Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday!

And yes I am grateful to be here celebrating it with my filly sisters and everyone at Wildflower Junction!

Although there are people who consider a birthday so close to Christmas to be unfortunate, I have NEVER felt that way.  When I was young, my folks always made a point to have a gift tucked away for me with birthday wrapping and it was fun to  know that I had my special day “off” from school. For me, having a December birthday every year has been like having a continual party from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day ~ simply wonderful!

My dad was in the Navy when I was born and he has always said I was a bargain — costing him all of $1.25 at the Naval Hospital. From there he goes on to tell a few tales of when I was very young. (I’ll spare you the details!) I never tire of hearing him retell those stories because they shine like a new penny every time he brings them out and remembers them.

I remember one very special birthday as a child.Breyer Horses

When I was ten, I lived in San Diego, California in the city-proper. I was a horse-lover without a horse. I played with Breyer horses and other plastic horses more than with Barbies and other dolls. I knew we couldn’t have large animals in the city, but I’d found a place that gave riding lessons not too far away. I was absolutely thrilled when my parents made that my present even though it stretched the family budget quite a bit.

I still lovePeace horses — and of course cowboys and all things western, but nowadays, my wishes are much more precious and intangible. I wish for my three sons to find purpose and passion in life and find joy. I wish to have loved ones near. And I wish for peace and good health for my family, friends and readers.

Familiar Stranger in Clear Springs

What special birthday memory do you have?


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And to all my filly sisters and readers ~

Here’s to a joyful New Year!





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48 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes!”

  1. First, I want to wish you a very happy and magical birthday and hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas. May your New Year be filled to the brim with joy, good health, and tons of prosperity!!

    I don’t have a lot of special memories since we seldom celebrated my birthday (I was a June baby); but, one year my parents did. It was my 10th birthday and I got my first pair of roller skates. They clipped onto my shoes and I was so proud of those!!! I skated all the time when I wasn’t in school, doing homework or helping my mother. It was during this time I learned if she called my first name I could keep skating and “pretend” I didn’t hear her; if she called my first and middle names I had better be on my way home; and if she called first, middle and last I had better be front and center FAST. LOL

    • Oh Nancy! I love this memory about the skates and the way your mother would call you home. I had a pair of skates like that too–that clipped onto my saddle oxfords! I think I was about seven. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing and for the birthday and New Year wishes!

  2. Happy Birthday Kathryn!

    I can’t remember a special birthday when I was young. I did have one birthday party for my 10th birthday and I know my brother, who is four years older, made it very special for me by buying special gifts for my friends. My best birthday as an adult had to be my first year I was married. My husband showered me with gifts and made me feel like a queen.

    May you have a blessed day and a Happy and Joyous New Year!

    Cindy W.

  3. Happy birthday! My best birthday memory was when I turned 40. I had gotten divorced but remained friends with my ex. He moved to Hawaii after our divorce. For my 40th birthday, he bought me a trip to go visit him.

    • Wow Janine! What a wonderful thing for your ex-husband to do! That is pretty amazing. I would love to visit Hawaii! Thanks so much for stopping by. After nearly a year of being a filly, I have come to treasure getting to know you and many of the other lovely ladies who stop by this site regularly. Happy New Year to you!

      • I always enjoy your posts too. I hope your new year is a good one too. I am glad I stayed friends with my ex. We came to realize we were better off as friends than being together.

  4. Happy Birthday! I do not have any special memories of my birthday as a child. But my children do. I made sure they had wonderful ones with special cakes and friends.

  5. Happy Birthday! I’ve had no special memories of a birthday. In fact, I haven’t had a cake since 15 or 16.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Cathy and for the birthday wishes! I sure wish I could change that for you! I wonder if cost were not an issue, what you would want for your birthday? A trip? A special restaurant dinner? A party? (Being an introvert, I am not that excited about large parties…) I hope this changes for you THIS NEXT YEAR! (2016) in a BIG WAY!


    I don’t have many birthday memories-my forgetter works better than my rememberer!

    I do have one that still leaves me in awe and wonder. The year my dad got all three of us new bikes. (My two brothers and I are like steps, almost exactly a year apart) I didn’t want just any bike. I wanted a pink bike. No one made a pink bike back then. Black, blue or red. That was it. I don’t know how he did it but my dad went to the Ross Bicycle factory and got a custom painted pink bike for me. I had that bike for over 40 years until I passed it on to someone who painted it red.

    • Hi Rosie! That is a great birthday memory! I just love it. It’s so very special that your dad did that. You must have felt like a million bucks riding that pink bike with your brothers on theirs.

  8. Howdy, Kathryn! Happy birthday to you! My special memory is from my eighth birthday, when my dad was working in advertising and was really good friends with a man named Larry Booth. Larry was a professional photographer and had hired a helicopter to take him over La Jolla to shoot some real estate. My dad arranged for Larry to take me with him! What a thrill it was to rise straight up in the air and look out over our beautiful city of San Diego, and how terrifyingly wonderful it was to have the cliffs of Torrey Pines drop away from under us and to fly over the ocean! I will never forget that day, and I have a picture of myself sitting at the controls of the helicopter with the pilot.

    • Welcome to Wildflower Junction, Erin! What an amazing gift and thrill ride for you! That is a pretty high bar to beat for a great birthday memory. And you had such a beautiful view too! La Jolla — the Jewel. I’ve never had a helicopter ride, but it is always amazing when I come back to San Diego to visit and fly right over Balboa Park and downtown. I always get a window seat on the right side of the plane just for that!

      Thanks for stopping by and joining in!

  9. Happy Happy B-day! 😀 One of my best B-day memories was when I was turning 11. My family and grandparents went on our first cruise together… and Disney World!

    • Hi Colleen! What a fun thing to do with your extended family! My husband and I took our children to Disney World for a once-in-a-lifetime visit. It was so much fun and I was SO TIRED by the end of each day but it was definitely a trip to remember. Thanks for stopping by and joining in!

  10. My parents weren’t big on birthdays. I never had a party as a child and I still let my older sister know because she had one with a handful of friends. The excuse was she had a summer birthday and mine was the end of November. I have had some nice dinner and a movie birthdays with my husband and two daughters and their significant others! Happy Birthday to you and hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Catslady! Dinner and movie with friends or family sounds just lovely to me! I chuckled at your relationship with your sister…I do the same thing with my sister. I’m glad you have that type of fun relationship with her–sisters are precious…

  11. Kathryn:
    Happy birthday! All these years and I did not realize your birthday was so close to Christmas. I, too, longed for a horse when I was a child. I had friends who had horses and I thought they were the luckiest ever. I was determined that I was going to have horses when I was an adult but the circumstances never seemed just right. Now, I satisfy my longing with an occasional trip to a dude ranch where I cozy up to a horse for a week.

  12. On my fifth birthday my parents moved into a new house. I was very upset because I couldn’t have a party. Luckily, my aunt and uncle thought of me and baked me a cake and brought me a present which turned my tears into a smile.

    • Laurie– that is a very sweet memory and kudos to your aunt and uncle. My mom would often bake an angel food cake for me for my birthday, put a doll in the center hole and decorate the entire thing like a fancy dress. (SHE was into dolls–not me!) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Happy Birthday Kathryn!! Have a blessed day!!
    My most memorable birthday would be the year my daughter was born. I had trouble conceiving and with my pregnancies. My daughter was our miracle baby born on my birthday. She was not suppose to be born until a month later but complications led her to be delivered on my birthday. Every year now is a blessing to share with my one and only child here on earth.

    • Oh Mary…your memory is so very touching. Thank you for sharing such a precious memory! What a wonderful priceless gift for you!

      I share my birthday with my uncle (who is gone now) but my how special it was to share it with him. It was as if we had a secret bond that was stronger than other relatives.

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday! What a great day! I remember my mother overseeing a bunch of my friends and me on a crayfishing birthday. We fished, had a ball and then went back home for cake. I loved it!

  15. Hi Melanie! That is a very unique birthday party! I can’t even imagine crayfishing! Wow! Isn’t it something the unique country we live in! (In the U.S.) Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  16. Happy Birthday Kathryn! I guess for me it would have been my sixteenth birthday and I got to have a party. It was the only party I can remember having. Well we kind of played kissing games back then during these teen parties and I got to kiss the boy I had a big crush on. At that time I thought it was the best thing ever. I haven’t seen that boy in many, many years. Not even sure where he is now.

    • Now this is a fun memory! I remember those kissing games! Same thing happened to a good friend of mine… Those games seem wonderfully innocent now. Makes me rather nostalgic. Thanks so much for sharing this Quilt Lady!

  17. Happy Birthday! You and my grandson and niece share the same birthday.

    My birthday is in the spring. I was born 4-4-44. My mother was living with my grandparents at the time and because I was a premie weighing in at 4 pounds they were very involved in my care. As long as he lived my grandpa never forgot my birthday. Sometimes I only was given a quarter but my cousins and my siblings rarely were remembered. Because my birthday was always close to Easter some years I was given a little colored chick.

    • Thanks the birthday wishes, Connie! That’s something! Lots of fours and four pounds was tiny back then! You were their miracle baby!

      So you’re talking about a real live chick? That would be quite a present!

      • The hatchery in town would dye them pastel colors and sell them for a quarter! Sometimes he would give me more than one. Sometimes they even lived long enough to go to my uncle’s farm.

  18. Happy Birthday, Kathryn!! My 10th birthday we went roller skating before eating cake. When we got home there was no cake and the screen on the door to the back yard had been pushed partially out of the frame. Our dog decided she wanted cake more than she wanted to stay out of trouble. 🙂

    • Thank you for the birthday wishes, Glenda. Roller skating birthday parties are so much fun. I miss skating, but the last time I tried on in-line skates and started skating, I couldn’t stop. That was the “last” time for me.

      I had a fiasco like yours once with one of my boys’ birthdays and our dog eating the cake.

      Thanks for sharing!

  19. Happy Birthday, Kathryn. We share a love of horses in our youth. We lived in the country, but there was no way our family could afford a horse or riding lessons. For my 16th birthday, my mother placed a ceramic horse very much like the brown one in your picture on the top of my birthday cake. Just as well, I never really trusted them and a 6 inch ceramic one was all I could likely handle.

    I had a cousin whose birthday was the 26th. Her parents also left a present or 2 aside for her. My brother’s birthday is Jan. 2 which is a bummer. By then everyone is tired of celebrating and having parties. It is also usually the day we had to go back to school. Mine is Jan. 18 and it always seemed we had a snow storm on MY day. (We lived on the Canadian border in NY.)

    Thanks for sharing your birthday memories. Have a wonderful New Year

  20. Thank you for sharing your birthday memories with us. Happy birthday to you, Kathryn. My daughter’s birthday is December 27th so I know what fun it is to have a birthday so close to Christmas. She enjoys her birthday. A childhood birthday memory I have is my mother baking me a birthday cake . Big deal you say ? Well my mother was not a cook or baker by any stretch of the imagination. For her to make me a cake was a big deal in itself. I was banished from the kitchen for a few hours while the “surprise” was happening so I just curled up with a book. When it was done the frosting was blue and sickeningly sweet. Yes, it was all homemade. I ate some just so I wouldn’t hurt her feelings and I really do appreciate her going to the effort of baking for me. I hope your birthday is wonderful and Happy New Year.

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes! It sounds like your birthday memory was a good one–to go to that effort when your mom didn’t cook….very touching. I’m so glad you stopped by and shared!

  21. Enjoyed reading your article
    Happy Birthday
    I have always loved horses too. I am a painter and I have always loved their beautiful motions and spirit which I try to capture in my paintings
    Have a bright new year!

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