Three of Christmas’ 12 Brides~ Tanya Hanson

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Last year, my editor asked me to represent the Cactus Rose (Wild West) line in a multi-author Christmas fest–The Twelve Brides of Christmas. I was given the theme “Four Calling Birds.”

The invitation came while I was visiting family in Hawaii! Inspiration hit me: why not an American cowboy finding romance in the islands?

Hawaii has such a rich ranching history…

November 12 Parker horses

Awesome mountain ranges…November 12 Wainae Mountains


Romantic sunsets…



Dear little vintage towns…

November 12 Rustic town

Warm breezes and sparkling waves…

November 12 Rolling waves

Seahorses… (okay, seahorses don’t appear anywhere in the story, but we visited a breeding farm and they’re too darn cute not to post. And well, real horses appear.)

November 12 Seahorses

Anyway, everything wound itself together in The Christmas Room. (except seahorses.)

TheChristmasRoom_w9259_750 enhanced

And the fun continues! This Christmas, all twelve novellas are appearing in four anthologies, in both ebook and print formats. My story appears in Volume Two, out this very week. I’m honored to share the spotlight with two other talented authors. And I’m giving away an e-copy today to one U.S. commenter. 

Volume two Brides of Christmas

Here’s the scoop:

The Christmas Room by Tanya Hanson (Four Calling Birds)

Running from her past in Nevada and healing from unspeakable grief, innkeeper Martita Akala has built a new life on the island of Oahu…until a handsome cowboy disrupts her well-ordered peace.


Having made a deathbed vow he can’t break, a rancher from Lake Tahoe sails the Pacific to find a missing woman. Will spending time in Martita’s “Christmas Room” make cowboy Rooney Lind realize he’s found what he’s been looking for his whole life?


The Mystery of the Claddagh Rings by Kallie Lane (Five Golden Rings)

The Claddagh rings have resurfaced along with the hit men searching for them. An FBI agent offers to protect Fiona in exchange for the rings. Does she trust a mysterious stranger or go it alone and lose everything…maybe even her life?

Agent O’Shea is willing to do whatever it takes to clear his father’s name. He never imagines Fiona will touch his heart. As they join forces to beat the odds, will he be able to keep her safe…or will he surrender to the legacy of the Claddagh rings and let her go?


Six Geese For Monica by Brenda Gayle (Six Geese A’laying)

When her inability to conceive a child ended her marriage, Monica Stevens left her home town. Seven years later she reluctantly returns to run the Mother Goose Daycare while her mother undergoes surgery. Luke Donovan is struggling to balance career and fatherhood to six adopted children.
Initially brought together by the children, Monica and Luke quickly surrender to their growing passion. But Monica wonders if Luke’s interest in her is only as a mother to his children. Is history about to repeat itself or will a Christmas miracle finally give Monica the family she’s always dreamed of having?


So here’s your entry into the giveaway: Where is the oddest place you’ve ever seen a cowboy?


 (I’m signing off with a little excerpt from The Christmas Room:)

His lids popped open. Staring at her–eyes dark blue as a midnight without stars. “What happened? Where am I?”

“You had… an accident.” Martita shuddered, recalled his arm hanging from its socket. Like an undone button at the end of a long thread.


“You…you got knocked from your horse in the surf,” she told him. “Getting your beeves to the steamer.” Honolulu had no deep water wharf. Paniolo had to tie cows by the head to the gunwales of small longboats and drag them through the water to load them to larger boats and steam ships.

Confusion wrinkled his brow. “What?

“Your arm got caught in the reins.” She wiped his face gently. “The waves knocked you both about pretty hard. But Doc Howe says he got your arm set back into your shoulder socket correctly.

“Where…where am I?”

“My boarding house. Honolulu.”

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26 thoughts on “Three of Christmas’ 12 Brides~ Tanya Hanson”

  1. You have combined two of my favorites. I love the anthology format. It lends itself beautifully to my busy schedule and allows me to finish a complete story in a short time. It is a bonus that these are Runaway Bride stories, a favorite.
    I Can’t think of any odd place I have seen a cowboy. They seem to be everywhere today.

    • Hi Patricia, so good to see you here! I agree completely…anthologies are such a boon for busy lives. And I am enjoy writing the shorter stories as well. I bet you’re like me…give me some cowboy eye-candy any where! Thanks for commenting today.

  2. I love many things about these books, Runaway Brides, several stories in one book and cowboys. As far as the strangest place I ever saw a cowboy would have to be the fancy hotel we staying in Maui. I met him in the elevator and my surprise at his jeans, cowboy hat and boots must have shown on my face. He assured me there were many cowboys on Maui and later sightseeing showed me the truth in that statement as we watched cowboys rounding up cattle.

    • Hi Connie, thanks so much for posting today. Wow, I would have loved to see that cowboy@ Hawaii has such an incredible ranching culture, for sure. We just got home from visiting the Big Island and the Parker Ranch, which will of course b the subject for an upcoming blog. And I can see it, with all that green grass everywhere LOL.

  3. I love Christmas anthologies and would love to win a copy.

    I guess I have never seen a cowboy in a strange place but when I saw my first cowboy up close for the first time it was when we went on a week long tour of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas. I saw a cowboy and his cowboy son all decked out in boots, jeans, western shirts and hats and they looked so cute, dressed alike. You could tell they had been working as a little dust was hanging on to their clothes.

    Cindy W.

    • Hi Cindy, oh that would be quite the sight to see, two and a little boy too. Although I live near the beach, it’s kinda rural for a suburb, and we do have ranches and horses in the hills. I love going to the county fair when the cowboys come out in herds! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

  4. Ooh a cowboy and Christmas?! You can’t go wrong! I grew up on a farm and my whole family is Cowboys. To me, I don’t notice them as odd anywhere since they are a part of my life. I can’t answer it!

    • hi Susan, lucky you! I am a suburb-girl who truly enjoyed my college years in Nebraska. My roommate’s family had a wonderful farm where I spent many weekends. I loved every second except…I couldn’t believe how early her parents got up in the morning to get all the critters fed. Ah, thanks for the memories! And thanks for posting today.

    • Hi Colleen, thanks for posting today. I am glad you like the pix. I had fun picking some for today’s post. The cover is lovely, isn’t it? It has to encompass all three novellas, not al are westerns. It’s been fun to participate in the group project.

  5. I’m with you on the shorter novella length, Tanya. I’ve just finished my second one and they are quickly becoming my favorite! Having just watched The Longest Ride, I guess I’d have to answer your question by saying a cowboy at a sorority house LOL.(But does it count if it is in a movie?)

    • Hi Kathryn, yes indeed it counts LOL. I haven’t seen that one yet but it’s on my list. Once I’m done with the Hallmark Christmas movies. I am finding the novellas, even short stories, are helping me improve as a writer. I have to pick just what’s important. Helps hone my craft. Thanks so much for popping in during these busy days. xo

  6. Love, love, love the pics! And The Christmas Room sounds lIke a wonderful story! Congratulations on being invited into the anthology, sweet friend. You’re amazing the way you crank out so many awesome books!

    • Hi Dora, aw, thanks so much for your kind words. This story literally popped into my head in my sister in law’s guest room during a visit. Long story, but it was a “Christmas room”. She’d displayed a water color of San Marcos cathedral square in Milan at Christmastime, painted by a well-known artist, and kinda by chance, the bedspread was a subtle beach print in lime green and dark red. It just all fit somehow. Oh, and the previous owners had put stars on the ceiling for their little child. Click. So good to see you here. Thanks always for your endless support.

  7. I love anthologies and run away brides are simply hilarious. Add in the cowboy and hoo haw … It’s a match made in heaven. :-).

  8. Sounds like a great anthology! I honestly can’t think of a strange place that I’ve seen a cowboy since I’ve always lived where there are real cowboys.

  9. Love cowboy stories! I grew up in farm land so men on horses was a natural thing, but I have to admit I would never have put Hawaii and ranching in the same sentence.

    • Hi Sally, I know, it seems such an unlikely thing but…I’ll be doing a future blog on the history of ranching in Hawaii. We just visited the Parker ranch, one of the biggest in the country. Thanks so much for stopping in.

  10. I do love me some cowboys and always have. I have never been around true cowboys so I get to see them in books. I love reading anthologies during this time of the year do to things being so busy. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. A long while back I was in a drugstore with my sister. I guess we were in our preteens. A man in jeans, boots and cowboy hat was in the makeup department of the store. He wanted to buy his girl a different shade of lipstick because “he surely didn’t like what she was wearin'” and wanted something different. He was visiting from the West and thought he could find the better shade here while he was visiting friends. We( as most preteens then did) giggled all the way home.

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