I’ve talked a bit about the Wolf Creek series before here. It’s one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever worked on, anywhere, anytime. It’s been “in hiatus” for a few months, but will  be back with some new adventures this month! A brand new Wolf Creek anthology, WAR STORIES, will have one of my stories in it, and there will also be a two-part anthology called LUCK OF THE DRAW all about gamblers, wild women and rowdy times in Wolf Creek! I don’t have a story in that one, but it’s bound to be excellent.

The series is the brainchild of Troy Smith, a good friend of mine, and an excellent writer and “idea man”. His thought was to create a bible to be used by the participants of the series to work from for the fictional post Civil War town of Wolf Creek, Kansas. Any member of the Western Fictioneer professional writing organization could contribute when their character was called for in the plot structure.


Now this is quite a daunting task when you think of having at least 23 (and climbing!) people who wanted to contribute, having to come up with plots that would involve at least 6 characters in each book–some of them the same as a common thread– and keep all the books fresh and interesting. But Troy managed to do it–though he likens it to ‘herding cats’. Wolf Creek: Book 1 Bloody Trail is available for only .99, and I’m proud to say there are many more that follow this one in the “shared universe” tradition!

But one book, Wolf Creek Book 6: Hell on the Prairie, differs. It’s an anthology of short stories by some of the contributors about their characters.


I loved this idea, because each participant was able to write a short story featuring their character(s) and show a depth to their character they might not be able to convey in a collaborative effort such as the other books before this have been. My story is called IT TAKES A MAN, and of course, Derrick McCain, my foremost character, is at the center of this one.


When Derrick and his mother are ominously summoned to the Cherokee settlement of Briartown, Derrick is determined to set things straight with the man he’s learned is his real father. But once he arrives, he’s distracted by the beautiful cousin, Leah Martin, of his best friend’s wife. Leah is hiding a secret—one that could be the death of her. Once Derrick discovers it, will he walk away? Or will he save her…and possibly himself? IT TAKES A MAN to do what his heart tells him.

I’m also pleased as punch to say that this story was a finalist in the 2014 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Awards in the short fiction category! What a thrill!


Another thrill? This story has just been released as a single sell short through SUNDOWN PRESS! Yes, it’s still available in the Wolf Creek collection, but it’s also available now all on its own. I’m giving away a copy of it today to one lucky commenter!

SPIt Takes a Man Pierson 3 Web

Here’s a little about IT TAKES A MAN:

Can two strangers put their pasts aside and make a life together?

Ex-Confederate soldier Derrick McCain needs some answers from his father, Cherokee statesman Collin Ridge—and he’s waited long enough. But Ridge is on his death bed when he summons Derrick and Fiona McCain, Derrick’s mother, to return to Indian Territory. Will they make it in time? It’s the only chance Derrick will have to learn what he needs to know from the man who can tell him everything—if he only will.

As Fiona and Collin patch up their long-ago unrequited love, Derrick meets a young woman who is out of choices. Pregnant, disowned, and bearing the weight of guilt over the death of her sister, Leah Martin has nowhere to turn. But the dark-eyed beauty sparks something inside Derrick that he thought long dead, and when her father shows up with an abusive suitor, Derrick vows to keep her out of harm’s way.

Can he protect Leah from what her father has planned for her? Offering marriage would change his life forever—and he’s not in the market for a wife. To make matters worse, the child she carries is that of Derrick’s nemesis, Clark Davis. IT TAKES A MAN to do the right thing…can Derrick McCain deliver?

If you just can’t wait to see if you won IT TAKES A MAN, you can grab a copy of it here:

Here’s the link to my author page at Amazon:




Wolf Creek Chronicles 1-Amazon

If you’d like to read all the Wolf Creek stories, go here:





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Thanks to everyone for stopping by today! I hope you’ll check out the Wolf Creek series and my short story single sell, IT TAKES A MAN. Also, be sure to pick up these awesome boxed sets–available in PRINT AND IN DIGITAL FORMATS!

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27 thoughts on “HAVE YOU VISITED WOLF CREEK? COME SET A SPELL! by Cheryl Pierson”

  1. Yeah! Congratulations on being a finalist in the 2014 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Awards in the short fiction category! Good On You!!!

    On another note, I literally leapt out of my chair when I saw the word BRIARTOWN. That is right in the heart of the part of Indian Territory where my family lived in and around the 1880s on, including Porum, Texanna, Enterprise, Whitefield, Longtown, Eufaula and Checotah. And yes, my mom, son and I traveled all the back roads to places like Younger’s Bend while going on The Great Genealogical and Cemetery Tour, as we called it. 🙂 We also went to Fort Smith to unearth documents that showed my great-grandfather did indeed know the Starrs and Judge Isaac Parker. My grandfather, born in Enterprise, used to tell us what we thought were tall tales, only to learn much of what he had said not only had some basis in fact but are in the record books.

    Oh boy, now I especially can’t wait to read “It Takes a Man”! I’ll need to get a copy of “Hell on the Prairie,” though since I don’t have a digital reader. Can’t wait to read the story. Thanks for telling us about it. (and sorry for going on for so long)

    • Hi Eliza! And thank you very much! I’m a finalist this year, as well, but the winners won’t be announced for two more days. Still, I’m just thrilled to be included with my novella HIDDEN TRAILS.

      Oh, GREAT! I’m so glad I could bring some familiarity to you with these places. I have to tell you, I’ve had so much fun with Derrick and the Wolf Creek stories. It’s tough to work in collaboration with other authors–so many of them–and make it seem real. But it has worked beautifully, and Derrick appears in a lot of other short stories when we do Wolf Creek short story anthologies. We just put out a new one this past month called WAR STORIES about the town barber (a weird fellow that no one really knows much about, and I’d sure have second thoughts about trusting with a razor at my throat for a shave) and his penchant for wanting to know all about the men of Wolf Creek and which side they fought for in the Civil War. There is a reason behind it, but it’s great because we get to find out about the residents (Wolf Creek is a post-Civil War Kansas town made up of men who fought on both sides of the war).

      Your Great Genealogical and Cemetery Tour sounds divine, Eliza. I love stuff like that! So glad you got to do it, and learn so much more about your ancestors. (And you didn’t go on! I love long comments!)

      Thanks for stopping by today!

    • Thank you, Kim! I’m sure hoping the third time’s the charm this year–it’ll be my third time to be nominated.

  2. The Wolf Creek series is the most fun I’ve ever had as a writer, and it wouldn’t be as good without Cheryl and her character Derrick. One of my two characters, Charley Blackfeather, is a black Seminole Indian scout, and he and Derrick develop a close friendship over the series… which is something else fun, seeing how different writers’ characters interact with one another.

    By the way, all these books are also available in paperback, and the ebook “boxed sets” are available in trade paperback compendiums, with the same cover and same four Wolf Creek books as the boxed sets.

    Good luck on that Peacemaker, Cheryl, you’re past due!

    • Troy, thanks so much for stopping by, and for the very kind words. I have SO enjoyed working on the Wolf Creek series! So glad you created this playground for us to contribute to. I love me some Charley Blackfeather, and the odd friendship between him and Derrick is something that really adds to the story.

      Coming out with the boxed sets was a great idea, too, and I’m so glad to see Wolf Creek up and running again after a hiatus.

      Troy, keep your fingers crossed for me on that Peacemaker win!

  3. Wow! You have so much going on! Congratulations on having your story chosen as a finalist. I love the idea behind the Wolf Creek series–I can tell how excited you are about it. Wishing much success to you.

    • Patti, Wolf Creek has been one of the most fun projects I’ve ever worked on. I have loved every single minute of it, and these are some wonderful stories–I love the idea of bringing characters back every so often in different storylines–it’s like revisiting old friends.

      Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. I’ve always liked the writing concept of the “shared universe.” I’ve a number of projects to get out of the way and hope to take part some day.

    • Hi Gordo! I hope you will DEFINITELY become part of the “Wolf Creek family”–it’s really an exciting project and Troy is definitely some kind of genius to be able to visualize the “big picture” and direct the outcome of each book, while allowing creative freedom from each of the authors.

  5. YEE-HAW!!!! I’m so glad to see Wolf Creek back. I have loved every book in the series — well, the ones I’ve read. I need to catch up with the two most recent.

    I’m glad IT TAKES A MAN is out there, too. Love me some Derrick, hunky half-breed that he is. 😀

    • Oh, Kathleen you are a woman after my own heart. And I love that these older Wolf Creek books have been put into boxed sets. I’m so glad you love Derrick, too!

  6. Hi Cheryl, I hope you don’t mind that I post again. I found this line from your book on Amazon: “Ex-Confederate soldier Derrick McCain needs some answers from his father, Cherokee statesman Collin Ridge….” And I got excited again and had to tell you about my great-grandfather’s eldest brother William:

    “On September 6, 1866, he was united in marriage to Miss Malinda J. Crittenden at Dallas, Ark. He was married under the Cherokee law prior to 1875 thereby sharing the full citizenship with the Cherokee by blood and was the first white male to serve in the Cherokee Council, beinq elected to the body in 1898.” [In Indian Territory] He also was “McIntosh County’s first representative in [the] Oklahoma legislature.”

    Maybe you see why westerns can really come alive for me.

    • Hi again, Eliza! NO, I love these conversations in comments! Keep ’em comin’, lady! LOL You have some wonderfully interesting stuff in your family! (Ever thought about putting all this into a book?)I definitely can see why westerns come alive for you. I think that is wonderful.

  7. I love the story line from IT TAKE’S A MAN. There’s a heap of controversy to challenge the lead characters and I love that.
    All the best to you, Cheryl. I know this book is a big success already. And congratulations to all the authors of the Wolf Creek series.

    • Sarah, I love the controversy that surround all the characters in Wolf Creek. But this story is dear to my heart because of the growth of the characters and what Derrick has to do to change–which he’s not always been that great at. LOL
      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by today!

  8. Hi Cheryl, you are So multi-talented I have to catch my breath. Congratulations, my friend, and keep ’em coming! I too have enjoyed the stories I’ve read.

    • Tanya! Thank you! That is really nice. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I know you are busy as all get out!

  9. I think is to grand to connect with someone who LOVES Westerns the way you do. I grew up on Maverick, Rawhide, Cheyenne,Lawman, Rifleman, Wagon Train. So to imbue your books with that passion is just amazing!

    • Deborah, bless your heart for coming over and commenting. I loved all those same westerns that you mentioned. My favorite was Lancer–it was only on for 2 seasons, but I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your very kind words!

  10. Love this series. Admire Troy’s imagination and dedication. I also have always loved ‘It Takes a Man’. I could go on and on, but just know, I’m excited to see the boxed set and maybe some more soon. Doris

    • Doris, you are in luck! There are three new anthologies out now from Wolf Creek writers: Luck of the Draw, Books 1 and 2, and War Stories, which I have a story in myself. These all just came out at the end of May. LOTS of great Wolf Creek reading. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  11. Cheryl – Congrats on being a 2016 finalist. I love reading all westerns, yours & the other fillies. “It Takes A Man”, sounds like a good book to add to my TBR list; hopefully, I will win a copy. Give me a cowboy & I am happy.

  12. Better late than never they say so here I am. I had to comment as this whole series sounds wonderful and your IT TAKES A MAN sounds awesome. WOW! Full of suspence, intrigue and all sorts of ups and downs. Wishing you much success on the new release and the very best as a finalist.

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