Lacy Williams: Bullfighters and Butterflies

Well looky here! Lacy Williams has come back for a visit. I swear to goodness that woman writes some good stories. Guess that’s how she got to be a bestselling author, huh? Let’s give Miss Lacy a big ol’ howdy!

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lacy-williams-media-1Lacy Williams here, excited to be back with P&P!

Today I want to chat about the men who risk their lives in the rodeo arena. No, not the ones with the vests and helmets… the other ones. They wear colorful outfits and clown makeup. You know. The bullfighters.

Their job is two-fold. When the bull riders get bucked off (or jump off), the bullfighters distract the bulls to buy the riders time to get out of the arena. In between rescuing riders, the bullfighters also entertain the crowd with their antics and often over the loudspeaker, so they have to have a sense of humor and be able to think on their feet.

Can you imagine racing around in a dirt-packed arena, just in front of a fifteen hundred pound bull that wants to pound you into the ground? You jump into a barrel (have to be pretty fit and more agile than I am!) and wait for the bull to leave the arena. Then you do it all over again!

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What would make a man choose bullfighting for his job? That was the question I asked as I created the hero for my June release, Luke Starr. As Pamela Tracy and Vickie McDonough and I brainstormed the Lone Star Brides series, I knew their heroes would be twins and bull riders. I also knew Luke would secretly be a little envious of their close twin relationship. But the real thing that drove him to choose bullfighting is his guilt over something that happened when he was sixteen. I won’t spoil the story for you, but Luke uses bullfighting to distract himself from the guilt that eats him alive… until he’s forced to come home to his family’s ranch and face the memories that haunt him.

THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE is book three in the Lone Star Brides mini-series and is Luke’s story. When heroine Jess Sadler ropes him into reaching out to a special needs student, Luke uses the skills he’s learned in the arena to reach out to the boy. And what woman can resist a man with a soft spot for kids?

THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE is releasing in ebook only and I’d like to give away two ebook copies, names to be drawn from anyone who comments today. Do you have a favorite kid-friendly hero? It could be a single dad, uncle or otherwise. Let me know!

Thanks again for hosting me today. I always love visiting Petticoats & Pistols!


lonestar brides-3_lowres copyAbout The Butterfly Bride:

The prodigal son is back. Ever since the terrible mistake he made in high school—a mistake that cost his best friend his life—bullfighter Luke Starr has stayed far away from Pecan, Texas, and his family. But with his twin brothers gone on their respective honeymoons, Luke is forced to come back to town to watch over Gramma and the family ranch. And he can’t wait to leave again. Because being home hurts more than being stomped on by a bull—and it’s only a matter of time until he messes up all over again.

Special ed teacher Jess Sadler will do anything for her students—even abandon her comfort zone to convince a reluctant rodeo cowboy to give “horse lessons” to a student she can’t reach. But when feelings for Luke blindside Jess, she knows she’s in trouble. The man is counting down the minutes until he can leave Pecan. Will he take her heart with him when he goes?

Then a little boy goes missing on the family ranch, and Luke must confront the ghosts of his past or lose the future he never dreamed was possible.


About Lacy Williams:

USA TODAY bestselling author Lacy Williams works in a hostile environment with three-point-five kids ages 6 and under. In spite of this, she has somehow managed to be a hybrid author since 2011, publishing 26 books and novellas. Lacy’s books have finaled in the RT BOOK REVIEWS Reviewers’ Choice Awards (2012, 2013, & 2014), the Golden Quill and the Booksellers Best Award. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Romance Writers of America, ALLi, and Novelists Inc. Visit her online at


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16 thoughts on “Lacy Williams: Bullfighters and Butterflies”

  1. I love the guys that will get down on the ground and play with kids, whether it is a single dad or an uncle. To me, that is hero, when he gives them his time and it is not in the form of an electronic device.

    The story sounds great. looking forward to reading it. Congrats on the new release!

  2. It would be my husband Today is our 44th anniversary, and throughout those years he has been ready to step up to work with and help. He has been a Girl Scout co-leader, a Cub and Boy Scout leader, A 4-H volunteer and leader, has mentored students at school, and been a friend to nieces, nephews, grandchildren, his own children, and the children of friends. He was always ready to help me out with my projects when I worked at a children’s museum and as a children’s librarian. Children have responded to him sensing his good heart, kindness, and patience (most of the time). Whether he is listening to something they feel is important, taking them out in a canoe, showing them how to turn wood on a lathe or work at the blacksmith anvil, they know he is interested in them and letting them learn without being rushed.
    We are lucky to have him in our family.

  3. My husband is a kid-friendly guy. We got married later in life and couldn’t have children. He is a pastor and when kids come to church he has no problem getting down on the floor in his suit and tie and playing with the kids after church. It touches my heart.

    I also love to see any Daddy interact with their young children. Heart squeezes for the love shown between them.

    I would love to win one of your ebooks.

    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  4. My dad is my hero. I grew up in a rodeo family. My dad is a calf roper, team roper, and participated in double mugging as well. Where 2 ropes a yearling and it takes both of them to wrestle the yearling to the ground to tie it down. He is bigger than life in my eyes and provided me and my brother with a wonderful life of rodeo, competition, & learning the true value of respecting others. Clowns are the comical lifeline of the rodeo keeping the Cowboys safe, but they are more than that, they are living legends who face danger to keep others safe.

  5. My father is also a hero. He had three careers and provided us with much.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  6. I have to admit, when they mentioned bullfighters the other day, I was thinking of the kind in Mexico, not the ones in the rodeo. They do have an important role in the rodeo. I can’t think of a kid friendly hero off the top of my head. I was not raised by a loving father and my husband and I do not have children.

  7. Hi Lacy! Welcome to P&P. We love it when you come to visit us at the Junction. I love rodeos and go every chance I get. Here in the Texas Panhandle, they come pretty frequently. I’ve always been amazed at the agility and bravery of the bullfighters. They willingly put themselves in harm’s way to protect the riders, but don’t get near enough credit for what they do. Those men have nerves of steel.

    Congrats on the new release! Love that gorgeous cover. Wishing this and all of your Lone Star Brides series much success.

  8. My husband is a great hero to youth- he’s a middle and high school teacher, a Scoutmaster, and has worked at group homes for troubled youth. He has a special way of interacting with them and making them laugh, feel involved, and yet keep boundaries and discipline in place. I am amazed by his skills 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway! Looking forward to reading your new story!

  9. Love those guys! I could never get in an arena just for the sake of getting the bull to LOOK at me. I give them my respect. As for hero- my hubby stole my heart right away because he would get in with the kids (his neices and nephews) and play with them. He was the one who would be on the ground letting those little ones climb all over him and throwing them in the pool, playing board games, doing legos, telling them jokes, etc. He loves kids and making their lives happy!

  10. Hi Lacy, welcome back to Wildflower Junction! I’m curious as to the 3.5 kids lol. As for me, I’m all over a story with a little boy, rodeo, and a hottie cowboy in it! Best wishes on this great-sounding book.

  11. kid-friendly hero my father. I am looking forward to reading THE BUTTERFLY BRIDE.Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  12. Well I don’t have a kid friendly hero, my nephew loves kids a lot. Most everyone here is all grown so we don’t have any kids around. I do miss having small kids around.

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