Merry Memories ~Tanya Hanson

For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without memories. And each year, I treasure our tree, because I get to relive the story of my life.

Christmas tree 2015

As newlyweds in 1974, Hubs and I selected red gingham as our Christmas theme. This pretty little bird is one decoration that never flew the coop.

Gingham bird 1974

A few years later, our son’s first birthday featured  a firefighter theme in honor of his daddy. This little house remains of the little tableau upon the birthday cake that, then, had a real toy fire truck and frosting firemen fighting frosting flames.

First birthday house

When our baby girl joined the family, my well-traveled mother brought her this darling cradle ornament from Hungary.

Baby's first Christmas

That little guy when he was three made this bread-dough candy cane in preschool. 

Matt's preschool candy cane.

These eons later, we now have two darling grandsons, thanks one each to our son and daughter. Each year, Hubs gets a photo ornament of him with the little guys.

Grandpa ornaments

Yep, we’re homebodies a lot of the time, but we do like to get around. The Alamo in San Antonio reminded Hubs of his Army training there.

Alamo ornament

London happens to be one of those places I long to return to… In fact, I promised the nine-year old grandson a trip there when he’s eleven. Hmmmm.


And Hawaii happens to be our favorite place on earth!  Of course, having our besties (Hubs’ sis and her husband ) move there for work two years ago gets us there a few times each year.

Hawaiian ornaments

Thank you for hobbling down my Memory Lane with me. Wishing you and yours  Mele Kalikimaka, in Jesus’ name.

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18 thoughts on “Merry Memories ~Tanya Hanson”

    • Hi Colleen, I so appreciate you stopping by…it’s always so good to see you here. May your Christmas be merry and bright and your new year filled with everything wonderful.

  1. Thank you for sharing. I often give ornaments as wedding gifts. Always hope that I am choosing well to make a memory for those I give to.

  2. Beautiful Christmas Tree, is that the bi-sexual one LOL. It looks so AWESOME ? Have a wonderful Christmas I will miss you all this year??

  3. Hi Roberta… I already miss you something awful. But we’ll FaceTime! As for the bisexual thing– yes, it has the tree that glows with white lights… Or with a flick of the foot control, the lights glow in multicolors! Goes either way lol. Thanks for the post–you made me smile! xo

  4. Christmas trees are such wonderful time capsules for us. I have expanded and we now have several trees. When we do manage to get a big tree up, it is in the parlor of our victorian farm house with period furniture. Most of the ornaments are the special ornaments that we have collected over the years on trips, visits to special places, special ones for times in the children’s lives, old family ornaments, and newer victorian style ones. A 4 foot artificial one goes up in the family room with fun ornaments that cats, dogs, and grandchildren can’t hurt. I have other small trees that I sometimes put in other rooms and decorate accordingly. This year has been such a zoo, I don’t know if I will manage to get a tree up or not. At this point, I can see one of the 1 or 2 foot trees coming out and sitting in the middle of the pool table. That may be it for decorations this year.

  5. I loved seeing all the pictures of the ornaments on your tree. I have special ones as well. It’s makes decorating the tree an adventure each year.

    Cindy W.

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