I often give a free book away on my day on Petticoats & Pistols.

Today I’m giving one to everybody.

The Boden Birthright,

Available now for Pre-order.

A free prequel novella ebook to launch the new series

The Cimarron Legacy Series

Book #1 of the Cimarron Legacy releases in July

No Way Up

Also available for Preorder.

An excerpt from

The Boden Birthright. (Go grab a copy for the extremely affordable price of FREE FREE FREE)

A man on the run from powerful in-laws who want his son under their power.

A woman of the frontier who knows better than to be so attracted to a man from the east.

A little boy who needs a home.

The Boden Birthright--the story begins.13993 NO WAY UP_mck.indd

After the Bradford’s left, Chance, not all that certain where his son’s loyalties lay, said, “Cole, we’re going for a ride in the park this morning.”

The boy might tell the butler if Chance explained what was going on and word could reach Priscilla within hours.

They rode out. Chance was careful to be on his own horses, not animals the Bradfords could accuse him of stealing.

Chance met a man in the park who quickly traded horses with him so his own couldn’t be described. Then Chance rented a room in a crowded boarding house. He only needed it to arrange a disguise. His and Cole’s. He dressed them both in rugged wear fit for a long trip. Then Chance cut his son’s hair and pulled a broad brimmed western hat down low on his forehead.

“What do you think, son?” Chance held a very pretty brown curl up in front of Cole’s eyes.

Whose eyes gleamed in a way that gave Chance hope that his son wasn’t hopelessly lost to the shallow ways of his grandparents.

“I like having short hair like you, Papa.”

Mary Connealy Website
Mary Connealy Website

Chance hugged Cole close and those small arms came around. Chance held him so tight he wondered if the boy would protest. But Cole nearly strangled him as he clung to his neck.

Finally, Chance pulled back, his throat felt tight. “I love you, son. I have been bad to you.”

“No you haven’t Papa, you’ve just been sad.”

“Call me Pa from now on, instead of Papa.”

Cole tilted his head. “Pa. All right.”

“I have been bad to you. I haven’t spent time with you or talked to you like I should. It was sadness about your ma dying, but I have a fine son. I should have been spending time with you. You’ve needed me and I haven’t been a good Pa to you. That’s going to change. You and I are going away where we can be a family again.”

Cole blinked a few times and Chance braced himself to be told Cole loved his grandparents more than he loved his pa. It was what Chance deserved.

“Can I stop wearing clothes that itch now, Pa?” The hope in the boy’s eyes wrung a chuckle out of Chance.

“From now on you are going to wear clothes like these I just put on you. Clothes like the ones I’ve got on.” They both wore brown trousers and a broadcloth shirt. They had boots and hats and Chance had strapped on a gun belt. He was remembering who he was before he’d met and married Abby.

He was going so far west God was going to have to come hunting him-let alone Priscilla Bradford. And Chance was going to go hunting God. He neglected God as well as his son since Abby died.

“Have you ever heard of a train, Cole?”

“I think so, Pa.” Cole’s dark blue eyes were wide with confusion.

It reminded Chance just how young his boy was.

“Well, we’re going to ride on one. Let’s go.”

With This Ring bethany house

They left the boarding house and rode straight for the train station.

Chance had only a small satchel, the bulk of what he owned was on that wagon train. The boy hadn’t realized it, but the clothes and the horses and the haircut amounted

to a disguise. Chance expected Pinkertons to get involved and he’d done a fair amount to slip away. Probably they would be found eventually, but not for a while. Not until they were well outside of the range of Davidson Bradford’s power.


Let me know if you go grab a copy of The Boden Birthright


I’ll put your name in the drawing for one more book, a copy of–

With This Ring? A novella collection of proposals gone awry



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    • It’s always fun when a new series launches, Janine and this time Bethany House asked me to write a novella to kick things off, then we’re giving it away free. Hoping to gain attention for the series.

      It’s a great idea!

  1. I received it yesterday. THANK YOU MARY!

    I would like to read WITH THIS RING?

    johns lake at usa dot com

  2. I went to get the copy, but it is not available on Kobo 🙁

    With this Ring sounds like a fun read!

  3. I just got the novella! Thanks, Mary. I hope to see you in Nashville for the Christian fiction readers event in August.

      • Yes, Mary. I can’t wait to meet you. I have loved and laughed through all of your books (except a few of your most recent books that are still on my TBR list). Petticoat Ranch and The Husband Tree are two of my favorites!

  4. I already pre-ordered The Boden Birthright. I also have a copy of With This Ring that I LOVE and have read twice.
    I just wanted to say Thank You to you and Bethany House for the freebies. As a reader, I have found so many new to me authors that I LOVE because of the free books they have offered.

    • Charisa this isn’t the VERY beginning, there’s a scene with Cole’s fussbudgeting, wealthy grandparents. But it’s right after that scene. Then we get to the cowboys!

  5. I just tried to order mine, not sure it went through, for some reason on Amazon I always have problems with pre-orders. I hope it went through because I love your books.

  6. I was a bit confused at first, but I got it! When does it actually come out. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with pre-orders.

  7. I love that there is a novella to read and hold me over until the series is released. My collection of your books has grown significantly over the years. Keep at it! Your stories are such a thrill. I picked up your novella and will read it after Speedbo. Happy writing and best wishes with the series to come. 🙂

  8. I got it!!! But I hate having to wait to find out if the Pinkertons do chase them, and if they get away. 😉

  9. Oh Mary! I have reviewed several of your books on my blog (loved them all) and I just love your style. You bet your boots, I snagged this prequel and can’t WAIT to read it and the upcoming series. I have read every single other book you have written–even the novellas hidden away in collections! LOL! Thanks for always giving me a good read and a western adventure!

  10. Hi Mary! I hope all is well with your lovely family! Loved all your baby cow pictures as well! Thank you so much for the free book! I really appreciate it! My birthday is tomorrow and this helped start my day out right. This series sounds super good! Again thank you! Jenny

  11. I just ordered both Boden Birthright & No Way Up. I so enjoy reading your novels! Thanks for the freebie!!

  12. Yes I did order a copy of BODEN BIRTHRIGHT. I am sure it will be another excellent read. No need to enter my name in the drawing for WITH THIS RING. I have it and just finished reading it. Thoroughly enjoyable. Best wishes for a successful launch of your new Cimarron Legacy Series.

  13. Thanks so much Mary – always a treat to read one of yours. I’ve ordered a copy of The Boden Birthright and look forward to July.

  14. Thank you, Mary. I got my copy a couple of days ago. I would love to win a copy of With This Ring.

  15. Oh, yes! I pre-ordered The Boden Birthright as soon as I saw it was available. I always enjoy reading your books, Mary. With This Ring looks like it has a wonderful combination of writing talent.


  16. Mary, I’m a little late – sorry! I’m out of state right now and was just now able to catch your post! I’ve got stuff going on with my daughter so that’s been taking all my time. Fun news that you are starting a new series!

    I would love to be in the drawing for With This Ring? if the drawing is still open! Thanks!

  17. I pre-ordered, thanks so much for the free, free, free. I’d love to read With This Ring? Thanks for offering.

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