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Rosanne BittnerLook who has returned to Wildflower Junction!
From “The Heart of the West”…
I am tickled pink to welcome Rosanne Bittner to the corral!

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Well, by the time this blog is posted I will have just returned from the big Romantic Times conference at the RIO in Las Vegas! As of this writing I’m not there yet, but I know it will be a blast, and I’ll get to meet Linda Broday! I’m so happy to finally meet her, and we have a lot to talk about!



Thank you for having me back. I love the blog name Petticoats and Pistols – so perfect for those of us who write westerns!  And westerns are my favorite (and pretty much my only) genre. I have written about the Revolutionary War era, the Civil War era, the French and Indian Wars, the Mexican War, the Alamo, the building of the Union Pacific, the founding of Denver, Colorado, the very early years of Chicago, the gold rushes, silver rushes, the stagecoach era, the Indian wars, the land rushes in Oklahoma, the gradual demise of most of our Native American tribes, the War of 1812, outlaws and lawmen, vigilantes and bounty hunters, ranchers and townsmen, and everything in between.  I guess you can see what I love – American History and for the most part – the Old West.


Outlaw HeartsSome call my westerns gritty and sexy – and I love both descriptions. No “fluff” here.  Few “Mr. Nice-Guys.” Very strong heroines to match very strong heroes who take no sh—but definitely know how to treat a woman! And through it all there is always a very strong, very touching and always memorable love story that stays with my readers long after they put down the book.


One of my best love stories was between Zeke and Abbie Monroe in my 7-book SAVAGE DESTINY series – over 30 years old and still selling! Now I think I’ve matched that great love in my OUTLAW series – OUTLAW HEARTS, DO NOT FORSAKE ME and LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE (coming September 2016). DO NOT FORSAKE ME is up for an award from Romantic Times for Best Historical Novel for 2015. 


These three books are about wanted man Jake Harkner, a man haunted by a tortured boyhood and looking for Do Not Forsake Methe love he never had as a child – a man both ruthless and devotedly loving. When Jake meets Miranda Hayes in the first book, it’s as though God brought them together, because it’s Randy who changes Jake’s life forever. Ironically, in the first book Randy is so afraid of Jake that she shoots him! Yet they end up recklessly and hopelessly in love, and Randy bears a hard life for marrying a wanted man who (by book #2) becomes a U.S. Marshal – a man who already had enemies and makes more because of his job – enemies that threaten Jake and the beautiful family he has spawned over the years.


LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE continues to bring Jake and his family troubles from his haunted past that won’t leave him alone.  In spite of being tough and rugged on the outside, and damn good with a gun, Jake still experiences the terror and fears of a little boy who lived with a demon for a father, whom Jake killed himself when very young.  His constant inner struggle to hang on to the love he’s found in Randy and his family keeps getting Jake into trouble in his over-zealous attempts to protect them – and sometimes he isn’t just protecting them from cruel enemies – sometimes (in his mind) Jake is protecting them from himself.


Loves Sweet RevengeThese “Jake” books are, if I may say so myself, some of my best writing, mainly because I love all the psychology involved.  It’s Jake’s boyhood that controls most of his emotions and actions. In modern times he would need counseling, but in the 1800’s such things were unheard of. Jake’s protection from his past is his gun – and his counselor is the woman he worships and adores – his Miranda. She and his devoted family keep Jake sane and on the straight and narrow … most of the time … until something devastating happens in book #3, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE. You won’t want to miss it!


I am planning a fourth book – THE LAST OUTLAW. Hope my publisher takes it, because Jake’s story is still unfinished.


A big thank you to Linda Broday and Petticoats and Pistols – and to all my fans out there who keep asking for more! I’ll keep writing more stories as long as my brain and fingers work! Love to all – and enjoy LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE! Be sure to visit my website at, where you can “one-click” order many of my books, and read my blogs at I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and many other sites!


I’m giving away two sets of my Jake Harkner books. (U.S. only.)

Just leave a comment to enter the drawing.


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54 thoughts on “Guest ~ Rosanne Bittner!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the background of your Outlaw series. I can’t wait to meet troubled Jake and his feisty love, Randy. From your post it sounds like trouble follows Jake where ever he goes and whatever he does. Glad he found his soul mate to stand with him through it all.

    • Laurie G – Thanks for your comment! Yes, Jake continues getting into hot water in #3 LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE, and you can’t help rooting for him. Lots of high emotion in #3!

    • Janine – I love visiting with my readers, so I am the one thank YOU for visiting Petticoats and Pistols. Watch for Jake #3, LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE in September – and I’ve signed to write a fourth book to this series, so more to come!

  2. Several years ago when I turned to reading mostly western romances, one of the first suggestions I was given was for Outlaw Hearts. And what a terrific “rec” that was since I really enjoyed reading Jake and Miranda’s story. I’m looking forward to the coming release of Love’s Sweet Revenge, and I’ll be hoping too that your publisher goes for a fourth Jake book, The Last Outlaw.

  3. I hope you had fun at the conference! I have truly enjoyed your books. I met you at a book signing in a little town library here in Michigan. I can’t even remember where it was, haha. Thank you for sharing today!

  4. I’m always on the lookout for a great read and you always deliver! I’ve read your books over and over again. Just downloaded the first two of the Outlaw series and so far I’m loving it. Thank you for your wonderful books!

  5. I enjoyed your post, Rosanne, and am very eager to meet Jake Harkner! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity.

    • Britney Adams – Thank you! Keep an eye on new books to come through my web site at I’ve sold a 4th book to my Outlaw series, so if you don’t win a set of the books, be sure to look for them on Amazon – OUTLAW HEARTS and DO NOT FORSAKE ME (#2) are available there. #3 LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE is coming in September and I have sold a 4th book!

  6. Hi Rosanne……Welcome back to P&P! We’re so thrilled to have you visit. Meeting you in Vegas last week was such a wonderful experience. I felt as though I’d known you forever. I love your books, especially the Jake Harkner series. Oh my gosh, I love that man! He’s a larger-than-life character and always have me on the edge of my seat. You write the most gripping suspense. And of course, I love the gritty realness of your stories.

    Those fantastic stories really don’t hurt any either. For Sourcebooks getting the great Jon Paul to design them was amazing. I love his work. No one designs better covers. And of course Nathan Camp modeling just adds extra flavor. He did some work on some of my covers and he can’t be beat as a cowboy.

    Wishing you tons of success for now and always, my friend.

    • Thank you, Linda Broday! It was such a pleasure meeting you at RT and I wish we’d had more time to talk away from all the noise. I also wish we didn’t live so far apart. And wouldn’t it be cool if Nathan Camp would come to an RT convention? I would faint dead away if I met him. Ha! He’s my Jake! Can’t wait to see what Jon Paul does with cover #4! Between the two of us, let’s keep those hot westerns coming! And thank you so much for inviting me back to Petticoats and Pistols.

  7. Ditto on what Linda said. I didn’t know the name of your cover model until Linda said something but Nathan Camp truly epitomizes the image of Jake Harkner. Your new covers for this series are amazing. Outlaw Hearts is on my keeper shelf from the first time it published so the cover is a bit more tame. The story–however–is not (tame.) Just love it. My other favorite of your is Thunder On the Plains. I need to re-read that one too!

    Keep writing Roseanne! Love your stories!

    • Thank you so much Kathryn Albright! THUNDER ON THE PLAINS is also one of my favorites. And I will definitely keep writing! I’ve sold a fourth “Jake” story (THE LAST OUTLAW) and Sourcebooks wants me to write a new series built around the Outlaw Trail, as well as a short Christmas story for an anthology. They are also taking a new Indian romance from me, so there is a lot more to come!

  8. I love the “Jake” series!! I think I have read most all your books now and am impatiently waiting on the Jake sequels!!

  9. Rosanne,

    Welcome back to P & P!

    I loved Jake in Outlaw Hearts. And I would so love to win the series.

    By the way, Sage Lightfoot ranks pretty high with me. I’ve reread it several times.

    • Oh, yes, Alisa, Sage from Paradise Valley. Actually, it’s hard for me to choose a favorite hero because I write all of them to be handsome and virile and good to their women! If I HAD to choose it would be a tie – Jake Harkner for my favorite outlaw and Zeke Monroe (Lone Eagle) for my favorite Indian – but then when I re-read some of my other books, each hero becomes so special. I love them ALL!

  10. I am so excited about the latest release Loves Sweet Revenge. I am really anxious to see what kind of mischievous Jake’s grandson Little Jake gets into. He is definitely a chip off of his grandfather. Jake and Miranda’s story has become so alive in my heart and grows more dear to me with each new book in their continuing saga. Rosanne Bittner’s wonderful penmanship shows in greatness with each turn of the page

  11. OH, Rosanne. Loved your Blog here about Jake! It seems like all of your stories should have a sequel. We just don’t want these stories to end. Thank you for continuing Jake’s story. I have pre-ordered the book from Amazon. Savage Destiny about Zeke and Abbie was certainly an award winner. Hollywood (or whoever) is making a BIG mistake by not making your books into movies (with your approval, of course!) Your books are like taking a course in American History, but even better than just that. They teach morality and faith, and best of all, happy endings. Zeke and Abbie’s last book had a wonderful ending that brought tears of joy. We readers identify with your heroes and heroines! Incidents happen in life that bring these characters to mind as real people. Your books are also like Travelogs! You can almost smell the pine and leather as you ride along on the Outlaw Trail and places that even Butch Cassidy frequented! I don’t travel much, but I do vicariously through your journeys through the beautiful Rocky Mountains and across the rivers and forts which the wagon trains travel. So, Rosanne, just “keep on, keepin’ on!” You write them…we read them!!!! Ever one becomes a treastured possession!! God bless you with many more years of writing pleasure! You fan in CA. BC

  12. Rosanne- I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet you at the RT convention.
    I cannot wait to see what you have in store for Jake and Randy in book #3 and I know book #4 will be explosive. Every book of yours that I’ve read, I have learned more about American & Native American history than I ever did any of my schooling, you are powerful writer an exceptional lady keep writing and we will keep reading.

    • Tonya Lucas – It was so much fun meeting you and I hope we get the chance to see each other again! Thanks for your continued support! Hope I don’t disappoint with #3. I always worry about ever new book, even though I’ve been writing over 30 years. Can’t wait till you read it. I am going to start posting “teasers” soon! Rosanne

  13. Hi Rosanne, I’m new to your books but I have heard good things about them from several other authors so I’m happy to learn more about you! Thanks for the information about your Jake books…I would love to be entered in the terrific giveaway please? Thanks so much!

  14. I’m thrilled to hear that Jake and Randy’s story will be continued into four books! You are the queen of the Western sagas! I’m so glad we met at RT. I remember buying your books twenty (cough cough) years ago, and if you told me then I would one day be writing Western romances and dining with Rosanne Bittner, I would’ve laughed out loud…with pure joy! Isn’t it funny where our dreams lead us?

    • Liz – Yes, it’s strange where life takes us. I remember when I sold my first book and they asked if I could make it into a series of four. Wow. That was Savage Destiny, which ended up 7 books – and it was 61 books ago. I knew I wanted to write more books back then, but I never dreamed it would be over 60! Nor did I ever dream my covers would be displayed on convention doors in a Las Vegas casino, or that I would get to meet gorgeous cover models and other wonderful writers. I feel very blessed. Thank you so much for your kind support, and good luck with your own writing!

  15. Hey Rosanne! I hope you had an awesome time at RT! I love following a couple through their married life in multiple books. Can’t wait to read Jake and Randy’s latest chapter!

  16. Roseann, I haven’t read a book of yours in years. I really need to get with it and catch up and I look forward to seeing what I know I’ve been missing out on.Thank you for the exciting giveaway opportunity!

  17. Omg!! I’m reading In The Shadow Of The Mountains, this is one epic saga. Your books just keep giving and giving. I might not get much done this weekend, because I can’t put this one down.

    • Tonya – Glad I’m keeping you from your housework! My writing keeps me from mine, so it’s only fair that reading the books should keep readers from theirs! Enjoy!

  18. Thank you for being here, Rosanne. I followed you for quite a while then somehow lost touch. These sound like the ones of yours I used to enjoy. I can’t wait to get into them when my next check comes–taxes, you know. Have a wonderful Summer.

    • Whitney – You won’t be disappointed. If you already have OUTLAW HEARTS (originally published in 1993) – re-read it and then get DO NOT FORSAKE ME and LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE (coming September). You will love these stories about outlaw Jake Harkner!

  19. Am looking forward to reading these books. Don’t think I have read any of your books but you are on my list now!

  20. Rosanne- I have been a reader of yours for a number of years now, enjoyed Texas Passions, Texas Embrace, Unforgettable & Outlaw Hearts to name a few. Looking for to your next Jake books.

    • Lois – If you liked Outlaw Hearts, read it again and then be sure to read the sequel DO NOT FORSAKE ME. It’s been a big hit, and you will love the continuing love story of Jake and Randy Harkner. #3 LOVE’S SWEET REVENGE is coming in September, and I am going to write a 4th book! Thank you!

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