Jodi Thomas Rides Under a RUSTLER’S MOON

Jodi Thomas Author PicI come from a long line of farmers and ranchers who settled in Texas and Oklahoma after the Civil War. Since all my ancestors had big families not much was passed down to me.

But I have one metal music box that plays ‘Here Comes the Bride.’ I’ve always loved it. When I’m holding it, I can almost feel my grandmother’s hands around mine when she used to show it to me.

Jodi's Music Box

In researching my keepsake I discovered that the song was part of an 1850 Wagner opera called Lohengrin. The irony is that in the opera, the ‘Bridal Chorus’ is sung as the bride and groom enter the bridal chamber and the wedding party prepareRustlers them for their first night together.

I don’t really care about the opera, I just love holding it because I feel like I’m somehow touching base with those who came before. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have much that the few things that made it down to great-granddaughters like me are treasured so dearly. [The cookie “rustler” I caught (right) is another generation learning to love their own past.]

In the neRansom Canyonw series I’m working on, RANSOM CANYON, I keep turning back to family heirlooms and memories. The second story in this new series, RUSTLER’S MOON, centers around a necklace, handed down for generations.

This story is about learning to trust in love and I hope you’ll fall in love with the people in Crossroads, Texas, like I have.

One old man in this story touched my heart. He’s long retired and comes to Ransom Canyon every summer to search for a memory from his childhood. You’re going to love Carter.

Thank you all for joining me in this journey into modern day ranching and living in a small town. As we move though the books I hope you’ll begin to think of it as your hometown, as I do.

“On a dirt road marked by haunting secrets, three strangers caught at life’s crossroads must decide what to sacrifice to protect their own agendas…and what they are each willing to risk for love.”

Step into RUSTLERS MOON, you will enjoy the adventureRustler's Moon

Jodi is giving away one print copy of RUSTLER’S MOON today to one of you who leaves a comment. So get to it!

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24 thoughts on “Jodi Thomas Rides Under a RUSTLER’S MOON”

  1. Those keepsakes from earlier generations mean so much to many of us. I have a cradle from my dad’s side of the family. When my grandmother gave it to me, she said it was given to her by her uncle. That would make my new great granddaughter the 6th or 7th generation to use it. When my grandparents died, I bought several items (treadle sewing machine, a trunk, and some dishes) before my uncles sent things to be sold. My aunt got them for me. I am glad I was living across the country at the time and didn’t have to watch things sold off. I remember how upset my grandmother got when her elderly neighbor “broke up housekeeping” and her things were sold off in a yard sale.

    Just before we got married, we started buying household items at auctions. It always saddened me to see a family’s treasures and memories scattered to strangers. We got an 1865 bible at one auction, there were three. Ours was never written in and is lovely. I once ended up with a small suitcase filled with family photos. I wanted to find the family and return them, but there was no way to do so. I can’t bring myself to throw them out, but they have no meaning for me. Someone else is missing some important memories. I have some lovely embroidered pieces and a quilt, nothing fancy, but you can see and feel the love, time, and care that went into them.. They should be appreciated and cherished.

    Thank you for an interesting post. Best of luck with this new series. I look forward to reading it.

  2. I do not have anything that was passed down to me. However, I intend to pass on somethings on to my daughter so that she can continue the chain. Maybe with a written note on how it came to be.
    Thank you for the inspiring thoughts.

  3. I have an old quilt that my great-grandma on Mom’s side of the family made and two others my dad’s mother made. They’re very special to me and are the only hand-me-downs I have, except for a couple of old sermon books of my grandpa’s. My memories are the best keepsakes. 🙂 I love your books. The new series sounds great!

  4. I wish I could say my family was one who passed things down from one generation to the next. But it’s not. My husband’s grandmother had some nice collectibles that she kept in a secretary desk. When she passed away his mom gave them secretary with everything in it to us. Those are treasures to us.

  5. Lovely music box! I have a few things from my great-grandmother, but one that I treasure most is a quilt top she started using pink print cotton and flour sacking. I’d planned to finish it in my twenties, but at that time, finding antique fabric for the borders was very difficult. Now that we have eBay and Etsy, I hope to find the fabric I need and finish the quilt after I retire in a few months.

  6. My mom’s family was from Oklahoma and Texas. I’m also a genealogist who tracked the family moving into Indian Territory in 1880s. My treasure is my grandfather’s fiddle since we were family of country fiddlers. My mom started reading romance westerns with me in the last two years of her life. Her favorite of yours was the Wife Lottery series, I’d say. We lost her a year ago this Christmas, and oh how I wish she was still here for us to talk about your stories together. Anyway, I look forward to your next book, and give you my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful memories I have of your books with my mom.

  7. I just love family heirlooms! They tell stories. Growing up in the farm we always had heirlooms and old farm things hanging around. Your book sounds fabulous!

  8. I remember my great-aunt Anna having a music box similar to yours only it was pink. I don’t remember what song it played. She was born in 1893. My mom has her engagement ring, a ukulele and lamps with Japanese? ladies as a base.

    I have a pull toy dog which was my dad’s in 1918. The dog’s legs move back and forth. I also have a mirror dresser that was my paternal grandmothers that is in really great shape. I also have her diamond engagement ring. My mom has several chairs, one is a curved double chair facing two different directions, a chaise lounge, a steamer chest, a top hat and a spinning wheel. My grandfather was born in 1869. My grandmother in 1880. My sister has my grandmother’s brass bed.

  9. I love handed down keepsakes from the past. I have my grandfather’s mustache cup from years ago when such things were used. We also have a lovely plate from a much loved late Aunt . It was a wedding gift when she married . These things do make us remember the person they belonged to. I love the cover of your new book. I would so love to win it and read the story. Thanks for your most generous giveaway.

  10. I find so many things that are sentimental and I hold on to as much as I can. Due to family circumstances I only have a few items but I really cherish them – one is a hand carved Italian cart that my grandmother brought back from Sicily – it’s a replica of how they decorated the horses and small carts during religious parades. My mother let her brother and sister and their children borrow it for years and it’s showing it’s years of use but that endears me to it more not unlike a well read book!

  11. My brother has both clocks that were passed from our grandmother to our mother to him. I told him I want his older daughter to get them. Me I never in one place too long. My dad’s mom didn’t save anything from here native norway.

  12. I love music boxes! They are so special and unique in this digital age. My grandma has passed down to me some handmade quilts and embroidery from her mother and grandmother. I love the vintage fabrics and patterns, as well as knowing who created them.

  13. I grew up in a very small town and vowed to “get out!” as soon as I could. I left for college and never went back, but then moved to a small town with my family 8 years ago and I love it. I just needed to be reminded how nice it is to raise a family in a small town.

  14. I don’t have a lot of keepsakes but I do have an old clay pitcher that was my grandmothers and that is about it. I can’t wait to read your new book, it sounds fantastic.

  15. My grandmother had a music box like that one. I got it actually before she died. It played “To Each His Own”. I lost it when my house burned down. I loved that music box. I don’t have many keepsakes now because of the fire but I have realized that you don’t need a lot of things to be happy. I do treasure what I have but have been able to throw away or pass on things. I don’t have any children or nieces or nephews so I really have no one to pass things on to anyway. I give away to people in the here and now. Would like to read your books.

  16. Jodi, that is some keepsake you have. I have a tea pot & cup set from my grandparents who have passed years ago. I have been a reader of your books for years & I still enjoy all your books. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of Rustler’s Moon.

  17. I have a couple of pieces of furniture that are antiques that belonged to my Grandmother. I can remember dusting them as a child. They are in excellent condition.

  18. What a treasure your music box must be. I enjoyed reading about it . I would enjoy reading your stories.

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