The Calves just keep on coming.

It’s Spring on the Ranch!


Okay it’s the dead of winter. And yet, we’re having spring babies.


Hello precious new calf of mine. I love you.
Get away from my baby or I will KILL YOU!

Here are a pair of pictures I call MIXED MESSAGES!

Same mama and baby.


Every year at this time, I spend my February, March and April (sometimes longer) posting pictures of baby calves on my facebook page.

If you’d like to join me on the journey Like my Mary Connealy Author Page on Facebook

We’ve  had our share of drama this year (like every year)

A tiny premie calf. My Cowboy says 16 days early. The calf is born from Artifical Insemination so trust me, My Cowboy knows the EXACT DUE DATE.

Height Comparison

The calf on the left, measuring up to the second bar of the green gate as a new born baby. This is a truly tiny calf.

The calf on the right, measuring nearly to the third bar as a new born baby.


And a calf in our basement.


This baby is very, very cold! And we took it into the basement the night it was born. It is fine and healthy now but it was a long night that ended up with a CALF IN OUR BASEMENT!

Now it is up and thawed out and running around sweet and WARM (well, warm enough considering the weather of course)





And, our calves are Angus and almost 100% black.



And they are beautiful little things, but once in a while we have a little color crop up and that’s always fun.

This is a baby about two minutes old (of course this was yesterday, he’s older than that NOW) And he and his mama both have these pretty white splashes of white on their faces.


So I’m trying to shed a little light on the (apparently) mysterious business of baby calves being born and having a lot of fun doing it. Come and join me.

I guess it boils down to me being able to bring some authenticity to rural life and handling cows.

Any animals in your life? Any experiences with cows? Or cowboys? My plans for the next book are a dog. A tough, mean dog who protects anyone he decides is his to protect. I think I can have some fun with this.

Giveaway today. Leave a comment about an animal in your life and your name is in the drawing for two books.

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57 thoughts on “The Calves just keep on coming.”

  1. I love your pictures of cows! I would like some very much. My husband and I are just hoping for our own piece of land someday. I love the picture of the one in your basement. I would have been tempted to spoil that one haha.

    I had a dog growing up that I loved very much! She was half black lab and half black German Shepard. She was so sweet and my best buddy! Things weren’t always peachy growing up but I always knew that my dog would be there for me. She was very sweet but always protective of me. I remember one time I had fallen and hurt myself. I was crying and she came over to me and just sat next to me, licking my hand till I stopped crying. Even after I stopped crying she still stayed by my side. Ever since that day anytime I was upset she was there next to my side! Most nights too she would sleep on my bed. I loved her and miss her very much!

  2. Sounds like you and your cowboy stay busy.
    The animals in my life are 2 cats. They act like dogs.
    We thought when we got them about 8 years ago that we would have little maintenance. Wrong – they always want to be petted. Whatever room we are in they need to be there. One of them likes to chew on ribbon, string, and whatever resembles that. They are a joy to have. Although, we did not sign up for these personalities:).

    • Mary, low maintenance cats turn dog on you. LOL I’ll bet their fun to pet aren’t they.
      I just saw one of those LISTS you see all the time on the internet that was something like 5 ways you can tell that your cat DOES love you. The title struck me as funny and I wondered how many people are afraid their cat doesn’t love them.

  3. I loved the stories of the calves. I am allergic to hay and cannot go into too many barns. I do have some lovely kitties in my life.

    • DebraG it’s true that the cows are all in deep, soft hay when they are newborn. BUT then they go across the road with the bigger herd (once the calves are older and well established nursing) And THEN you could worry about being allergic to snow and MUD!

  4. I can never get enough of your calf pictures. I love seeing their pictures and hearing all about them. We share our house with three very spoiled cats.

    • Janine I’d like a housecat or a small dog but animals are what My Cowboy wants to get AWAY from when he comes inside. Maybe later in life when he’s retired???? Maybe???

  5. I only have pets via my children. Eric has the cutest Yorkie named Bandit. Playful and delightful little guy.

    Jason my youngest has Ellie, a Maine Coon cat. She is large! Very picky about whom she befriends. He also has a rescue dog, Chance, an Australian Shepard. He loves to run along the water and play.

    In the summer when we are in Wisconsin, we live in the country. We are close to a lot of dairy farms. We see a lot of calves in their little houses. We also live near a wild game preserve. We see baby fawns, baby elk and colts.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    • Laurie, my sister had a Maine Coon Cat and it was so HUGE.
      And for years and years we had an Australian Shepherd. Dingo. He was a great, gentle dog who stayed close by my husband and for an untrained dog, did a good job helping him herd cattle.

  6. I grew up on a dairy farm and loved when we would get calves! Many sizes, shapes and colors. We had a premature one once that actually lived. Teeny tiny little thing the size of a small dog and it would run around and follow us. It could fit between the bars of the pen, so we had nothing to keep it in. LOL. Definitely a few pets!

    • Susan P this reminded me of the time a friend asked if we’d like their miniature pony. Well it was the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD.
      Apparently I was already a well-trained wife because before I say YES YES YES! I went home and asked him and he said NO NO NO!
      I guess they are impossible to keep in. He said he’d need to fence around it like he would a pig yard (which is SUCH a unfavorable comparison to the adorable miniature pony.

      I really begged on this one but it was no go. He said it’d be on the road all the time and probably get run over so did I WANT IT TO DIE???
      Which seemed a little melodramatic, but the answer was still no. 🙁

  7. I’m not really a dog person but my best friend has a dog named Jackson. Sometimes I house sit and that created a bond between this canine and me. I come over and we’re happy to see each other. He’s content on a person’s lap and I’m content to have him there. So, I may not be a dog person but I’m definitely a Jackson person.

  8. Personally, I think you should create a Writer’s Cowboy Camp. Teaching Writers how to be real cowboys. IT’s free labor and you would make a fortune. And one winning writer gets to take a calf home just like in City Slickers. I love this idea.

    • A writer’s cowboy camp? So you mean people pay to go help with the calves? Or do you mean I teach people to sound like cowboys in their writing?

      Which ever it is, I’m gonna pass.

  9. My favorite animal story is sadly funny. I lived with my grandparents on their small farm in rural OK. I had a “pet” billy goat named Billy. We played he head butted everything. He was my best friend. One day he disappeared. The next night we were eating chili. It was sooo good. And my grandpa asked me how I liked my Billy chili? I was stunned and somewhat upset. But I don’t remember being devastated. I guess I because I knew how life was on the farm. And Billy had probably head butted my grandpa one too many times. 🙂

    • That is so cruel and yet I find myself fighting laughter. Tell your grandpa never to try and run for office. He needs to tone down his idea of a joke first!

      Goat chili?


  10. I’ve always loved animals. We’ve had two wonderful dogs and for more than 25 yrs. I’ve been helping ferals/strays. I have 5 inside at the moment and have had 7 and outside varies a lot. My youngest was a 4 wk. old kitten that was covered in motor oil. The mother left him for me (she was covered too and possibly some of her other kittens and maybe she could only take care of so many) and I fed him with a baby bottle. I had him for only 13 yrs. but he turned out to be my biggest alpha male – Ollie.

  11. We have a black lab named Georgia. She has been the best dog through the years. She is getting up in age. We got her over thirteen years ago. We also have chickens right now I believe it is 22. We are going to get more chicks this week. They get along great with our dog. They will lay on her while she naps.

  12. A friend of mine said they have had to put calves in the house before. Baby animals are so cute. We have collected a kitten in the last few months. The momma cat had her kittens in my bush out front. She was a feral cat and had four kittens. We found homes for three of the kittens and we kept one. I didn’t think I wanted a pet but have really enjoyed this kitten. You get attached to them when you are around them from newborn and up.

    • Quilt Lady I had a neighbor with a beloved hound of some kind and he tripped over the dog one night in the dark and really busted up his shoulder and ribs.

      That’s always made me hesitate about house pets. Especially now that I’m old and far more breakable!

  13. It’s so much fun following your facebook! I especially loved the picture of the calf in the pack and play 🙂 We had rabbits growing up, and a couple of tortoises. We’d love to get a dog but first we need to buy our own place…

    • The thing is, we have GLUE TRAPS in our basement and no matter how fragile the calf looks when it comes in all cold, they always perk up and get up and, well, it might’ve been funny to come down in the morning and see the calf covered in glue traps but all in all we decided to take steps to avoid it!

  14. Connealy, I just want to smooch these baby calves!!! I wonder if their mamas would let me get closer, well… because, you know… I’m nicer than you are. I’m like Zen-Cow-Lady. I can speak bovine-ese.

    Hey, I see you’re giving away two books… such a show-off!

    Anyway, I’m raising my book for Friday’s post and offering two copies… I can’t let you beat me, Connealy.

    I can’t.

    It would be Wrong On So Many Levels.

    That’s all I’m sayin’!

  15. Oh I love animals… have not really been around farm/ ranch animals much… but have had a nice variety of pets in my life. I have had rodents of all types, lizards, fish, birds, cats, dogs, etc. My best friend growing up was a bird named Oscar. He played games with me, protected my room, and gave wonderful kisses.

    • Colleen I was with you except for RODENTS!
      My nephew had a spell where he had white rats.

      I avoided my sisters house like it was the (literal) plague. I mean how DID the black plague spread huh? (Or was it the bubonic plague? Or both?)


      • I’m such a wimp about rodents. Mice, rats, whatever, we’ve had shrews in our house, and voles. Ick. We catch them in glue traps. No rats in the house thank heavens. And My Cowboy checks the glue traps and throws out any rodents without telling me. He said once, “I protect you from so much.”

        To which I simple said, “Thank you.”

  16. Hi Mary,
    Very sweet pictures of the calves!! I was a cat person, and had at least one or two until Skittles died last year. Now hubby says no more and I get it. We have 4 munchkins running around our house every few days and it’s enough to wear me out. No more pets for a while.

    • Charlene we always had an outside dog and we miss having him. But we are gone so much more now. Not LOTS but enough it’s a real imposition to ask the neighbors to feed him and nothing like a KENNEL anywhere near us.

      So when Dingo died we decided no more. Not fair to the dog, no kids to play with him anymore.

  17. We had a beautiful pure black German Shepherd who owned us when we were kids. He’d been very abused by his owner and since my parents sold him the dog, they went after him with a police escort and brought him home. We were all told to stay away. Right. We were all bitten at least once until Rex (his new name) learned that we were safe. He owned my younger brother more than anyone. No one, and I mean no one laid a hand on my brother without finding that dog attached to their anatomy. As far as we were concerned, Rex belonged in a dog heroes hall of fame.

  18. Love the calf with the quarter moon on his face. So cute!
    My parents’ milk cow just had a calf a week or so ago. He’s the curliest thing. 🙂 Can’t wait to start milking. Yay, homemade butter! 😀

    • Hi Crystal! Thanks for stopping in. Curliest? Really? So it has long hair? (I mean long for a cow, not like the cow has truly LONG hair to the ground like a YAK or something)

  19. Love your pictures and stories. Grew up on farms that my parents rented houses on and helped out on them. My parents then brought a small place and we raised a few calves and then sold them when grown. We mainly breed pigs and sold the piglets. The mama’s are mean when they have piglets. I hated when it was vaccine time. You wanted to make sure the sow couldn’t get out from where you had her pinned. We had one get out and come after me with the piglet in hand and mama on my heels I toe stepped a wire fence. To this day I don’t know how I did it. Always loved the farms. My favorite was my granddad’s I miss it so much. Your pictures and stories bring back good memories.

    • Hi Jenny. Oh, mama pigs are killers. I’m so glad you’re okay! Seriously.
      Pound for pound I don’t know if there’s a meaner animal than a mama hen, but they can just fly at you and scratch and pen and squawk, fierce critter. But a mama pig is HUGE. and will eat you just for touching her baby!

  20. Love all the pictures of your baby calves and your stories about them and your cowboy. I’ve had a couple of horses but no cows but I did have a friend who’s mom liked so much that she owned a real cow named Freckles (sweetest thing ). If he didn’t know you he’d follow you with his eyes no matter where you walked which would freak a few people out who didn’t know that he was a sweetie.

    Currently I have 3 kitties, 1 weenie dog, 1 hermit crab and two fish tanks full of fish! I love them all!

    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  21. Mary, I love your pictures of your babies. The calf that got too cold broke my heart but it is good to know he’s up and going now. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Hugs, Phyliss

  22. OH my, Mary! I can certainly identify with you as we are having baby calves right and left at our place. They are absolute adorable! I haven’t had one in my basement but I have had baby goats in my kitchen sink and I have had to wrap those babies up, place a heating pad across my mid section and hold those babies tight so they could stay warm and thrive. The things we do to give our baby animals a fighting chance in this great big world. Priceless!

    Thank you for your great post and giveaway.

  23. Mary, I love keeping track of your calves! Fun times at your house! They are so cute! I wish my granddaughter could see them! She’d love them! I have already read your “Lassoed by Marriage” collection (loved it!) but I’d love to win “With this Ring”!

  24. I had a pet pig. His Mama had died and I kept Whitey in a dog house. He wore a dog collar and I took him on walks (with a leash) around the farm.

  25. ADORABLE pictures, Mary!! Thanks for sharing!

    I can’t imagine not having multiple pets. Currently we’ve got a senior golden retriever., and ancient cat and 2 younger cats who we bottle fed after their momma abandoned them. The little torti has epilepsy and actually let’s us give her meds 4 times a day.

  26. Always enjoy your posts about your calves. Many (very many) years ago when I was in High school, I would “help” at a neighbor’s dairy farm. They lived about a mile+ cutting cross-lots through apple orchards and pastures and closer to 2 miles if I rode my bike on the road. I really doubt I was much help, but I did help feed and visit with the cows. One morning when I got there, the farmer was just heading out to the pasture to look for a cow who was due to calve. I remember heading out into the field, the sun barely up. The grass was high and covered with dew and the area had patches of foggy, morning mist. He did warn me to be careful because the cows weren’t always friendly when found – as you well know. He said we would likely walk right by the calf since the grass was so deep. We didn’t find it that morning, but he did find them that afternoon. They had two bulls, one a large herford that they kept in the stanchens in the area with the cows. He was large and sweet. The other one, Victor, was kept in a stall and a nasty creature. He would charge the door every time someone walked by. We had strict orders to stay away from him. They used him for breeding and had major problems getting him back into his stall afterwards. If we showed up when that was going on, they would send us into the loft of the barn and tell us to stay there until he was secured. Dairy farming is much different today than it was over 50 years ago. This dairy farm had holsteins but many of the neighboring farms did raise black angus for beef. I know some of the farms in the area used artificial insemination, but most still relied on their bulls.

    I have a copy of WITH THIS RING and am thoroughly enjoying it. Whoever wins a copy will enjoy the stories.

  27. Those calves are so cute! I’m sure working with them is hard work, but the rest of us are grateful for it. We love our beef!

    I don’t have any animals right now. I’m acquainted with some cowboys, but don’t really know them that well.

    These books are sure to be good!


  28. Wow, those calves are awesome. I love animals & was raised on a farm. We had a large cement drinking trough with gold fish in it that the cows would drink from. We loved to stay on the side of it & watch the fish & cows. As young girls we explored the woods where the cows were grazing (bad idea)…if our grandmother hadn’t come looking for us the big red bull would have run us over. Animals are good, but; be cautious. Thanks for the chance to win, Mary.

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