet was quite something, I must admit — and unexpected. Thanks again for your post.

  3. So much story in such a small blog post! Thank you for sharing and letting us know the inspiration for your story. I love the cover – it surely is beautiful and speaks of love.

  4. Hi Susan!

    Thank you so much for the compliment. I, too, love the cover and it sends a very similar message to me, too, every time I look at it. : )

  5. Kay,
    What a great blog post! I love your description of writing this book. Your inspiration source sounds like a great guy. I’m glad you have him as your friend. The cover is amazing! It looks like you! and the guy is, of course, hot. But even better is the emotion conveyed by the picture. What we all want. Truly eyes only for each other, love, not just lust. I’m glad you have that with your husband.

    Such a challenge to have your sister depart in the middle of this! I too have lost family, and I know the hole it can create, and what must be done to heal from that. I’m glad you had something so creative to direct your attention to at that time.

    And contributing to the Blackfeet Tribe with literacy help. Such a great gift. I’m so glad they understood the value of that and honored you with membership in the tribe.

    Truly in these times it is most important not only to get away for a bit from the reality around us, but to have inspiration like this light-hearted love story to help us choose what we want to create instead of what we see happening. I find that lately, if I use the news to spur me to decide what I want instead, and what I want personally, I get my picture of that as real as I can, knowing that now that I have thought it, it will happen. I can create the future, my future, and I know that together, if we all picture the future we want, we can out-create the one we see in the news, giving the bad no energy, but only believing, only seeing the one we want.

    Thank you for supplying us with stories of what we really want, that help us to create our own stories in our own minds.
    Love, Marilyn

  6. Hi Marilyn!

    Such wonderful thoughts and thank you for all your compliments. Yes, I really like that cover, too, and for much the same reasons. Samhain always did such wonderful covers.

    Love what you said about creating what you want to happen in the future instead of all the bad energy in the news. One thing that’s interesting about today’s world, and I can’t recall the name of the general who declared this, but he was called upon to study Communism — because it was conceived to be the biggest threat to the free world at that time — and so he studied Communism.

    In his findings his listed — I think it was 4 different steps that Communists use to take over a country. One of the steps was getting the guns — disarming the population, another of the steps was abolishing the death penalty. But the 4th step, I think it was, before full take over of a country was escalating violence. I believe that we see this step taking place in this country at this time.

    I really like your idea. And I also like the idea of creating uplifting stories during these hard times.

  7. Humor is for me such an important ingredient in a story. No matter how serious the situation/story, humor adds to it and makes it more real. It often is just the thing to help us through difficult times.
    Sorry you lost your sister at such an early age. It always seems so unfair. It robs us of times and things we had hoped to share. You are lucky to have your friend. Though it may not be the relationship you at one time wanted, a good, understanding friend is hard to find and very special.
    Enjoy the summer.

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