Hi everyone! Well, I’m a day late for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to show you some strange vintage Valentine’s Day cards since I did this for Easter and for Christmas. I was excited to try to find some “different” Valentine’s Day greetings as well, but oddly enough, didn’t have as much luck as with the Easter and Christmas holidays. But there are some really interesting cards here from “back in the day”, even if they’re not as strange as the Easter ones were (those took the cake)–so let’s take a look!










Here’s an odd one–two cupids setting this heart aflame! I suppose it was “burning” with desire…still, a little freaky, since there is no explanation or verse.







OK, here we have Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater professing his love to the lady in the pumpkin…I wonder if these people just wrote a verse that rhymed and then painted the picture to go with it?







But just when you think you have it figured out, there comes along a Valentine like this one, that doesn’t even pretend to rhyme or use the right number of syllables.

VINTAGE VALENTINE-day-clip-art-couple-smoking1







Ah, the smoking couple, in love. Evidently, this was a “thing” around the turn of the century, and maybe even before, because my grandparents’ engagement picture was styled like this–with my grandfather’s cigar (drawn onto the photo) swirling smoke rings into the air, and my grandmother’s picture inside one of those smoke rings at the top of the picture.

VINTAGE VALENTINE victorian_broken_heart_

This is an odd one. Not sure what the inside sentiment is, but the picture is pretty off-putting. Who would buy this stuff?

vintage_valentines_day_victorian couple on the moon

OK, much better. I love these old fanciful scenes like this–much more romantic, and it lets your imagination take flight–which is what Valentine’s Day should do, right?

vintage valentine-card-kissing-couple-SPOONTIME

Here’s another one I just love–“one long Spoontime, Dearie!”


And last but not least, this dear little kitten…I’m not sure what he intends to do with the paintbrush, but I’m sure it’s something loving. After all, this IS for Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all enjoyed this look at some of the cards of the past, and that everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day yesterday!

What was the best Valentine’s Day you ever had, and why? Leave your comment and contact information for a chance to win my giveaway today!

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  1. I love the card with the kitten. I have never had any outstanding Valentine’s days. They have all been pretty average, just like any other day. But I have had a couple funny ones. Last year my husband gave me a card and obviously didn’t read it very well because it said “to my husband” on the front. Apparently someone put it in the wife section. Another memorable one was when I first started dating my ex-husband. We exchanged cards and we had given each other the exact same one. It had a cute white cat on the front. We were both cat lovers, so I guess we were drawn to the same one and bought them at the same store.

    • Janine, my dad was a romantic at heart, and he ALWAYS bought my mom, me, and my two older sisters each a heart-shaped box of candy for all of our years at home. Even when times were really lean, we might get a small box, but we got one. I will always be grateful to my dad for those memories. When I married my hubby, I told him that was one thing that meant a lot to me–not so much even the candy, but the thoughtfulness. Our anniversary is Feb. 10, and he knows he needs to remember BOTH THINGS. LOL He has bought be some of the sweetest cards over the years. That’s funny about y’all buying the same card.

  2. Love that card with the kitten… but then, it’s not surprising, I’m a cat-lady after all. Best Valentine Day ever had to be yesterday. I babysat my two grandkids (40-months-old and 18-months-old) for 8 hours and had a lot of fun. Had to answer so many “why this” and “why that” from 40-month-old one that I’m done for the week (until next Sunday where there will be more of those “why that” and “why this”). And then, getting to listen to my granddaughter’s attempt at explaining things to us – she’s pretty good, actually, for an 18-month-old little lady.
    Don’t count me in though… I already have Hearts and Spurs. 🙂
    And I sure hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day, dear Cheryl.

    • Hi Liette! Yes, it was wonderful–I told my hubby we needed to do something for the kids–even though they’re not “kids” anymore at 29 and 26! We took our daughter a pretty bouquet of flowers, and my son’s fiancée the same thing. Then hubby took son aside and gave him a bit of $$–he is an adjunct professor, still working on his masters, but has a rough 6 weeks in between when one semester ends and he gets paid for the 1st time from the following semester. Wanted the two of them to be able to have a nice dinner–it’s their first Valentine’s Day since they got engaged. That made me the happiest of all–being able to do things for the kids.

      And then, of course, hubby and I had a wonderful Mexican dinner.

      It sounds like you had a good one, too–with the grandbabies! They sound darling.

  3. I’m also a kitten-card lover. That one was down right cute. Now the lady with the heart head…yeah. Kind of scary. How fascinating about the smoke rings and your grandparents’ engagement picture. Nothing says love like a smoke ring! Thanks for sharing these!

    • Jeannie, I need to find that picture and post it. I’ve got a copy of it somewhere. It’s really pretty cool–but odd. There was a lot of photography “strangeness” back in the day, for sure. Photographing dead people, etc. And some of the poses they put people in, as well as the props–like the smoking cigar and smoke rings. LOL I love kitten cards, too. Those are always so cute. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  4. The best Valentine’s Day is when a whole crown of friends went to this dance club and I a had what I call My Some Enchanted Evening night. That’s right I met a stranger across a crowded bar and it was near to the bewitching hour and we danced for almost a full hour before I had to leave. But it was the best Valentine’s day I ever spent..

    • Ah, how romantic, Kathleen! That sounds like book material, lady! I have to say, I love that song, SOME ENCHANTED EVENING–one of the best, and so descriptive. To have it actually happen to you? Something to ALWAYS REMEMBER!

  5. It’s not a big holiday around here 🙁 but I remember the time my husband brought home flowers not only for me but both of our daughters.

    • Aw, Catslady, that’s a very sweet memory, for sure. My hubby was not used to remembering holidays. I was the one who always had to be sure the kids had cards, gifts, etc. for every birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day–you name it. This year, it really did my heart good that HE thought of doing the things we did for them and for my son Casey’s fiancée, as well. People just don’t realize how far a kind thought or action goes, do they?

  6. This year. My grandsons were old enough to spend their own money to buy me a heart filled with candy 0f course we shared.

    • What a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Geralyn! I tell you, if my grandkids (if I had any) did that, I’d be a big ol’ puddle on the floor. How wonderful that they are learning thoughtfulness of others at such a young age! I love that!

  7. Cheryl, I found all the cards very interesting and yes some were a bit off the wall, especially the one with the crying heart–I wouldn’t buy it. I too like the kitten the best. I just love Valentine’s Day with it’s red hearts, cards, flowers, and “chocolate”. A time to say hey I love you and not just to my hubby, but to my family, friends, animals, etc.. I can’t really think of one specific special Valentine’s Day, but I do remember as a youngster in school the joy of making the big fancy boxes with crate paper decorations all over them and a slot in the top for all of us children at school to put our Valentines to each other into. I’d always offer to make the box. Several other girls pitched in with me. Making the box was as much fun as trading the cards. Already have Hearts and Spurs and looking forward to SOMETIME reading it. Wishing much success with Hearts and Spurs and in all you do.

    • Oh, Bev, I remember making something like the box you’re talking about, but what we did was, everyone too a big sheet of manila paper and folded it, leaving enough room at the top of the back to write our name, then stapled the sides to make a big envelope. We spent the afternoon, coloring a design on them and lined them all up in the chalk trays. Then everyone brought valentines to school and dropped them in each person’s envelope. We got so excited to do that and have our party, and then open up our valentines. Some of the teachers had us take them home with us and wait to open them until we got home. LOL

      I know you’ll enjoy Hearts and Spurs, and our Valentine’s Day anthology from last year, too, Cowboy Kisses–which YOU had a story in–was really good, too!

      Thanks so much for stopping by today, Bev!

  8. Loved the vintage cards. Will say that I do prefer the last three. As for the “Broken Hearted” one, it is probably to a beau who broke up with her. Would be interested to see what the inside is like, especially if there is a personal message in it.

    We have had lots of good Valentine’s Days, all special in their own way. The one that means a lot to me is one when we weren’t even together. I was overseas in the Peace Corps and had gone home at Christmas to see my family. (I had extended for an extra year and they gave you a 30 day vacation when you did.) While I was home, I saw a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in 7 years. We had never been more than casual friends and classmates. I did think he would be someone worth getting to know better. Imagine my surprise when I got a Valentine’s Day card from him. It was a surprise that he was also interested in us getting to know each other better. It was the first Valentine’s Day card I had ever gotten other than the ones in elementary school. The next time I saw him was in May when he came to my village for their fiesta. Friends of his family were stationed at Clark AFB in the Philippines, he flew in and they all came for the fiesta. We all visited for about a week. Before he left he proposed. We never even dated. When he is the one, I guess that is all that counts. We will celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary in June.

    • That is a wonderful tale, Patricia! You’re right–when it’s there, you just can’t deny it. Hubby and I just celebrated our 37th on the 10th of this month. What a great story that would make–you should write it! I had an uncle stationed at Clark for a while MANY years ago. I always envied my cousins who could say they’d lived other places besides the US. At that time, I’d never lived anywhere outside OK, and of course, having lived in Texas, Nebraska, Seattle (and they lived there at the time Here Come The Brides was so popular and Bobby Sherman’s big hit, Seattle, was popular) AND the Philippines–well, I thought they were the cat’s meow! LOL

      Thanks so much for sharing your special Valentine’s Day story!

      • Funny thing was I married an Air Force man and we were never stationed outside the US. To top it off, 3 years after we got married, he was transferred to the base in my home town. We spent 7 years stationed there. So much for joining the military and seeing the world.

  9. My boyfriend was away in another state for work on Valentine’s Day. We were in a blizzard in both states. My boyfriend walked through the blizzard to send me flowers. It was dark and blowing snow when the doorbell rang. The delivery person silently handed the roses (in a beautiful vase) to the person who opened the door and just as silently walked off into the snow. He had more to deliver and the weather was so bad he didn’t wait for a tip. I’ll never forget it.

    Two weeks later we became engaged. Enough said

  10. One long spoontime!!! Oh my word, I giggled way too hard at that one. I’m going to say that to my hubby sometime. 😉
    I love valentine’s day but only because I love all the red and pink. It makes me smile. We don’t really celebrate it at all because I don’t like the commercialized holidays! Haha, call me scrooge. My hubby loves to give our girls gifts and that makes my heart melt.

  11. Cheryl, loved the old cards. Since money was tight back then, I think any kind of Valentine would have been appreciated. My best Valentine’s Day was when we went to Daytona 500 race on Valentine’s Day. The trip was awesome, a lot of great spoon time, late dinners with flowers for everyone at a lot of the places. The Speedway didn’t forget us, as they had a rose on each of the ladies seats (reserve ticket holders). Really a great Valentine’s Day for everyone.

  12. My husband is a wonderful man, husband and father. He doesn’t overstate things and not so very mushy, but he’s faithful. Not long ago he told me…. I never wanted to get married till I met you. I’ll live on that thought forever… This is our 12th (out of 32) yr of Valentine’s in Nicaragua (missionaries ).

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