Bull Riders and Fire

Watt The Bull Rider Meets His Match

Happy Wednesday everyone!

By this time next week, my first Harlequin American Romance, The Bull Rider Meets His Match will be on store shelves and I’m so excited to venture into a new Harlequin line.

I love rodeo and my favorite event is bull riding. Second is bronc riding. I’m a rough stock kind of gal. When my kids were small, they could only last through so much rodeo before we had to go home. During those years, I saw a lot of bronc riding, and missed a lot of bull riding–always the last event. And occasionally I went to the rodeo with a family member who wanted to leave before the parking lot got congested. Again, bull riding sacrificed. *sigh*

When the PBR Blue Def Tour came to Reno last month, I didn’t know about it until three days before the event. I told my husband that it was too bad we couldn’t go. He told me that we should, even though we live 200 miles away. So I got a hotel room and PBR tickets. Then my son called and I told him we were going. He got tickets. Then my daughter called and she got tickets, even though she had to ride a bus from San Francisco to Reno and take it back the next day. Our family is very serious about bull riding.

As we took our seats,  I noticed that the letters PBR were spelled out on the arena floor. I’d never seen anything written on an arena floor before and thought it was a nice touch.


And then, much to my amazement, the letters were lit on fire.


And then the bull riders started walking through the flames. Be still my heart!


World class bull riders and fire. Does it get any better that?


Yes—the actual rides.

If you ever get a chance to see a PBR event, I highly recommend it. It’s well organized, entertaining and perfectly show cases the talent of these amazing athletes–human and bovine. I can’t wait to go back.

Do you follow rodeo and/or PBR? 

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Jeannie Watt raises cattle in Montana and loves all things western. When she's not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing, making mosaic mirrors, riding her horses and buying hay. Lots and lots of hay.

24 thoughts on “Bull Riders and Fire”

  1. I have seen the Rodeo on TV, but have never been to a live show before. It’s on my bucket list. That must have been amazing to watch that all lit up..

  2. I grew up on a farm and just LOVED the rodeos. My brother was a local bull rider for a while, but it was just a hobby. We try to go as much as we can!

  3. Wow, Jeannie, awesome pix and video! Thanks for sharing! I have only been to a few rodeos. Our county fair usually has a PRC one but the schedule conflicts. But I did go to a local one in Bandera Texas a while back while in Texas. My publisher had a retreat on a real ranch and I wasn’t about to miss that. Great fun.

  4. We have been volunteer ushers at the local public performance center for over 20 years. The first few years a full 3 day rodeo came through every year, but since then, it has only been Bull Riding. If I remember correctly they have started all the PBR events with the flaming PBR logo and the riders walking through the flames. Very impressive. We did have a bull riding event this month., but it was the Southeastern Extreme Bull Riding circuit. They may have an affiliation with PBR, but I am not sure. It is the first time they have come here. They had some of the most aggressive bulls of any of the competitions we have seen. Of 35 riders, only 8 stayed on for 8 seconds and went to finals. Only 7 competed in the finals because one was injured. Of them, only 1 finished 8 seconds to win in the championship round. 4 riders were injured – dislocated elbow, injured knee, cracked ribs, and something else. Even the safety rider and his horse weren’t safe. They were hit by bulls several times, once the riders leg was hurt. He had to get a different horse for the finals.

    • That sounds like an amazing event, Patricia, with some pretty gnarly bulls. I like tough bulls, but when they start going after the safety men, that’s too much. I bet the bull fighters had their hands full. And may I say that your volunteer job sounds like it has some excellent perks!

      • Many great perks. Elton John will be coming in 2 weeks. We have ushered 2 of his concerts before and he is a wonderful performer. I love the Sesame Street Live and Disney shows. Great fun. When we first started, there were many country performances, but there were protests over a heavy metal concert and the facility was black listed for many years. It has only started to pick up the past few years.

  5. It’s been years since I’ve been to a rodeo. When I was young I owned a horse but I was into jumping, even rode for a stable jumping there horses for them. I loved it when we(my cousin & I)went to rodeos. Watching the riding broncos was my favorite(I love all horses)but on the other hand I would cry because I thought the horses would get hurt(I was young). I thought that with barrel racing too. When I got older I understood better what was going on. I have to say even now I hope and pray for the safety of bull riders. Where I live once a year the big rodeo comes here to perform. I haven’t went because it’s hard for me at the place they hold it. I’m disabled and can’t do steep steps they have in the building. I wish they would hold it outside somewhere it would be so much easier. Plus it is held in January so outside wouldn’t do.
    I’m probably too late for the giveaway but I still enjoyed reading what Jeannie Watt and all the comments on here. Thanks!

  6. How cool, Jeannie. I’ve written rodeo books, but have never been to a PBR bull riding event in person. It’s not the same on TV, I’m sure. That looks totally hot! Pardon the pun…

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