10 Things You Don’t Know About Jane Porter & and a Giveaway!

  1. I hated school.  Hated, hated, hated it.  Spent as many days home sick as possible, so I could hide in my bedroom and read, and dance, and day dream–away from annoying teachers, kids, and rules. Ironically, I grew up and became a teacher just to see if I could make school any better for students.
  2. I have lived in Germany and South Africa, and studied in Ireland and Japan, too.
  3. My favorite treat is a box of Peeps…or anything with marshmallow.
  4. My 2006 novel, Flirting With Forty, was made into a Lifetime TV movie starring Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley.  I have another story in pre-production now for a Hallmark movie.
  5. My instrument in 6th grade was the drums.  I loved playing drums.  (Well, okay, mostly my drum pad, but still….).  When I hear great music, I get my imaginary sticks going and bang the heck out of the air.  I’m impressive, but my kids think I’m having a seizure.  (Side note, my mom played the drums as well and now my 17 year old son started playing the drums a year ago and is in a band is actually really good.  I think percussion runs in our DNA!)
  6. My dad was mayor of my small Central California hometown when I was growing up and my bus driver, a woman named Mary, used to give me a hard time every day when I got on the bus, calling me the Mayor’s kid and asking me why I didn’t have a chauffeur.  (I don’t think she understood that city government jobs like city council and the mayor are volunteer jobs…)

    My dad was one of the most creative, interesting people I’ve ever known. He was a teacher, writer, sculptor, chef, cookbook writer, backpacker, thinker….I adored him. He died at 43 when I was 15.
  7. I studied Zulu and Afrikaans during the year I lived in South Africa.  I don’t remember most of the Zulu I learned except for basic phrases like Sawubona!  (Good Morning!) or Ngiyabonga (Thank you).  Not surprised, though, as I studied German for 7 years, including three at UCLA and all I really remember is Who is die Toilette?  (where’s the bathroom?)  Sad.
  8. I was a ballet dancer.  From the time I was three until I was 16, I danced almost every day, and performed with a regional company.  Ballet was one of my real loves, but it was unrequited.  Ballet did not love me.  With my big hips and very broad shoulders I was firmly in the back row of the corps and never once got a solo…
  9. Today I live in one of San Clemente’s oldest homes as listed in the Historic Registry and it was built in 1926 for poet Marjorie Seiffert.

    Some of Marjorie Sieffer’s volumes of poetry I’ve collected.
  10. I love to collect rocks of all shapes and sizes.  Whenever I travel, I bring home a rock or two.  I can’t go on a hike without returning with a pocketful of rocks and pebbles.

    Brought this rock home from Tuscany where I attended Sharon Kendrick’s writing course at the Watermill.

ACMFD-MEDIUMNow that I’ve shared 10 little known facts about myself, do share a few about yourself so I can get to know you better too.  Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy of A Christmas Miracle for Daisy!

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56 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Jane Porter & and a Giveaway!”

  1. Hi, Jane! What an interesting life you lead–no wonder you are such a great storyteller! I love, love, love “Flirting with Forty”–book and movie. I am really looking forward to your Hallmark movie. Something most people don’t know about me is that I am a dog person ruled by cats. My late mother was a great animal rights champion, and we always had a household full of rescue dogs. Then as the dogs were making their way across the rainbow bridge, we decided to take a break from pets for a while. However, our plans were changed by an invasion of rescue cats–my mother was retired, and any cat that came along became a “pet project” for her. Gradually, the cats took over our lives, and I still have two cats. The thing is, I am allergic to cats, and I take daily allergy medicine in order to live with them. I wouldn’t change a thing. >>^^,,^<<

  2. Great post! Lots of things to learn. I grew up an Army brat so I was always the new kid on the block.

  3. I just can’t picture you not liking school. It seems you’re one of the people I know who has their head on better than anyone else. I didn’t like school either and did everything I could to get out of going. I ended up quitting when I was 16 (which I now regret).

  4. Jane, now this is what I was talking about yesterday when I said I was a boring person. Good grief, Filly sister! You’ve done so much. You’ve lived and studied in so many exciting places. You’re dad lived life large. I’m so sorry he died that young. I’m sure it must’ve been horrible for you to lose him and you just a teenager when you needed him the most. I, too, collect rocks. I used to make my dad so mad because I’d pick them up on all our road trips and stick them under the car seat. I still love them but I’ve gotten more selective these days.

    Thanks for giving me a peek into the real Jane Porter. You’re really interesting. Maybe someday you can tell me how in the heck you got two books made into movies! I’m really jealous. Huge congrats though!!! You’ll have to let us know when that second one will air on Hallmark.

  5. Haha, I totally hated school, also. Didn’t like any part of it and only wanted to be home on the farm playing outside. Now, I’m a homeschooling mom! Go figure. Deep down maybe I don’t want my kids to ever feel that way. 😉

  6. I am loving this facts about authors! My dad was a geologist so we always had interesting rocks in the house and I tend to pick them up too. I work at McGill University in Montreal and I love dealing with the students, I announce at horse shows and am presently qualifying to be a jumper judge (my retirement plan). Flirting With Forty was the first women’s fiction book of yours that I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it – I would have to say my favourite so far is Odd Mom Out. I recently started reading your Taming the Sheenans series from Tule and am looking forward to A Christmas Miracle for Daisy. I am a sucker for magical Christmas stories.

  7. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada and at the age of 45 I moved stakes to another part of Ontario for my job. It was one of the best moves I made. I left my family and all my friends. I joked that I was running away from home!. I never been more than 15 minutes from my family and friends and now I am over an 1 1/12 by car from them. It was a bold move for me, but I love where I live and I don’t think I could move back to the huge city of Toronto… I travelled, but I always came home.

  8. Jane – I loved learning more about you. Especially about your dad. My own dad died at the age of 41 when I was 16. I still miss him. My youngest son has my husband’s dark hair color, but he has my dad’s wavy curls (didn’t show up until my son hit puberty). Every time I see those curls I remember my dad and smile. His hair was red, not the dark brown my son has, but the waves are all his. 🙂

  9. I love collecting horse statues… I hated reading as a kid… did not enjoy it until I was in high school… love animals… 🙂

  10. Hi Jane! That is so awesome that you live in an old house built for a famous poet. I super hated school as well and would rather be reading or riding my horse. That bus driver sounds like she was just sour at life and you became her target. I love to collect playing cards of all sizes and I think because my dad used play cards all the time and they remind me of him. I also collect Breyer horses. I’ve been married 18 years and I have four boys ages 10-17. Thanks for sharing about yourself. Jenny

  11. Jane, Loved this post about you. I’m totally the same with rocks and small things I find on the trail. My pockets are always full of them. I actually found a squished geode in the Malibu River once, just sitting there waiting for me to find it! I felt very lucky that day. Still have it. Love hearing about all your travels. You still travel more than anyone I know!

  12. Hi Jane! I love your books! You sound extemely busy! I didn’t like school and I ended up marrying a school teacher and three of my children are in education too. I love electronic devices (Windows Tablets, iPad, Kindle, etc). My hobbies are reading, collecting cookbooks, and baking. I have four beautiful grown children and four darling granddaughters.

  13. I’ve been working and helping strays/ferals for over 25 years.
    I waited 15 years before I started my family.
    I’ve been married 46 yrs. and have 2 wonderful daughters.
    I just started a part time job after not working for 25 yrs.

  14. A fun facts about me is that my longest kept job to date, 10 years, was a job I got working at a library. And I assume I will never keep another job for that long. My professional field is in biotech.

  15. I have been a RN for 36 years and was an Army brat. Went to Germany twice. I have been to all but 8 states in the US. I have read from a young child on starting with Nancy Drew, etc. I am preparing for knee replacement in 2 weeks..

  16. loved finding out a few things about you i didn’t know already. thanks for sharing.
    i get rocks when i go places, too.

  17. I didn’t know that you know how to play drums,so cool.
    I am a fan of anything British, Downton Abbey, Dr. Who I just finished watching The Hollow Crown. I am a big fan of Masterpiece Theatre. I love to work in the yard
    I love to go on cruises. I would do that year round if I could.

  18. Loved this blog! I took 4 yrs of Spanish and 2 yrs of French and I barely remember any French and living in SO CA, I speak Spanglish occasionally. I have always been able to read it better than speaking it any way. =)

  19. I adored my dad too who died at 40 when I was 17. I still miss him, but my mom said she could always see my dad’s distinctive stride when my son walked. My dad was a guitarist, and I started guitar at age 9, but my son became a bass player like his dad. My mom and her dad were Southern fiddlers. So we’re obviously a family with genes for string instruments on both sides. Funny but because I was guitar and his dad was bass in a working band for many years, I thought my son would naturally be drawn to drums for a family band. 🙂 But my son got his father’s ear = perfect pitch instead. Good deal.

  20. I feel like I am nearly your complete opposite. I loved school (even with a diagnosis of ADHD,) I’ve never lived or barely visited outside of North America, and I don’t like marshmallows. Fortunately, you like to write and I loved to read! 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for sharing!! I collect shells from the beach whenever I am on one. I taught in 3 different schools & districts (& cities) in my first 5 years of teaching. Then I was in 4 schools over a 31 year period when I moved to Minnesota. I have four children. My dad was my role model. He quit school after 9th grade, got a perfect score on the GRE, & lied about his age to enlist in the Navy near the end of WWII. We figured that my dad was bored in school. He was well respected in his field of drafting and designing HVAC for buildings. He was also really into technology, a bit before his time.

  22. Well, I am enjoying this special blog week! So many interesting tidbits about my Filly sisters here! I’m keeping mum about me…LOL. You’ll have to wait. My life will sound boring after everyone else’s I fear. Guess it gives me time to do something drastic LOL so I can report back…

  23. I collect shells and doesn’t matter the shape or size, I made a table top with shells for my mom but my older brother has it at his house for he liked so much-hated school for I was dyslexia and my mom taught me how to read and hated the kids calling me stupid love to read must read about 5 or more books a week, I love all kinds of music and dancing, I was overweight in high school but they were putting on West side Story and I know all the dance steps so 92 my brother told the drama teacher and I had dance that day in gym and was doing my routine for a grade, Mrs.Greener came in and watched me routine and told me I made the it in the play. I joined weight watchers my senior year and lost 65lbs and have kept off and on all this time, I lost my mom in 1992 and she was always on my side and so I’m always their for my 2 kids no matter what. Been to Italy 2 times but would love to see the west coast!

  24. AFabulous blog Jane. I lived in South Africa for a while too both in Johannesbrg when I was very young and in Cape Town as a teenager, and learned enough Afrikaans to get around. Since then I’ve picked up Fench, German, Thai and Indonesian. I love learning and speaking new languages as well as pulling them to pieces to see what makes them work.

  25. Hi Jane, I knew half of these facts about you. Hope you are having a great day. Have been fascinated with the idea of going to Greece since I was 7. Hope to get there for my 50th birthday.

  26. I really enjoyed reading this!

    I also hated school and would cry every year until 4th grade for the first few days I was there. It was so hard for me to be away from home, and reading was always my escape. In the 1st grade, my teacher had a little reading room inside her classroom, and I was always so excited to be able to go in there and pick out a book to read. One of my favorite things was when we got those Troll book order forms, and I got to pick out a few books from it. When I walked in the classroom and saw the Troll box on my teacher’s desk, it was like Christmas morning to me! I can still remember that feeling so well. In 7th grade, we had reading for an hour every Friday, and I loved that. I would get caught up in my book, and before you know it, the hour was over. In high school, I started reading VC Andrews books, and I always had one with me. It was hard to put it down and pay attention. LOL!

    I also love Peeps so much! Have you tried all of the new flavors they have like bubble gum, blue raspberry, cotton candy, birthday cake, and the mystery flavors? The mystery ones are hot chocolate, buttered popcorn, and cherry limeade – I think. They are all good. 😀 I also love chocolate covered marshmallows.

    I played the clarinet all throughout school, and I really loved being in the band. I’m very glad that I was a part of it. I kept my clarinet until it ended up melting in a fire. 🙁

    I was in tap dance myself when I was a kid. I never wanted to go to practice, but then once I was there, I really liked it. I was proud of all of us at our recitals. I gave up on it though.

    I love to write and always wanted to be an editor or a writer. In school, my friends would give me their papers to check for them and ask me to correct it for them. 😀

  27. It’s funny that you hated school because I loved school. I was such a good little girl that I was frequently a teacher’s pet. In fact, I became a teacher when I grew up.

  28. Very interesting! I loved school, but I wanted no part of being a teacher. And when I lived in Spain I thought it was pretty important to know how to ask where the toilet was 😉 donde el service?

  29. Hi Jane. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I collect bears. I love bears. I have a picture of a grizzly bear done in crewel needlepoint that hangs on my living room wall. The thing that makes this picture so special is it was done specifically for me by country singer Lee Greenwood’s mother Bliss. She did the needlepoint and her husband Louis (Lee’s step dad) made the frame. It’s priceless to me, especially since Bliss has now passed. She was a great friend.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  30. Love this post! I can’t say I hated school it was just OK. At least when I was in school I didn’t have all those chores to do at home but they were there when I got home.

  31. Well, Jane Porter, you are a fascinating person! On top of that you write fascinating books. Your lists very interesting but I can’t help wonder what you left out. WOW!

    How did you efforts to make school better work out? With teaching getting tougher and tougher what age group did you teach? The more you say the more I want to know.

  32. Hi Jane – I really liked your blog about your life. Hope some of it is not a April fool on us….hated school, but; became a teacher??? I disliked school also, I played hookie a lot. Guess we all turned out ok. Thanks for the chance to win one of your books.
    Happy April Fool’s to all you fillies.

  33. You have had a wonderfully full life. My husband lost his dad, 46 years old, when he was 16. My mother was 47 when she died. I was 24 and she was a friend as well as a mother. Losing parents is so difficult no matter how old they and we are. It is somehow harder to have them cheated out of seeing their family grow and missing the weddings, grandchildren, and other special family events.

  34. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to stop by. I loved all your comments and the chance to get to know you a little better — and I just love that so many of us collect rocks! 🙂

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